‘Banksy’ artwork appears at Extinction Rebellion site

Suspected Banksy artwork has emerged in central London after the closing ceremony of the Extinction Rebellion protests.
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Kendall Jenner Appears to Have Borrowed North West’s Fabulously Feathery Top

Kendall Jenner, North WestKendall Jenner appears to be taking a style cue from Kim Kardashian’s oldest daughter, North West.
While the 23-year-old reality TV star and model has access to the top stylists and…

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Video tape ‘appears to show R Kelly sex abuse’

A man has said he found a video tape appearing to show singer R Kelly sexually abusing underage girls.
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‘Saturday Night Live’: Steve Martin Appears as Roger Stone

Wearing a pinstripe suit and projecting his voice at maximum volume, Martin played Stone, the longtime Trump adviser who was arrested on Friday.
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Musk Appears to Smoke Marijuana in Lengthy Interview

Tesla’s Elon Musk appeared to smoke marijuana during a live interview, in which he spoke for more than 2½ hours on topics ranging from the dangers of artificial intelligence to his use of Twitter.


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Harvey Weinstein statue appears ahead of Oscars

The disgraced producer is depicted in his dressing gown as a golden artwork called Casting Couch in LA.
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Tearful Kimmel appears with son after surgery

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had tears in his eyes as he held his baby son in front of the cameras and made a passionate plea over children’s healthcare.
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Zac Efron Appears in New Bombas Video that Plays Up the Company’s Altruism

ZAC EFRON ACTS UP: Zac Efron’s latest big-screen role is in “The Greatest Showman,” but he also has a smaller one in Bombas’ latest video.
Rather than sing, dance or act, he barely speaks and winks in one cameo and slurps a bowl of cereal in another with the company’s cofounders David Heath and Randy Goldberg doing the same. All three wear matching pajamas and different versions of Bombas socks. Lighthearted as his role is, Efron’s support is part of a three-and-a-half-minute flick that plays up the brand’s charitable ethos. Taking a page from Toms Shoes’ giving strategy of one pair purchased leads to one pair donated, Bombas has donated more than five millions pairs of socks to the needy since the company was started four years ago. After reading on Facebook that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, Heath and Goldberg set out to try to do something about that.
Toms founder Blake Mycoskie is also featured in the video. This year, Bombas’ charitable efforts included providing 20,000 pairs of socks for hurricane relief efforts and 40,000 pairs to homeless veterans. Staffers at Bombas have donated their time to various causes, too, amassing 4,000 hours through volunteerism.

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Apple shares up as iPhone 8 appears on track

Apple appears to have soothed investor concerns over the release of its 10th anniversary iPhone range while reporting a leap in smartphone sales.
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GTA Modding Tool OpenIV Appears to Be Back in Development

Popular Grand Theft Auto modding tool OpenIV may be back in business, following a controversial cease and desist order from GTA publisher Take-Two.

PC Gamer reports that, after much contention from fans regarding the order, OpenIV has seen a small update this week, despite the creators saying that development on the tool had been discontinued.

This potentially speaks to the new stance that Take-Two is tentatively agreeing to allow single player mods, meaning OpenIV could be seen as a legitimate tool.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition Appears to Come in a Giant Game Boy Cartridge

The upcoming Metroid 2 remake for 3DS, Metroid: Samus Returns is set to feature a special edition which seems to include a Game Boy caryridge-styled steelbook case.

A Spanish arm of Nintendo (as reported by Kotaku) has revealed images of what appears to be the Legacy Edition for the new Metroid game. These pictures feature a steelbook case for the game which is crafted to look like the original Metroid 2: Return of Samus cartridge.

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Designer Accusing Khloe Kardashian Of Copying Appears To Have Major Receipts

It’s hard to keep up with the allegations of copying facing Khloe Kardashian and her denim line, Good American. On this week’s episode, we have some receipts. 

The controversy started last Friday, when fashion designer Destiney Bleu accused Kardashian on Twitter of copying designs from her line of bedazzled clothing for an upcoming Good American collection. She claimed Kardashian ordered a slew of items from her “DBleudazzled” line before similar-looking clothes appeared in an ad for Good American that Kardashian tweeted last week. 

On Sunday, Bleu received a cease and desist letter from Kardashian’s attorney that denies Good American’s design team had ever seen her clothes. Now, she’s fighting back with documents that appear to show both orders of clothing billed to Kardashian and correspondence with Kardashian’s stylist and assistant.

The cease and desist called Bleu’s accusations “flagrantly false and defamatory” and detrimental to Good American and Kardashian’s business and reputation. It denies that the brand was even influenced by the DBleudazzled line of encrusted sheer bodysuits, citing bodysuit-wearing celebrities like Cher as inspiration.

“Good American’s design team had never heard your name and never saw your samples,” Kardashian’s attorney wrote to Bleu in a June 4 e-mail. “You are not the first person to ever design a mesh bodysuit with embellishments. You have neither a monopoly on nor copyrights for bodysuits, embellishments or mesh fabrications, which have been used over and over again in the fashion industry.”

Bleu’s attorney, Stephen McArthur, fired back June 8 in a letter obtained by HuffPost. It contains a timeline listing instances of correspondence dating back to October 2016 between Bleu and Kardashian’s assistant, as well as Kardashian’s former stylist Monica Rose, and includes dates for when Kardashian allegedly placed custom orders with Bleu. 

