The Bittersweet Afterlife of ‘Be More Chill’

Thanks to a viral musical that just opened on Broadway, Ned Vizzini’s 2004 novel is reaching a big new audience, five years after he killed himself.
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Essay: Three Blockbuster Novels From the 1950s, and Their Remarkable Afterlife

Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” Boris Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago” and Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” continue to be controversial even today.
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Evidence of the Afterlife

Evidence of the Afterlife

There is currently more scientific evidence to the reality of near death experience (NDE) than there is for how to effectively treat certain forms of cancer,” states radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long is his groundbreaking new book Evidence of the Afterlife. In 1998 Dr. Long and his wife, Jody, began the Near Death Experience Research Foundation with the goal of creating a forum for near death “experiencers” to share their stories. Grounded in first-hand evidence culled from over 1,600 verified NDE accounts, Evidence of the Afterlife presents the strongest argument yet for the underlying truth of those who have died and returned to share their tales.

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The Whitleys Discuss the Afterlife – Raising Whitley – Oprah Winfrey Network

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Kym and her brothers take a trip to the cemetery to pay their respects to their ancestors. After reminiscing about the good ole’ days, they get onto the topic of their own mortality and what they can do today to make their stay here on Earth more meaningful.

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