"American Idol" Contestant Noah Davis Still Loves Alpacas

The "Idol" frontrunner takes his obsession with the "fluffy" and "tall" animal into Hollywood week. See what Noah has to say about alpacas this time around!
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Aa Is For Alpacas

Aa Is For Alpacas

An alphabet book with a difference. Speech pathologist Sue Carolane has 35 years of experience in the field and has written a book showing children how to recognise a letter when it is written down, and learn the sounds it makes. These are two very different things, and in the profession the process of connecting the two is called ‘sound letter links.’ Adults teaching children to read, using the word ‘sound’ and ‘letter’ at the right time is crucial. Using them in the wrong place can confuse a child. For example, the letter B is pronounced ‘bee’, but the sound it makes at the beginning of a word is ‘buh’, as in the sound at the beginning of the word ‘baby.’ Containing a user guide, this book will enable children to learn to read easily and effectively. And to make it fun and appealing, photos of Alpacas are used! The author lives on a small country property, and has a family of Alpacas. Children will be delighted to see the Alpaca called Geisha yawn, which is matched with the letter Y. See Baby Petra Alpaca wear a jacket because she was born in cold weather. The child can then learn to associate the letter J with the picture of the Alpaca wearing the warm jacket.

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