In Their Freewheeling Movie Love, the Golden Globes Have Become an Agenda Setter (Column)

Seven weeks from now, could “Bohemian Rhapsody” win the Academy Award for best picture? You might say: It doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Or you might say: Okay, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it has a tiny chance in hell. But what my gut tells me is that “Bohemian Rhapsody,” today, has a […]



Global Fashion Agenda Welcomes Nike as Strategic Partner

PARIS — Copenhagen’s Global Fashion Agenda has welcomed Nike into its fold, marking its expansion into the athletic segment.
Other strategic partners of the leadership forum on fashion sustainability, which organizes the annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit as well as the yearly industry report, Pulse of the Fashion Industry, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group and the annual CEO Agenda, include H&M, Kering, Li & Fung, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Target.
Global Fashion Agenda’s chief executive officer Eva Kruse in a statement released on Wednesday said the nonprofit organization has long had Nike on its radar. “Having an athletic company in our group will not only help push the agenda in an important segment, but with Nike’s global reach and innovative thinking, they’ll be able to help us propel the agenda further,” she said.
The aim of the GFA is to mobilize the global fashion system and guide and support industry leaders in changing the way fashion is produced, marketed and consumed.
Nike releases geared around its commitment to sustainable innovation, meanwhile, include the Flyknit and Nike Air styles. The brand releases a yearly Sustainable Business Report.
“Sustainability is embedded into everything we do. It’s a driving force for innovation, and we believe that there should be no compromise between sustainability, style and

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Stephen Colbert Pokes Holes In Trump’s Abstinence-Only Sex Education Agenda

“How do you spend that much money on not giving away condoms?”
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Donald Trump Is Setting The GOP Agenda

Every Republican presidential contender is playing Trump’s game. And losing at it.

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The ‘Hidden Gay Agenda’ Movie Test

There has been much speculation of late from conservative Christian commentators about a “hidden homosexual agenda” in the animated Disney film Frozen. The theories go something like this: In Frozen, one of the characters has a hidden power that she tries to suppress, but ultimately she learns to accept it. This is a metaphor for the homosexual agenda, the conservative theorists theorize, because initially her power (her secret quality) is hidden from the rest of the world, but eventually she learns to accept this part of herself, and she “comes out,” so to speak.

These theories were quickly lambasted by critics as ridiculous and far-fetched. But let’s not be too hasty. If we take the theories seriously, there may be some value in them. If we apply the same reasoning to other films, we may discover that Hollywood has been pushing a secret gay agenda for decades.

I have developed a “hidden gay agenda” movie test using the logic of the conservatives who are criticizing Frozen. Applied to any number of movie classics, this test proves to be enlightening.

The test is simple. There must be three elements in a film for it to have a hidden gay agenda:

1. The main character possesses a quality that is different from everyone else, and…

2. …the quality is hidden or suppressed until…

3. …the quality is accepted and/or celebrated.

Let’s put some films through the test to determine whether or not they contain a hidden gay agenda!

The Wizard of Oz

1. Dorothy has special powers in her ruby-red slippers, and…

2. …those powers remain hidden until…

3. …she embraces their ability to take her home.

Result: This is a no-brainer. The Wizard of Oz has a huge hidden gay agenda. Duh. The message is: “There’s no place like gay.”

The Ten Commandments

1. Moses is a Jew who is raised as an Egyptian prince, and…

2. …his Jewishness is hidden for years, until…

3. …he accepts who he is and leads all the Jews out of Egypt.

Result: Strong hidden gay agenda. The half-naked, oiled-up men in skirts put this one over the top. It is a wonder that Christian conservatives allow their children to read the Bible with the presence of this strong gay undercurrent.

The Sound of Music

1. Maria is a nun who harbors a secret love for Captain Von Trapp, and…

2. …her love remains suppressed during hours and hours of singing, until…

3. …she learns to “climb ev’ry mountain.” She returns to embrace her love. A huge celebratory wedding ensues.

Result: Hidden gay agenda. Admittedly, Maria and Captain Von Trapp are heterosexual, but there are tons of subtle gay messages throughout. The lonely goatherd is probably gay. Lyrics like “raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens” are pretty darn gay. And Rolfe? He wears lederhosen and rejects Liesl. C’mon.

Star Wars

1. Luke Skywalker discovers that he is a descendant of a great Jedi, and…

2. …his connection with the Force remains largely untapped until…

3. …he embraces the Force and destroys the Death Star.

