Assistant: Miller paid $10K per month to Ayton

Former Arizona assistant Book Richardson says head coach Sean Miller paid center Deandre Ayton $ 10,000 per month to play for the Wildcats. – TOP

Apple's Siri partners with new apps to take on Alexa and Google Assistant

Apple's Siri partners with new apps to take on Alexa and Google AssistantApple is bringing more functionality to Siri with its Siri Shortcuts.

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Google's Assistant is getting more features to take on Amazon’s Alexa

Google's Assistant is getting more features to take on Amazon’s AlexaGoogle's is bringing its Assistant to a slew of new devices in 2019.

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CES 2019: Amazon and Google Assistant carve up tech expo

The rivalry between Amazon and Google’s voice assistants is in full swing at the Las Vegas tech show.
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Xbox One Reportedly Getting Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Support

Microsoft is reportedly looking to add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant functionality to Xbox One.

Windows Central received a photo showing digital assistant support for Xbox One. And this is on top of the site hearing from sources that Microsoft was bringing Alexa compatibility to the console.

While Xbox One does feature Cortana, Microsoft discontinued Kinect last year. And then earlier this year, the company stopped production on the Kinect adapter for Xbox One S and X. So Alexa and Google Assistant functionality would offer more options for voice controls on Xbox One.

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Shaniqwa Jarvis Is No One’s Assistant

The fashion photographer’s portfolio should speak for itself. But in an industry where women of color are underrepresented, her talent and accomplishments haven’t always been recognized.
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Hawks tap Sixers assistant Pierce as head coach

The Hawks have hired Philadelphia’s Lloyd Pierce as head coach, tapping an NBA veteran with 11 years of experience as an assistant coach. – NBA

R. Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist And Assistant Flee From Singer Amid Scandals

The R&B artist has a long string of sexual misconduct allegations.
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Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant duke it out at CES 2018

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant duke it out at CES 2018CES 2018 had more than its fair share of wacky items and compelling gadgets, but one of the biggest trends to emerge, once again, from the popular tech expo was voice-enabled devices. And, of course, it was all about Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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‘Flirty secretary’ smart assistant taken offline in China

The avatar, which could be made to flirt and dance, is offline after a suggestion it objectified women.
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Could AI assistant be Russia’s next president?

A piece of artificially intelligent software has won the backing of tens of thousands of Russians to run for President.
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Kim Questions Kourtney's Friendship With Her Assistant

Kim Kardashian West admits she finds Kourtney's friendship with her personal assistant Steph "unprofessional." But does Kourt feel the same way?
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Allison Janney’s Assistant Receives a Message From Her Late Sister in Heartbreaking Hollywood Medium Clip

Allison Janney, Ilana, Hollywood Medium, Hollywood Medium 213Allison Janney’s reading with Tyler Henry takes an extremely emotional turn.
In this clip from Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium, the actress is sitting with Tyler when he…

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Watch Us Take Colin the Production Assistant from Sloppy to Sharp

Now he looks modern instead of messy.

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Amazon ‘style assistant’ divides opinion

Amazon’s new Echo Look device takes full length photos and offers advice on outfit choices.
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Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Was ‘Terrified’ of the Paparazzi, Jackie Kennedy’s Former Assistant Says

The increased paparazzi focus on Carolyn Bessette Kennedy following her wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr. left her frightened, according to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis‘ former live-in assistant.

Kathy McKeon, who worked for the former first lady between 1964 and 1977, writes in her upcoming memoir, Jackie’s Girl – excerpted in this week’s issue of PEOPLE – that JFK Jr.’s wife had a volatile relationship with the photographers who trailed her.

McKeon recounts a conversation one night at the family’s Hyannis Port compound in 1997 – the day of Princess Diana‘s funeral.  During dinner, Bessette Kennedy detailed a particularly alarming paparazzi encounter.

“She described how she had gotten chased down the sidewalk by a wolf pack of photographers, and ducked into a building to escape them,” writes McKeon. “They cornered her by the elevator as she frantically pushed the button.”

McKeon says that JFK Jr. urged her to tell Carolyn how his mom handled the paparazzi. As McKeon recounts in her book, ” ‘When she was up here, she’d leave the gate smiling, give them one good picture and they’d let her go.’ ”

Bessette Kennedy, according to McKeon, had a difficult time with paparazzi: “She said, ‘I’m terrified of them.’”

The adjustment to public life as JFK Jr.’s wife, McKeon says, had been difficult for Bessette Kennedy. As McKeon tells PEOPLE, “She couldn’t take it. She wasn’t brought up with it. John was, Carolyn wasn’t.”

