Books of The Times: Andrea Dworkin, a Startling and Ruthless Feminist Whose Work Is Back in the Spotlight

“Last Days at Hot Slit,” edited by Johanna Fateman and Amy Scholder, collects work by the radical feminist who said her writing had to be “bolder and stronger than woman-hating itself.”
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Andrea Levy: Small Island and Long Song author dies aged 62

Sir Lenny Henry leads tributes to the writer, whose novels focused on race and the Windrush generation.
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Small Island author Andrea Levy dies at age 62

Author Andrea Levy, whose prize-winning novel Small Island chronicled the Windrush generation, has died from cancer at the age of 62.
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Andrea Lieberman, Petra Flannery Team for A.L.C. Dinner

The flurry of Los Angeles store openings continues at Palisades Village, the latest being A.L.C., the contemporary brand founded by former stylist Andrea Lieberman in 2008. Lieberman teamed with her former assistant and current super stylist Petra Flannery to host a small dinner at The Draycott on Thursday for her close friends Liz Friedlander, Jennifer Meyer, Erin Foster plus stylists Karla Welch, Erica Cloud and Annabelle Harron. Draycott owner Marissa Hermer was also in the mix, as was actress Olivia Hamilton.
“A small gathering is more my speed,” said Lieberman, a Westside resident. “I admire all these women so much and am so thankful for their support all these years.” Flannery has similar praise for her old boss and good friend. “I’ve learned so much from her, and how she puts her brains into her business. Andrea is proof that you can do it all — family, work, friends.”

Andrea Lieberman and Erin Foster 
Jason Lowrie/

She’s certainly come a long way since she opened her first shop in New York’s SoHo, Culture & Reality. That was inspired by the two years she spent living in Africa post-Parsons, and Lieberman said she still treasures a trunk of old merchandise that her father saved from

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TV anchor Andrea McLean: ‘Give menopausal women M badges’

ITV’s Andrea McLean, who reached early menopause, tells commuters to cut hot flush sufferers “slack”.
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Andrea Crews to Stage Fashion Show Process As Performance

PERFORMANCE: Andrea Crews founder Maroussia Rebecq is taking the concept of backstage access to new heights. The Paris-based designer, who launched her label in 2002 as an art project geared around upcycling vintage garments, plans to stage the preparations for her fall 2018 co-ed show as a performance, titled “How to Make a Great Fashion Show.”
From today through Jan. 17, Rebecq, along with the members of her collective, will hold castings and fittings, shoot the brand’s look book and hold the final hair and makeup tests in the Le Cœur gallery in Paris’ Marais district. The actual show will be held on Jan. 20 during Paris Men’s Collections, with the location yet to be confirmed.
“This period, from now through to the show, is a very intense period where we’re building the story of our collection. This year we wanted to make an event out of it,” said Rebecq. “It will also allow for some distance from what I do. Preparing for a show can be both a highly stressful and beautiful experience, and for me gathering everyone together in a performance will make it more of a joyful, playful event.”
The designer, who is 40 but sees herself “very much as a Millennial,”

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Renzo Rosso Teams With Andrea Bocelli for a Charity Project

MILAN — Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso — founder of Diesel and of the OTB Group — and tenor Andrea Bocelli have joined forces and pledged their respective foundations in a charity project. The Only the Brave Foundation and Andrea Bocelli Foundation will rebuild the “Giacomo Leopardi” school in Sarnano, a historic Medieval town located in the region of Marche. The building and the area around it were deeply affected by the earthquake that hit central Italy last August.
“We wanted to help…for a long time now,” Rosso said. “Our philosophy is to follow the initiatives we support from the beginning till the end guaranteeing the respect of timing and investments,” he added, mentioning the restoration of Ponte di Rialto bridge in Venice in 2013 as an example.
Bocelli sounded confident about the success of the project, also considering the previous initiatives his foundation has been involved in since 2011, such as the construction of five other schools in five years.
The restoration work of Sarnano’s school has already been planned and will be started in the upcoming days.

