Iman Shumpert Wants to Be More Than an NBA Player

When WWD interviewed NBA player Iman Shumpert three years ago, his life was much different. Shumpert’s girlfriend at the time, artist Teyana Taylor, is now his wife, and they have an almost two-year-old daughter named Iman Jr. and nicknamed Junie — he’s set to star in a VH1 reality TV show with his family next year.
Shumpert also looks and behaves differently. He’s cut off his signature high top fade — he explains why later on — and feels less inhibited by what it typically means to be a basketball player.
“I’m playing ball. I’m rapping. I’m doing my clothing line, but every time I try to do the other stuff people say that I’m not focused on basketball,” said Shumpert, sounding frustrated. “It doesn’t make sense.”
Despite this, Shumpert is diving deeper into his creative endeavors and relaunching his clothing line, Post 90s, next year, and helping raise money for the hurricane victims in St. Maarten with a jersey he’s designed with his brother. Here, the Cleveland Cavaliers player talks about kneeling during the national anthem, working with fashion brands and his other projects.
WWD: What’s happening with your music?
Iman Shumpert: What I’m doing now is making songs that are gassed on love, gassed

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