The adjustment to public life as JFK Jr.’s wife, McKeon says, had been difficult for Bessette Kennedy.

The following year, McKeon was heartbroken to learn that JFK Jr., Bessette Kennedy and her sister were killed in a plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean.

For more from McKeon on Jackie’s life after JFK and JFK Jr., check out this week’s issue. Jackie’s Girl is due out May 9.

Also on sale now: PEOPLE’s commemorative edition Jack & Jackie: Remembering Camelot.

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This AI device will be your personal assistant for the car 

This AI device will be your personal assistant for the car Meet Chris. The first AI device to keep your digital life connected while you’re behind the wheel. The no-touch gadget is designed for drivers so they can keep their eyes on the road. Chris listens and talks to you using artificial intelligence and understands speech recognition and gesture control. Now when you get a call, voicemail, Facebook, What’s App, or email message, you can safely answer without taking your eyes off the road. The company that makes it, German Autolabs, says you can also control music and navigation. …

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Say hi to Samsung Bixby, the new voice assistant in the Galaxy S8

Say hi to Samsung Bixby, the new voice assistant in the Galaxy S8Samsung has a new voice. And it has world-changing ambitions. In the upcoming Galaxy S8, users will find an extra button on the left side of the phone, just below the volume controls. Pressing it will activate Bixby, Samsung's new voice assistant. Once activated, Bixby will help you navigate what's arguably the most sophisticated piece of technology you own — the smartphone in your hand. If Samsung gets its wish, though, Bixby will eventually do much more than just help you order Lyfts or set up complex calendar appointments. The long-term vision is for Bixby to act as a kind of uber-interface for
all of Samsung's products: TVs, wearables, washing machines, even remote controls. SEE ALSO: Samsung Galaxy S8: all the leaks in one place Samsung designed Bixby with a specific goal in mind, one that veers away from its fellow voice assistants — Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and the Google Assistant. Those platforms were generally built to help users quickly perform common tasks ("Remind me to buy milk") and perform search queries ("What's the capital of Brazil?"). Bixby, on the other hand, is all about making the phone itself easier to use, replicating the functions of many apps with voice commands. Yes, Siri et al. already do that to a certain extent — you can easily set a reminder with your voice, for example — but the voice integration typically only handles the basics. The goal of Bixby is to voice-enable
every single action in an app that you'd normally do via touch, starting with Samsung's apps. So, not just "set a reminder to buy pickles at 6 p.m., but "Set a reminder on my Shopping List to buy pickles at 6 p.m. and make it repeat every week, then share the list with my wife." Bixby speaks Injong Rhee, CTO of Samsung Mobile and the architect behind Bixby, says the voice assistant is nothing short of an "interface revolution," freeing users from hunting down hidden functionality within menus and hard-to-find screens. "Bixby is an intelligent user interface, emphasis… on 'interface,'" Rhee says. "A lot of agents are looking at being knowledgeable, meaning that you can ask questions like, 'Who's president of the U.S.?' A lot of these are glorified extensions of search. What we are doing with Bixby, and what Bixby is capable of doing, is developing a new interface to our devices." Bixby architect Injong Rhee, CTO of Samsung Mobile. Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable Although it makes its debut on the Galaxy S8, it will soon spread. Rhee sees the Bixby button eventually spreading to all kinds of smart-home devices, from TVs to refrigerators to air conditioners. "Anywhere there is an internet connection and a microphone, Bixby can be used," he says. "There is some technology in the device, but a lot of it lives in the cloud. That's why the range of devices goes beyond just a smartphone. It means it can be in any device we produce." Samsung began work on Bixby about 18 months ago, Rhee says. It grew out of the company's S Voice tool, which has been on Samsung phones since 2012. (The timing might explain why Samsung's smart fridge — announced right around then — failed to deliver on its planned integration with Alexa.) S Voice hadn't progressed much over the years, but then last year Samsung acquired the much-hyped Viv Labs and its sophisticated assistant, a strong indicator of the company's renewed interest in voice control. However, Rhee says Viv's technology is planned for future updates to Bixby and doesn't have a role in the initial release. The name Bixby came out of Samsung's focus groups, but it was actually their third choice overall. It was the top pick among millennials — a demographic the company is specifically targeting with the Galaxy S8 — so it won out. (Rhee declined to say what the other names were.) It's also distinctive enough, with hard consonants, for it to work well as an activation word. Bixby, which will initially speak just English and Korean, is intended to be a user's "bright sidekick," helping them navigate their devices in a more natural way. "[What came before], it's been people trying to learn how the machine interacts with the world, but… it should be the machine learns how the
human interacts with the world," Rhee says. "The learning curve shouldn't be steep." All talk, all action For an app to be considered Bixby-supported, every possible touch action needs to be mapped to a voice command. Rhee explains that, for a typical app, there are about 300 different actions the user can perform. That doesn't sound too bad until you consider there are around 15,000 different ways to perform them. And the ways to verbalize those actions number in the millions. That's a lot of stuff to map out. Still, Samsung says it's up for the challenge, at least as far as its built-in apps are concerned. But what about third-party apps? Considering the amount of development work, will Snapchat or Facebook ever work as well with Bixby as Samsung's apps? Rhee says Samsung has a plan to get third-party apps talking to Bixby, and an SDK to be released at a later date will introduce tools that make the mapping much easier. He also suggests Viv's technology can help here, too. "Viv Labs is coming in by way expanding our vision into third-party ecosystems. It doesn't necessarily have to be