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Cosby Trial Live Briefing: Looking Ahead: Bill Cosby Trial Awaits Andrea Constand’s Appearance

After a day of preliminary statements and testimony from one woman, the trial will focus next on what happened to the woman at the heart of the case.
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Orbitz Worldwide Inc

Q. & A.: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Andrea Petersen on Living With, and Studying, Anxiety

In “On Edge,” Ms. Petersen discusses her initial reluctance to reveal her mental illness and a troubling stagnation in treatment options.
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Andi Founder Andrea Weinberg Helps Sanctuary for Families With Donations

IT’S ALL GOOD: In step with its commitment to women and children and its “Be Good to Yourself” brand motto, Andi has donated 300 of its bags to Sanctuary for Families, which helps survivors of domestic violence and gender violence.
Inspired by philanthropic entrepreneurs such as Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycosckie, Andi’s Andrea Weinberg said social responsibility has been part of her game plan from the get-go. “It was our first stab at doing something like this. Stuffing the bags with the volunteers Saturday was probably the best day of my 2017 so far, and I got engaged to the man of my dreams so that’s saying…,” she said.
The consultant Alexandra Ostrow helped Weinberg round up eight volunteers from a Manhattan law firm to load up the bags with BPA-free water bottles, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, lip gloss, lipsticks, deodorant and notebooks with positive affirmations among other items. The Unilever-owned Seventh Generation donated feminine hygiene products.
With distribution in 55 doors such as Equinox, Exhale Spa, Bandier, Carbon38 and Four Seasons gift shops, Andi started indirectly after Weinberg considered the functional shortfallings of umbrellas. Her original plan was to design a waterproof cover for another bag. But the vegan prototype was so “lightweight and

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It Looks Like Andrea Bocelli Won’t Perform At Trump’s Inauguration

Just when you thought it was time to break your Andrea Bocelli CDs in two, the opera singer is reportedly not performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, despite earlier reports. 

Whether Bocelli was ever officially slated to perform is unclear.

According to Page Six, the singer bowed to backlash from fans and is backing out of the gig.

“Bocelli said there was no way he’d take the gig . . . he was ‘getting too much heat’ and he said no,” a source told the outlet.

In response to reports, Presidential Inaugural Committee chairman Tom Barrack told CNBC Tuesday morning that the president-elect had not asked the opera singer to perform at the Jan. 20 ceremony. Barrack claims that Bocelli and his wife, who are “friends” with Trump, offered to consider performing “if it would be helpful.”

Last week it was announced that Jackie Evancho, a 16-year-old singer best known for appearing on “America’s Got Talent” at age 10, would perform the national anthem at the inauguration.

Shortly after the announcement, Evancho’s mother told TMZ that Bocelli would also perform. Later, TMZ clarified that she’d “jumped the gun” on the announcement, as the 58-year-old singer had not formally committed to the engagement. 

In November, Elton John also had to deny rumors that he was performing at Trump’s inauguration. The president-elect often played the singer’s music on the campaign trail without the British singer’s approval. 

“I’ve met Donald Trump, he was very nice to me, it’s nothing personal, his political views are his own, mine are very different, I’m not a Republican in a million years,” he said in an interview with the Guardian in February. “Why not ask Ted fucking Nugent? Or one of those fucking country stars? They’ll do it for you.” 

The Huffington Post has reached out to reps for Trump and Bocelli and will update this post accordingly. 

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Nicoletta Braschi and Andrea Renzi Perform “Happy Days” in Lisbon

Nicoletta Braschi and Andrea Renzi received a standing ovation for their rendering of Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” this weekend, to a packed audience in Lisbon, in a side-event of the Lisbon @ Estoril Film Festival. To my great regret, I did not manage to see it. In Beckett-like repetition, I tried twice to get to the play, and each time was blocked by traffic.

Nevertheless the famed Italian actress Nicoletta Braschi welcomed me to sit with her at breakfast to discuss it.


With great exuberance, the engaging actress told me how she and Andrea (who is both the director and her husband “Willie” in the play) had worked years on the text, on each word.

“The text is so complex, so extraordinary,” she exclaimed. “We worked on every word, every space between the words.”

