The All-Trades 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Barnwell proposes 32 wild deals

So long, Josh Rosen. A.J. Green to the … Jets? This mock draft has 32 trades from the mind of Bill Barnwell. – NFL

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Which draft produced the best running backs? What about quarterbacks? And where do the QBs from the Class of 2004 rank? – NFL

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Barnwell: A defensive masterpiece, and the play that won the Super Bowl

Take a bow, Bill Belichick and Brian Flores. This Pats win over the Rams was fueled by the greatest defensive performance in Super Bowl history. – TOP

The best Patriots-Rams preview you’ll read: Barnwell makes his pick

Brady, Belichick and Gronk. Gurley, McVay and Goff. There are plenty of stars who could wreck Super Bowl LIII. Bill Barnwell covers every angle. – TOP

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Let’s project over/under win totals for next season, from worst to best. The Vikings and Colts could be tricky. – NFL

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Thinking about placing a tidy sum on a sure-thing Super Bowl prop bet? Allow us to save your big game viewing experience: Don’t do it. – NFL

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Two overtime games. Pivotal missed calls. Walk-off wins by the Patriots and Rams. Let’s make sense of Sunday’s madness. – NFL

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Tom Brady can’t be touched. Gronk has lost a step. Let’s fact-check all the theories about New England and figure out what’s nonsense. – TOP

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Alex Smith is out for the season, and Washington’s NFC East lead could soon vanish. These are the biggest injuries that changed the NFL landscape. – NFL

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If the Seattle and Green Bay jobs come open, how attractive would they be? Bill Barnwell sorts the 10 possible openings. – NFL

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Julio Jones will score more touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes might level off. Here’s what the numbers tell us about the rest of the NFL season. – NFL

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Jameis Winston is fighting to not be a bust. Le’Veon Bell is fighting for a huge 2019 contract. Here’s who has their futures on the line. – NFL

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Blake Bortles’ up-and-down play is holding back the Jags. The defending champs have an obvious weakness. These are the flaws for every top team. – TOP

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Sorry, Drew Brees, we’re interested in who will snag your passing yardage record. Let’s evaluate chances for passing TDs, rushing yards and more. – NFL

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Le’Veon Bell, LeSean McCoy, DeVante Parker, Golden Tate and more. Let’s make some deals, making sure both teams are satisfied. – NFL

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The defending champs are struggling, while two 5-0 teams have made a big jump. These 10 teams’ playoff chances have improved and declined the most. – NFL

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What if NFL teams could have a cheap quarterback forever? It’s not so crazy. And the Rams with Jared Goff might be the perfect guinea pig. – NFL

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The Chiefs are 3-0 and scoring at will. Here are the lessons the NFL can learn from Kansas City’s record-setting start. – NFL

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These seven winless teams are playoff long shots, but it can be done. Let’s sort in order of their chances of returning to respectability. – NFL

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Blake Bortles is good. Patrick Mahomes is better. And a player retired at halftime. The NFL has been wildly entertaining through two weeks. – NFL

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Dallas has failed to build a competent team around Dak Prescott, and it’s paying for it. Here’s how the Cowboys got here, and what’s next. – NFL

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Patrick Mahomes was on fire, while Nathan Peterman couldn’t complete a pass. James Conner carried the load, and Adrian Peterson turned back the clock. – NFL

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Every team has a chance to win the title, but some of those chances are 0.1 percent or less. Here’s what each team needs to happen to win it all. – NFL

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J.J. Watt and Andrew Luck are back. Jalen Ramsey is just getting started. These are the most intriguing players, coaches and front-office men of the season. – NFL

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Kareem Hunt ran wild last season. DeMarcus Lawrence was unblockable. Here’s which stars are actually rising, and who might be a one-year wonder. – NFL

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The NFL is a copycat league, and every team wants to emulate the Eagles’ Super Bowl run. Here are the teams that tried and what it means. – NFL

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Even with Kirk Cousins under center, the numbers say the Vikings will be worse in 2018. – NFL

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There’s nowhere to go but up for the 0-16 Browns. Here’s why Cleveland — and five more teams — will take steps forward this season. – NFL

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Which team has the top offensive firepower? We ranked all 32. Just running backs and pass-catchers — no quarterbacks, linemen or coordinators allowed. – NFL

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Does Vegas’ Stanley Cup run make it the most unlikely finalist in modern American sports? Bill Barnwell looks at candidates across the big four. – NHL

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Teams preach patience with rookie QBs but rarely follow through. When should each of 2018’s first-round quarterbacks get the chance to start? – NFL

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There’s every reason to believe that Barkley will be an elite running back. But drafting a quarterback is the better bet for New York. Here’s why. – TOP

All-Trades NFL Mock Draft: Barnwell proposes 32 wild deals

Picture Odell Beckham Jr. or Le’Veon Bell in a Patriots uniform. Yeah, Bill Barnwell’s getting weird with trades at every first-round slot. – NFL

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In 2017, we saw eight new playoff teams in a 12-team field. Why? Because teams routinely look a heckuva lot different year-to-year. So here’s how the Saints, Rams, Titans, Patriots, Eagles, Chiefs and Steelers could change. – NFL

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In the span of five games in six weeks, we’ve seen the full gamut of Nick Foles appearances, from the Christmas night disaster to his mastery against the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. – TOP

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You want over/under win total projections for next season? We’ve got them for every team, from 32-1. Guess where the Tom Brady and the Patriots are. – NFL

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Barnwell: Todd Gurley’s surging case for MVP, and why the GOAT still has an edge

The Rams running back has had a historically great December, and the MVP race appears to be down to two. Here’s how Todd Gurley could win — and how Tom Brady could hold him off. – NFL

Barnwell: Three options to fix the NFL’s catch rule

OK, fine, the catch rule was interpreted correctly in the final minute of the Patriots’ win over the Steelers. But the rule is still bad. Here’s how the league can make it better. – TOP

Barnwell: Ranking the NFL’s best and worst potential coach openings

A super-talented 22-year-old quarterback and a few defensive stars? The Texans’ job is intriguing if Bill O’Brien doesn’t return. Bill Barnwell sorts the coaching jobs that could come open in 2018. – NFL

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What if we told you the 6-6 Chiefs, losers of six of their past seven games, are actually in OK shape? The AFC playoff picture is four simultaneous races. Here’s who’s getting in and why. – NFL

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Dak, Dez and Dallas have Texas-sized problems and a minuscule chance to make the playoffs after three straight losses without Zeke in the backfield. How has the offense been so dreadful? – NFL

Barnwell: 17 moments that shaped Week 11 — and the NFL playoff race

Barnwell: 17 moments that shaped Week 11 — and the NFL playoff race – NFL

Barnwell: What changed in Super Bowl rematch, and why Falcons are in trouble

Barnwell: What changed in Super Bowl rematch, and why Falcons are in trouble – NFL

Barnwell: How the winless Giants got here, and why they’re in trouble

Barnwell: How the winless Giants got here, and why they’re in trouble – TOP

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Barnwell: Time to worry about NFL’s five preseason favorites? – NFL

Barnwell: Verdicts on NFL players on pace for greatness — and failure

Barnwell: Verdicts on NFL players on pace for greatness — and failure – NFL

Barnwell: Ranking NFL players with most to gain (and lose) in 2017

Barnwell: Ranking NFL players with most to gain (and lose) in 2017 – NFL

Barnwell: Should the Lions really shell out for Matthew Stafford?

Barnwell: Should the Lions really shell out for Matthew Stafford? – NFL