all of the touch commands that they can perform. At a minimum, [Bixby will perform] the basic functionalities: like the settings, or changing the language from English to French." On the Galaxy S8, a total of 10 apps will be Bixby-supported, Rhee says, with a second "wave" coming a few weeks later. Out of the gate, users will be able to use Bixby with Contacts, Gallery, Settings, Camera, Reminders and a few others. Another way Bixby is different from its peers: it will be aware of what you're doing on the phone and suggest different actions depending on what's on screen. So if you press the button while, say, looking at a single photo in the Gallery, editing and sharing controls are probably more relevant to you than searching. And if Bixby doesn't understand every aspect of a complex command, it will take you as far as it can rather than just hitting you with a "Sorry, I didn't catch that." All this "awareness" brings up an important question: How much data is Samsung collecting about you? Rhee says most user-specific data is kept on the device, but, as a cloud service, Bixby needs to store some information in the cloud. It's not yet clear what the exact breakdown is. The button Having a dedicated button for Bixby brings a number of advantages. For starters, it means Samsung won't have any need for Clippy-style pop-ups directing users to the assistant — people will inevitably find it on their own. It also ensures there will be far fewer accidental activations than if Bixby were mixed into a home button — something users of Siri are all too familiar with. "We actually have done a lot of research to have the Bixby button as part of the home button like our friends in Cupertino," Rhee says. "A lot of people find it a little awkward to use it in public. The home button is a very overloaded place — there's a lot of functionality into it. Having a dedicated button really removes a lot of friction." And since the idea is to press and hold, lifting your finger when you're done, Bixby will know definitively when you're done speaking. Still, there will also be a wake-up phrase — you can just say "Hi Bixby," to activate the assistant at any time. It's the dedicated button that really epitomizes Samsung's approach, and if it indeed ends up on all Samsung products, Bixby will become much more than just a smartphone assistant — it'll become the gateway for Samsung to finally, truly become a major player in the internet of things. Sure, Samsung has had its "Smart" devices for a long time, and its low-power Tizen OS is ideal for powering the many products with connections to the internet. It also acquired SmartThings in 2014 to strengthen its IoT brand. But until now, Samsung has lacked a gateway for its customers to really take advantage of that interconnectivity. For most, it's hard work hunting down the right settings on your phone to connect a smart TV to an air conditioner, but what if you could just tell Bixby to do it? And if you can talk to it from all those devices — asking any question or even making phone calls — then you're really onto something. "It's actually omnipresent in a sense," Rhee says. "Even if I speak to Bixby in, say, a washing machine, you can still do a lot of things that you do on your phone. For instance, you can say, 'Bixby, send a text to my friend Michael,' or 'Make a phone call.' That's the vision." The more capable assistant Amazon and Google already know this, and the success of Alexa and buzz around Home are a testament to the unquestionable efficiency of adding voice control to devices. But Samsung, with its high standard of controlling
all functions of a device via Bixby, might end up with the advantage. Alexa, for all of its "skills," often falls short of full control (you can turn on or dim LED lights, for example, but might not be able to select specific colors), so the market has room for a more capable competitor. Of course, how and when Bixby will mix with third-party products and services remains an open question. "Philosophically, what we are looking at is revolutionizing phone interfaces," Rhee says. "We understand our applications better than anybody else out there — that's why we started with our own technology, but going forward we have plans to work with our partners." Eventually, Rhee says a Bixby app might come to non-Samsung Android phones and even iOS, possibly partnering with Google Assistant for search-related queries (though he cautions Google and Samsung haven't "gotten to the specifics" on how that would work). At the same time, Bixby control could extend to all kinds of smart products, not just Samsung ones. That would probably take a level of cooperation with competitors that Samsung hasn't really shown before, but if Bixby becomes ubiquitous in the long term, whatever OS this or that device is running will become less relevant. That's a future Samsung is clearly hoping for, since software has traditionally been its weakness. Samsung may be a chief Android partner, but it's struggled to differentiate its many services from Google's, and the company lacks an OS of its own (Tizen notwithstanding). Samsung's browser, Samsung Pay, S Health — they're all duplicates of Google products, and are widely regarded as inferior. That's why Bixby may be the best thing to happen to Samsung software in a long time. If customers respond, Bixby could, in the long term, finally get Samsung users to think of its phones as
Samsung phones rather than just the best-performing Android phones on the market. All Android vendors try to differentiate to some extent, but Bixby's app-simplifying skills and potential IoT capabilities are a compelling sell. Bixby represents an important step for Samsung when it comes to services: finally a good answer to "Why should I use your software?" Effortless voice control of everything — not just your phone — is a tantalizing promise, and if Samsung can pull it off in the long term, its "bright sidekick" might end up being the only assistant we actually want to talk to. WATCH: Samsung's wireless earbuds double as a fitness-tracker