In Beckett’s Happy Days, Winnie is buried up to her waist in a mound of sand, carrying on a monologue about her daily existence, while her husband calls out–occasionally–from his newspaper.

“How do you interpret the philosophy of the play?” I asked. “What is your take on Beckett, and your character Winnie?”

I could intuit that hers would not be a gloomy take. It is impossible to see Nicoletta as an alienated, frozen Winnie, stumped by existence,as she is sometimes played. The actress exudes energy–and dare I say, happiness.

“Oh Beckett is not sad or despairing,” Nicoletta smiled radiantly. “He is showing life as it is. Happy Days is life. Life is like that. We are born here in conditions that just are and we face these conditions. For example, Winnie speaks in contradictions. ‘The sun is blazing today,’ is one of her lines. And a moment later, she says today there is no sun. This contradiction touches the reality of life: there is both one thing and the other. Winnie has great passion for life. She changes her ideas, she is very vital!”

One of Beckett’s famous lines in this play is: “Yes, something seems to have occurred, something has seemed to occur, and nothing has occurred, nothing at all.”

Even this line Nicoletta interpreted with its positive force. “A contradiction once more. Something has happened, or has it not,” she smiled. “It’s brilliant!”

Director Andrea Renzi came to our table, from the breakfast buffet, and affably joined the conversation.

“How do you see the meaning of this play?” I asked.

“It’s about dignity and resistance,” he said at once, with equal passion. “Yes there is a space–a breath–an abyss–between the words. But the characters look into this abyss. Remember the play begins with waking up! Each morning, the character wakes to give meaning to her life. Beckett’s characters are always going deeper into the conditions of their lives, and becoming more profound.”

The spirit of this interpretation was so exhilarating I regretted once more missing the play.

“Don’t worry!” Nicoletta touched my arm. “We will be playing in New York and in Canada and in Italy. You will have another chance! I’ll let you know our schedule!

I will take on the Beckett odds and persevere–and next time will not miss it!

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Andrea Bocelli returns with with Ariana Grande & John Travolta

International superstar Andrea Bocelli returns with his eagerly-awaited new album Cinema, for release worldwide on 23 October. RSS feed
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Andrea Cammelleri’s Parking Ticket Tossed Because Of Missing Comma

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — An appeals court has agreed with an Ohio woman who said her parking citation should be tossed because the village law was missing a comma.

Andrea Cammelleri (kah-meh-LEHR’-ee) says she shouldn’t have been issued a citation in 2014 based on the wording of the law enacted by the village of West Jefferson.

The law lists several types of vehicles that can’t be parked longer than 24 hours, including a “motor vehicle camper,” with the comma missing between “vehicle” and “camper.”

Cammelleri says her pickup truck did not fit that definition.

The village says the law’s meaning was clear in context, but Judge Robert Hendrickson of the 12th Ohio District Court of Appeals says in last week’s ruling that West Jefferson should amend the law if it wants it read differently.

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Setting the Hook, a Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria

Setting the Hook, a Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria

The 1956 collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm triggered a night of sheer terror for the Andrea Doria’s 1,706 passengers and crew and set in motion one of history’s most dramatic rescues at sea. From the moment the Andrea Doria settled on the sea floor in 240 feet of water, skilled sport divers have risked their lives to simply touch the “Mount Everest of wreck diving.” Not all returned alive. Peter Hunt crewed on five Andrea Doria expeditions during the early 1980s before becoming a Navy pilot and settling in Washington State. Nearly twenty years after first exploring the Andrea Doria – and following twelve months of training in the sport’s amazing advances in equipment and techniques – Hunt hugged his wife and children goodbye and returned to New York to dive the Andrea Doria once again. The experience transformed him forever. Setting the Hook explores the Andrea Doria through an introspective odyssey of memory, heart-pounding adventure, and history as thirty years of extreme diving and enduring friendships merge in a personal tale of learning to accept life’s oldest challenge. Review Excerpts:A deep-sea diver explores shipwrecks and his own character in this gripping scuba memoir…Hunt’s taut scenes and meticulous prose will have readers holding their breath, but his saga probes hidden depths as well. -Kirkus Reviews…fascinating read of true adventure, very much recommended. -The Midwest Book Review’setting the Hook” is excellently written, well structured, and superbly proofed…fully delivered on the diving, adventure and technical fronts, but it was the human angle of the author’s very personal journey that elevates this much recommended book. – C.H. Blickenstorfer,…a book truly meant for everyone…heartfelt and inspiring story of diving, the fragility of life, and a reflection on our humanity. -Dive News Network Media Group, publishers of five regional print and electronic magazinesPeter Hunt’s engaging memoir…offers a thoughtful perspect

