Bonnie Cashin Archivist Considering Documentary and Other Projects

As the heir to Bonnie Cashin’s archives, Stephanie Lake is the last person who needs to be reminded about the designer’s lasting influence on American fashion.
Rather than reside in the I-told-you-so corner, Lake is actively trying to inform current and future generations about how Cashin’s aesthetic continues to appear in certain designer collections.
Last month’s Diet Prada post, alleging JW Anderson’s appropriation of a Bonnie Cashin design was not the impetus for her proactive approach but a coincidence. Lake said Monday, ”My husband and I are constantly considering what our roles are and how we can best serve Bonnie’s legacy. It’s a constant theme in our lives. With JW Anderson, it did pop up just as we were getting very focused on the film. It just happened to be a coincidence as we were talking about needing to focus our energies on the next big project. It amplified what we were thinking about the timing being right.”
A JW Anderson spokesman said, “Jonathan has always been inspired by postmodernist fashion and mentioned Bonnie as an inspiration backstage after the show in London.”
Having been approached by a major documentary filmmaker last year about the prospect of a Cashin-themed film, Lake is mulling over

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Total eclipse of the charts – Bonnie soars to No 1

Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 hit Total Eclipse Of The Heart has made a surprising climb to the top of the iTunes chart in the US.
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Bonnie Jean Navy Gingham Daisy Ladybug Legging Spring Outfit Baby Girl 6M

Bonnie Jean Navy Gingham Daisy Ladybug Legging Spring Outfit Baby Girl 6M

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Academy for Difficult Girls Student File #2: Bonnie

Academy for Difficult Girls Student File #2: Bonnie

The second novel set at the Academy for Difficult Girls. Bonnie Kurtzberger and her roommates are part of a new class at the Academy, a “girl’s school” where women (always over 21) are forced through an “educational” curriculum to suit the desires of their sponsors. Students wear a traditional schoolgirl uniform and attend classes like Fellatio 101 and Erotic Literature 201. Failure to perform in class will result in spankings and worse punishments. The Academy is housed in a large building at the center of extensive grounds, surrounded by a high wall. It is situated in a remote location from which escape would be difficult. Students are told that there has never been a successful escape. The Academy replicates most of the features of a girls’ school: there are dormitory rooms which students must share, a cafeteria serving grim institutional fare (some students are put on a special diet to lose or gain weight), a gymnasium where they can experience group showers under the eyes of their peers and of their muscular crewcut gym mistress. At the end of a term of study, Academy students are “graduated” and delivered to their sponsors, to take up their new lives as a submissive housewife, or an obedient maid, or even an age-regressed “stepdaughter”.One of Bonnie’s roommates is determined to escape, and bring the entire Academy down. Will she succeed?

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‘Too Long; Didn’t Listen’ Ep. 6: ‘Women Aren’t Funny’ With Bonnie McFarlane And Marina Franklin

HuffPost Comedy Editors spend all day looking at funny things on the Internet. Now, they have a podcast. This is, “Too Long; Didn’t Listen.”

In a special sixth edition of “TL;DL,” Katla McGlynn sat down with the very funny Bonnie McFarlane and Marina Franklin ahead of their New York Comedy Festival panel entitled, “Women Aren’t Funny: Debunking The Myth” on Nov. 6 at Caroline’s.

Instead of our usual segments, comedians Bonnie and Marina offered their thoughts on the viral catcalling video and the comedy community’s various responses to it, then moved on to discuss the unfortunate misconception that women aren’t as funny as men.

Listen to Bonnie and Marina talk about their experiences as women, both on the street in NYC and on the stage as comedians in the episode below. Be sure to check out Bonnie’s documentary on the same subject, “Women Aren’t Funny,” and Marina’s all-female podcast, “Friends Like Us,” both on iTunes. Tickets are available for their NYCF panel featuring Blair Breard, Lea DeLaria and Judy Gold here.

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Exploring trail running with Bonnie

How do you get in the zone? Bonnie lives to run on the beautiful trails in and around the Bay area. Tim Kemple and his team follow along to capture it all. See more at
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Bonnie Marcus Pink Carriage Invitation Baby Shower

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