Total War: Three Kingdoms Is the Most Hero-Focused Total War Ever

The moon casts a surreal, blue glow over the battlefield. The scions of the powerful Sun clan, Sun Ren and Sun Quan, are ill at ease. Their misgivings are proven warranted when the orange glow of paper lanterns floating above the trees signals an ambush from the nearby woods, catching the small army they are leading off-guard. I have little time to take stock of my forces and choose whether to stand and fight, or sacrifice some of my troops in a delaying action so the rest can make it to an extraction point on the far side of a nearby river.

The grand-scale, historical Total War series has been looking for new ways to reinvent itself each outing for the better part of the last 20 years, and Three Kingdoms attacks this objective from more angles than simply moving the setting to 200s CE China. As the ambush battle I commanded aptly demonstrated, this is a tale all about characters – even more so than the hero-centric Total War: Warhammer games.

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