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Creditors Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Andrea Deck, Ben Cura Drama HD

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Creditors Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Andrea Deck, Ben Cura Drama HD

A love triangle is unraveled when a young painter is approached by an admirer who eases him into making sense of his relationship with his wife.
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Independent Spirit Award Nominee Andrea Suarez Paz: “I Hope to Play Something Impossible”

Actress Andrea Suarez Paz. Pic: Andrea Suarez Paz

Currently, up-and-coming actress Andrea Suarez Paz takes on the role of an immigrant mother in New York City, whose autistic son, marvelously depicted by Jesus Sanchez-Velez, wonders off into the baffling depths of the city’s subway system — a means of transportation that in so many ways resembles the complexities this metropolis throws at her patient residents. The New York Times calls Sam Fleischner’s tranquil account Stand Clear of The Closing Doors, a “small miracle of a film.” Suarez Paz was recently nominated for the much-sought after Independent Spirit Award for best supporting female, alongside Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Patricia Arquette and Carmen Ejogo. In an interview she reveals passions and insights.

What was your first reaction to the nomination for the Independent Spirit Award and how are you feeling now?

I was shocked and ecstatic! I found out about a minute before my four year old son got off the school bus, and it was hilarious trying to explain to him why I was jumping up and down. I now feel a really luxurious sense of relief that my work actually translated, that it was felt by the audience.

Andrea Suarez Paz in Sam Fleischner’s ‘Stand Clear of the Closing Doors’. Pic: Andrea Suarez Paz

While acting, you have a very strong presence, on stage as well as now in your first feature. Where is that place of strength within yourself you seem to draw from?

Actually, I always try to remain conscious of the tools I have at hand: breath, body, voice — and I just incorporate them as I perform a particular story, or lines. I strive to be purely honest and I think there’s a lot of power that comes with that.

Why did you come to New York City to pursue this career? Had you also considered alternative places, as well?

I am really bad at alternatives. I get confused picturing all kinds of different scenarios. So I decided on New York City, because I was young and I fell for the mystique of Scorsese and De Niro, acting conservatories, the grime, the subway and the streets of New York. I was feeling empowered when I made the decision to make a radical change and move to New York City, without having any money or knowing anybody out here. That was over ten years ago and these have been some of the hardest, most grueling years of my life.

What drew you to your part in “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors”?

Everything. It was a movie about being lost in New York City. The child is lost, the mother is lost and the vastness of the city is the backdrop of their drifting. You see the subway and the beach and they are both limbs of the same monster and it just made me wonder, what the hell is this merciless, amazing universe of a city? Where you are afraid to be found, even if nobody sees you? What would it be like for me to lose my precious child and to have to keep my cool, because my only chance of ever touching him again, relied in me not being deported? Not calling attention? Parts like these are an actor’s blessing!

How was working with director Sam Fleischner and what particular qualities does a good director have, in your opinion?

I think the quality I identify with the most when it comes to working in a team, is flexibility. In my opinion, a great director has a nice balance of a well set vision and the willingness to have that vision molded and changed by circumstances, the environment, other people’s input, etc. Sam actually taught me that. He made me realize how nurturing an attitude of flexibility is and how expanding. This also permeates into every cell of the process.

Who would you like to work with next and what type of character would you like to play?

It’s hard to say. I hope to be able to play something really multilayered, something impossible, that’s what I always wish for.

