The Outside View: How Tech Has Robbed Photographers of Power and Given it to Influencers

My daughter recently turned 12 and as part of the celebrations we watched R.J. Cutler’s 2009 documentary, “The September Issue.” Not exactly a typical choice for a coming-of-age film but still one that threw past and present into stark contrast.
As the documentary unfolded, it dawned on me just how much publishing and technology have moved on in the last nine years. None of the staff at Vogue was seen using smartphones. I tried to imagine watching it through my daughter’s eyes.
In one scene, Anna Wintour is waiting to view potential cover shots of Sienna Miller by Mario Testino. The team must wait to download large files, then print off the images from the shoot. Although the technology was already there, it was clunky and slow in comparison to today. We were looking at what is fast becoming history: Analogue fashion photography.
In less than a decade, the arrival of the smartphone and its high-tech capabilities has completely revolutionized photography and publishing. Nine years ago, Vogue was a fashion authority. Today, Instagram is. The hashtag Fashion Week has 15 million posts attached to it, #AW18 has 533,000 and counting.
We’re also sharing more photos than ever, 350 million per day on Facebook alone. Where

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