The “receipts” don’t stop there. Bleu’s attorney attached invoices for three separate purchases from late 2016 through April that list Kardashian associates and “KK” as the customer. 

McArthur told HuffPost that he has not yet received a response to his letter from Kardashian or Good American.

In a statement, a Good American spokeswoman told HuffPost Friday the entire controversy is “little more than a cheap publicity stunt”:

Ms. Bleu’s claim that Good American and Khloe Kardashian copied or stole her designs is flagrantly false and little more than a cheap publicity stunt and an attempt by Ms. Bleu to get her 15 minutes of fame. 

Ms. Bleu did not create the concept or design of a bodysuit with crystals – a fashion style that has been around for decades as evidenced by the fact that Cher has been wearing these styles for over 25 years. The Good American design team designed a range of eleven bodysuits and had never heard of Ms. Bleu or seen her designs. The letter from her lawyer ― sent to the press for no legitimate reason –- is outrageous, defamatory and misleading in the extreme. Good American will absolutely not stand for anyone trying to damage its reputation and plans to deal with this through the proper legal channels.

Bleu’s attorney noted in his letter that “copying clothing and fashion is generally not intellectual property infringement.” Such a charge, he wrote, is not the point. 

“It is not illegal for Khloe to copy Destiney’s designs — it is just tacky, disrespectful, and in bad taste. There is also something deeply uncomfortable about someone with Khloe’s wealth and power appropriating designs and fashion directly from a black woman with a small business without crediting her, making cheap knockoffs, and then attempting to threaten her into silence. You should be ashamed.”

“If Khloe wants to continue stealing designs from indie creators and mass produce them with no credit,” McArthur stated, “then Khloe will rightly face judgment in the court of public opinion.” 


See the full correspondence below: 

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Garoppolo goodbye post appears to be hoax (Yahoo Sports)

Jimmy Garoppolo (Getty)

Jimmy Garoppolo created quite a stir on social media with his Instagram post early Friday, but the Patriots backup QB apparently didn’t send it.

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Serena Williams’ Engagement Ring Appears To Have Lots Of Net Worth

Make sure to take that thing off when you play, Serena Williams. It could hurt someone.

The tennis champ flashed her rather large engagement ring on Reddit Thursday in a fun pic with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, the site’s co-founder.

Titled “Engagement Shoe Game,” the photo shows a beaming Williams playfully sporting Nikes in a skirt as she holds Ohanian. But this isn’t about the shoes. Williams not-so-slyly displays the ring. It’s a long shot but you can’t miss it.

A few days ago, Williams aced her Instagram game with a joke image of the jewelry. 

Sneak peek. ❤️It was a corn tortilla of course in case you were wondering.

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

Williams, 35, announced her engagement to Ohanian, 33, last week.

Bear necessities

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

Later this month, she will be seeking her seventh Australian Open singles title.

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Prince William Appears on Talk Show in Vietnam: ‘We Are Falling Behind on Saving Wildlife’

Prince William made an impassioned speech at an international wildlife conference during his visit to Vietnam on Thursday, calling on the British government to ban imported ivory.

William, who is in the country for the first time as part of his campaign to clamp down on illegal wildlife trade, said that he feared campaigners weren’t making progress quickly enough.

“The truth is we are still falling behind,” he told delegates. “A betting man would still bet on extinction.”

He said that China has already “signalled a total ban, the USA has instituted one, and other nations including the United Kingdom are considering it.”

He added, “We know now what previous generations did not – ivory treated as a commodity is the fuel of extinction. Ivory is not something to be desired and when removed from an elephant it is not beautiful. So, the question is, why are we still trading it? We need governments to send a clear signal that trading in ivory is abhorrent.”

He praised the Vietnamese government for carrying out its first burning of illegally traded rhino horn and ivory last weekend and hailed how far the movement had come since two years ago when the first International Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade convened in London.

“Since then we have seen unprecedented partnership between African governments to work together to fight poaching through the Elephant Protection Initiative,” he remarked.

And William, who is patron of Tusk Trust and shares his passion for protecting wildlife with his brother Prince Harry, highlighted how the transportation industry was coordinating actions to clamp down on trafficking routes.

But he added, “There is much to be proud of and I want to make sure we take confidence from what has been achieved. We are on the right side of history.

“But here is the problem: we know that we aren’t moving fast enough to keep up with the crisis. Rhinos, elephants, pangolin, lions  — they are all still being killed in horrifying numbers.

“The Great Elephant Census published this summer confirmed our worst fears about the shocking 30 percent decline in the African elephant population in just seven years.”

The prince said he wants to to halt the demand for the wildlife parts in a part of the world that fuels the trade.

He also filmed an interview with a local chat show on Thursday. Interviewed by Thuy Duong, the presenter of Talk Vietnam, he discussed his love for wildlife and how much he enjoyed his first visit to the country.

Yesterday,  William met with schoolkids to talk about protecting rhino and visited a traditional medicine market, Lang Ong Street and discussed conservation efforts with activists and medical experts in a local coffee shop.


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Randy Moss appears at high school graduation to hand diploma to friend

Randy Moss appears at high school graduation to hand diploma to friend
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