FIFA 19 Switch Review

While the FIFA series has done impressive things on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the Switch version is still lagging behind. Despite notable upgrades from the very disappointing FIFA 18, including a glossy, Champions League makeover, inclusion of the enjoyable new House Rules modes, and the ability to now play online with friends, FIFA 19 on Switch is still a frustrating and unrewarding experience, especially on the pitch.

FIFA 19’s moment-to-moment gameplay remains, disappointingly, largely unchanged from last year’s under-par outing. Still running on EA’s Ignite engine (last used on the PS4/Xbox/PC version for FIFA 16), it simply can’t compete with the fluidity of movement and authentically animated players the Frostbite-powered versions display. Additionally, the tempo of play is all over the place, with some players boasting ludicrous speed that makes them almost impossible to track as a defender, to others who give the feeling they’re wading through tar as they attempt to turn with the ball.

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