AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT – Review and Benchmarks

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. We can fully reveal the performance of AMD’s next-gen 7nm Navi GPU(s), and you can find out if it’s worth switching camps from Nvidia, or upgrading your older GPU. As a quick catch-up, this is the first GPU for AMD that uses an all-new architecture called RDNA, and it’s also the first midrange consumer GPU built on a 7nm process, so it’s quite a big deal. A second-generation (or third?) variant of this chip will be powering both next-gen consoles, so all eyes are on AMD here.

Though AMD announced that its new GPU was indeed faster than the RTX 2070 when it was unveiled at Computex, perennial Clever Girl Nvidia just released the RTX 2070 Super less than a week ago in order to ruin AMD’s launch plans. The fallout from that was a last minute price drop for the Radeon cards, though the Radeon GM tweeted it was all a big setup on their part, as they inflated the prices initially and Nvidia took the bait. We’ll never know if that really was the plan all along, but either way the GPU wars are officially back on in a very big way.

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