Sacha Baron Cohen Pranked Me, Can I Sue? Yes. Win? Not So Much.

Mr. Cohen has been sued many times. There’s a reason he rarely loses: His unsuspecting subjects don’t read the fine print.
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US politician quits after Sacha Baron Cohen gag

A US politician has resigned from the Georgia house of representatives after appearing on Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV mockumentary Who Is America?
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Review: Sacha Baron Cohen Is Back. Should We Care?

“Who Is America?” on Showtime reprises the comedian’s gotcha techniques at a time when people don’t need to be tricked into saying embarrassing things.
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TV Review: Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

Sacha Baron Cohen feels like the ultimate George W. Bush-era comedy star. The early-to-mid-2000s, after all, were when Baron Cohen enjoyed his high point of fame, when TV’s “Da Ali G Show” and the 2006 film “Borat,” a mocking journey through the heartland, made comic use of undercover documentation of what Americans are willing to […]



Palin attacks Baron Cohen over ‘wheelchair stunt’

Sarah Palin has hit out at Sacha Baron Cohen, accusing him of duping her into an interview by posing as a wounded veteran in a wheelchair.
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Baron Davis Launches The Black Santa Company

Four years ago Baron Davis reluctantly wore a Santa Claus suit to a Halloween party.
“I remember I didn’t want to go the party because I didn’t want to be Santa Claus,” said Davis. “But the whole night turned into magic. And people would sit on my lap and ask me for things like a new Ferrari or another Lakers championship.”
This led to the former NBA player trademarking Black Santa and launching the Black Santa Company, a brand that offers apparel and other merchandise centered around the Black Santa character, who resembles Davis but is not him.
“I told my business partner, ‘Imagine how great it would be to actually introduce a black Santa to the African-American audience,’” said Davis. “I know my mom, her friends and my grandmother would always search for figurines that reflected us because they wanted us to grow up feeling that same sense of worth.”
Davis has created a collection of unisex apparel — T-shirts, hoodies, onesies, ugly Christmas sweaters and hats — covered in Black Santa graphics along with gift wrapping paper, ornaments and lapel pins. The collection, retails from $ 12 for an ornament to $ 35 for a sweatshirt. Limited-edition pieces such as the Ugly Santa sweater

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Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2 in Orange County

Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2 in Orange County

Up for some thrills? Then this Southern California Red Baron thrill ride is for you.

Price: $
Sold by Cloud 9 Living

Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2 in San Diego

Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2 in San Diego

Up for some thrills? Then this southern California Red Baron Thrill Ride is for you!

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Baron Wolman: Unseen Woodstock

Baron Wolman was Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer, working with stars such as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and all the greats of the day. In 1969 he was on the road photographing music festivals around the USA on assignment for Rolling Stone magazine when word started to trickle through about a major musical event happening in upstate New York. Joining the long traffic jams, Wolman made it to Woodstock, along with, ultimately, hundreds of thousands of other people.



The thing to remember about the 1960s, even near the end in ’69 was that everything was totally different, the behavior was new and unexpected. Plus, the 1960s were simply wildly photogenic in every way imaginable. The changes that were taking place in the heads of the people were visually manifested. I mean, how could you not take pictures?


His latest book, Woodstock, (Reel Art Press) is filled with Wolman’s photos of the atmosphere and events occurring around and beside the live bands at this, the most famous music festival of all time. Revisiting his contact sheets for the first time in years, he was pleasantly surprised to find he had enough rich material to complete a book dedicated this time not to the musicians but to the crowds.

“Woodstock” is beautifully printed, with rich blacks and lush gold tone. It includes a foreword by Carlos Santana and features an extensive Q&A with Baron Wolman and Woodstock creator, Michael Lang.

There’s a great bookstore edition but it also comes in a limited edition version that includes a print of these chilling cows, and an actual, rare, original Woodstock admission ticket!


No one could have predicted the enduring influence of the Woodstock experience. Yes, the bands were first rate and there were many of them. And the setting… was picture perfect and tranquil, a bucolic setting for relaxing with friends and listening to music and getting high. But in unexpected ways, Woodstock became more than a concert for all of us. I ended up spending most of my time out in the wild with the crowd because what was happening ‘out there’ was just too interesting not to explore.


Woodstock showed the world how things could have been, and for this reason it’s important that we never forget this experience, this place, this time, this dream that came true, if only for three days…





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