Result: As Yoda would say, strong the hidden gay agenda is. Luke’s embrace of the Force evens earns him a medal from Princess Leia.


1. Carrie is telekinetic, and…

2. …she tries to suppress her telekinesis, until…

3. …her classmates drop a bucket of blood on her at the prom. Then she fully embraces her powers, lets loose and maims or kills just about everybody in her path.

Result: Terrifyingly full of a gay agenda. How do straight people even watch this movie? When Carrie unleashes her powers, the results are violent and turn out horribly for the normal (straight) people. Perhaps it is palatable to heterosexual audiences because — SPOILER ALERT! — Carrie ends up dead. Or does she?

Brokeback Mountain

1. The main character, Ennis, is gay in a seriously heterosexual environment, and…

2. …he keeps his homosexuality a secret, until…

3. …well, actually, he never accepts or celebrates his homosexuality.

Result: Since condition 3 is not met, there is no hidden gay agenda in this film. It has an overt gay agenda and does not require a hidden one.

The Harry Potter movies

1. Harry Potter discovers that he is the child of a wizarding family, and…

2. …his connection with his wizard powers remain largely untapped until…

3. …he learns to use his powers and destroys Voldemort.

Result: Wait, isn’t this the same plot as Star Wars? Whether it is or not, it is gay, gay, gay.

Some of these films are favorites of mine. I have seen them multiple times. No wonder I ended up gay. Hollywood’s hidden homosexual agenda is working!

Take the test with your favorite films. What other movies have a hidden gay agenda?
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Cupcake Reform Tops Do-Nothing Congress’s 2014 Agenda

HR 056: The Confectionary Standards Amendment Act: Stipulates that the Congressional cafeteria must offer a wider variety of cookies and cupcakes, and mandates the formation of a Select Committee On Cookies and Cupcakes to decide the flavors and dimensions of said cookies and cupcakes. The act supersedes the Mandatory Dessert Control Act of 2012, which limited cookie choices to chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, and cupcake frosting to chocolate and vanilla.

HR 444: The Congressional Relief Accessories Reform Act: Appropriates funds to provide scented toilet tissue in all Congressional lavatories. A special Congressional committee comprised of fifteen senior members will be appointed to investigate and choose between Hawaiian Breeze, Bamboo Rain and Red Honeysuckle Nectar.

HR 671: The Robert C. Pendleton Commemorative Coin Act: Allocates funds to create a silver coin commemorating Robert C. Pendleton for his heroic service to America, which was comprised of his choosing the official typeface for the Congressional Record in the face of fierce attacks from a team of graphic designers and calligraphers, resulting in the infamous Battle of the Fonts in 1948. The text of said coin will be written in the exact font for which Mr. Pendleton so gallantly fought.

HR 123: The Congressional Twitter Expansion Act: Authorizes members of the House of Representatives the exclusive privilege of utilizing 175 characters when engaged in the act of tweeting if said tweeting is conducted on the floor of Congress when the body is in session or during the State of the Union address.

HR 325: The Footwear Workers Facility Reform Act. Requires that soft fluffy cushions be added to the uncomfortable leather seats at the Congressional shoeshine parlor in order to preserve and protect the posteriors of Congressional representatives, and mandates that two additional shades of cordovan polish be included in an effort to prevent color discrimination.

HR 658: The Specialty Weapon Defense of Freedom Act. In keeping with the provisions of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, minors over the age of six years will be permitted to carry squirt guns at day camp. Also stipulates that camp counselors will not be allowed to confiscate said items except in cases of severe leakage and inappropriate indoor usage.

HR 287: The Congressional Transportation Workers Freedom of Choice Act: Overturns the 1986 law that requires Congressional limousine drivers to wear long ties while on duty. Drivers will now be permitted to wear bowties instead, provided they are neatly tied and pass Federal neckwear regulations. Also allocates funds to provide for a staff of sixteen bowtie inspectors responsible for the approval of bowtie straightness, size and color.

HR 888: The Affordable Care Act International Employment Bill: Stipulates that all federally-appointed ACA customer service representatives employed by the Department of Health and Human Services be required to speak in foreign accents and refer to themselves with common American names. The member-appointed Select Committee on Bogus Customer Service Names will choose a list of prospective appellations for said employees, which will be followed by a floor vote.

HB 112: The Cooking Implement Recognition Proclamation Act: Designates May 9th of each year as National Spatula, Cheese Grater and Kebab Skewer Day. The legislation supersedes HR 560 of 1976, which formerly designated May 9th as Lost Sock Memorial Day.
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