What part of the experiences as a mother in real life were you able to integrate in your part?

Well, I am a relatively new mom, but I remember when Sam and I started talking about the character and how he wanted to keep her very naturalistic and internal and sort of calculating. I thought, “Sure! That sounds very interesting, no problem,” and my son was about 9 months at the time. Then the film was postponed for a year for a few reasons and I was kind of bummed and he said to me that this time would be important, because I would have more experience as a mother. I thought, “a mother is a mother.” I didn’t think there’d be much difference. The months passed and I had been thinking about my character and how I would want to do things, considering she had to act so thoughtfully, so not from her gut, because she has so much at stake and she wants and has to keep it all together and I was having fun just making random cerebral choices here and there. In the meantime, my son had gotten better at walking, and one day while shopping at the supermarket, I suddenly lost him. Immediately my mouth went dry and my heart started pounding in my throat. It was a matter of seconds before I was screaming his name down the aisles and saying, “Please help, lock the doors, call the manager,” to other customers. I found him smelling coffee a few yards and I thought, “Oh, keeping it in is going to be harder than I thought.” Subsequently, I used that a lot, that having to quiet myself down, because that was my only option and what worked best, in order to find my son.

What type of preparation do you undertake to get into character?

I usually read the script many times and make many notes and then I spend my time ridding those notes of what comes from my own opinion rather than the character’s according to the story. That’s the hardest part, usually, letting go of my judgment. I try to work hard on staying true to the story and away from “what I would do.” It’s not what I would do it’s what this person is actually doing. That helps me free myself up.

In the film, your son Ricky is suffering from autism. What did you know about Asperger’s/autism beforehand?

I knew nothing about Autism or Asperger’s when I started the process. I read a lot of books in the subject, all varying widely in information. Nobody really knows what Autism is exactly or what to do about it in order to get the best outcomes as the child grows. I learned that no two brains are alike, autistic or otherwise, so in my research I found all kinds of stories and realized that even though every parent’s journey is different and personal, there is that common ground of not knowing how your child will develop. That is very stressful and it can, and usually does completely take over your life.

How do you feel are Latin American/Hispanic actresses represented in Hollywood these days? What are the perks, what are the obstacles?

I see mostly a lot of typecasting but I also see a lot of change happening and a lot of opportunity being shaped up. There are actresses doing a fine job of the sexy Latina stereotype and stuff like that but there are also women willing to push those boundaries and present the wider spectrum of what a Hispanic woman is, or are simply saying, “I am a woman with life experiences, I’ve lived a life that involves everything,” or you know, many of us are New Yorkers whether by birth or by transplant. We live in a city full of people from every corner of the world and we share the same experience of living, struggling and falling in love in the city, or whatever. I try not to see my ethnicity as an obstacle and I hope I can find empowering roles to play, just as many others like me. I think we have a good thing going and I’m willing to keep searching for those roles.
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Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s – Sale – 2012/2013

Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s – Sale – 2012/2013

Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s – Sale: Features Articulated Knees – For Better Fit & Mobility Custom Metal Hardware Detail Flare Leg – Fitted Through Thigh & Knee, Widens Below the Knee Front & Back Hand Pockets For Custom Fit & Extra Snow Protection Marker Logo D-Ring Regular Rise – Sits On or Below the Navel Strategically Seam Sealed – For Ideal Weather Protection 29″ Inseam 31″ Inseam Specs Colors: Black Inseam: 31in / 78.7cm Product Data Inseam: 31in / 78.7cm
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Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s

Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s

Marker Andrea Pant – Women’s: Features Articulated Knees – For Better Fit & Mobility Custom Metal Hardware Detail Flare Leg – Fitted Through Thigh & Knee, Widens Below the Knee Front & Back Hand Pockets For Custom Fit & Extra Snow Protection Marker Logo D-Ring Regular Rise – Sits On or Below the Navel Strategically Seam Sealed – For Ideal Weather Protection 29″ Inseam 31″ Inseam Specs Colors: Black Inseam: 31in / 78.7cm Product Data Inseam: 31in / 78.7cm
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Price: $ 185.00