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Morgan Freeman voices Mark Zuckerberg’s AI assistant

Actor Morgan Freeman provides the voice for an AI assistant created by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.
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Kinn’s The Medical Assistant

Kinn’s The Medical Assistant

Prepare for a successful career in medical assisting! Kinn’s The Medical Assistant, 12th Edition helps you learn the real-world administrative and clinical skills essential to working in the health care setting. Administrative coverage ranges from professionalism and interpersonal skills to billing and coding and electronic health records; clinical content teaches how to assist with medications, diagnostic procedures, and surgeries. And no other comprehensive medical assisting text can match its coverage of assisting with medical specialties! Written by medical assisting experts Alexandra Adams and Deborah Proctor, this classic resource also includes an Evolve companion website with practical exercises and activities, videos, and review questions for the CMA and RMA certification exams. More chapters on assisting with medical specialties than any other Medical Assisting text prepare you to assist in specialty exams and make you better qualified to work in specialty fields like cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and neurology. Step-by-step, illustrated procedures make it easier to learn and understand medical assisting skills, and include rationales for each step. Threaded case scenarios help you develop critical thinking skills and apply concepts to realistic administrative and clinical situations. Patient education and legal and ethical issues are described in relation to the Medical Assistant’s job.A Portfolio Builder on the Evolve website helps you demonstrate proficiency to potential employers. Detailed learning objectives and vocabulary with definitions in each chapter help you study more effectively, with connections icons linking concepts in the text to exercises in the study guide and on the Evolve companion website. Study Guide includes a variety of exercises to test your knowledge and critical thinking skills, case scenarios from the book, and a Procedure Checklists Manual. Sold separately. NEW! Charting examples within the procedures are high

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Christian Towers Receive Tribute & Medicine Assistant by Charles Myrick of ACRX

ACRX Recognition Gallery: American Consultants Rx

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10 Beauty Products an Allure Fashion Assistant Relies On

While working on photo shoots at Allure as a fashion assistant, I’ve picked up a thing or two about beauty. Ahead, the ten products I rely on.
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These models are doing major things—in the fashion industry and beyond. Here are their inspiring stories.
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His Assistant and Book Baby

His Assistant and Book Baby

Two erotic short stories from the “Hot Ginger!” collection. All characters depicted are unrelated and consenting adults, 18 or over. Readers 18+ only. His Assistant-Lauren is known as “The Closer”. She’s the best at what she does cause she’s a smart cookie with a preference for older men in suits.”Tom leaned against a file cabinet as she spun around for his approval. Her black suit showed off her curves and underneath her jacket, a hint of ivory lace peeked out, just above her full breasts. Her sheer stockings encased long slender legs and only her shoes, killer black stilettos, gave her away as anything other than a respectable business woman. The sound of the opening elevator doors in the hallway made them look towards the front door. “Show time” Lauren whispered. Book Baby-Jack has his own bookstore specializing in thrillers. A beautiful customer enters with a mystery of her own.”As she thumbed through the pages, he thought he had been dismissed. “Ok, well, I’ll be at the desk if you need anything.” She lowered the book and let it dangle from her hand. “Have you ever done it in your store?” Jack blinked. “Done what?

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Wimberley Personal Assistant with 10 years of Care Gig Experience – Melissa R. –

Wimberley Personal Assistant with 10 years of Care Gig Experience – Melissa R. –

Personal service and attention to detail is what I will provide you. Let me help you with your personal errands including grocery shopping, holiday shopping, holiday travel plans, gift wrapping, holiday…
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