How Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Builds Off Pokemon Go

I’ve accepted that I’ll never go to Hogwarts. That letter must have gotten delivered to the wrong house, and even if it found its way to me, a 27-year-old jumping into a first-year Potions class might look a little silly. And yet I’ve craved for the wizarding world to seep into my muggle life.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, from the developers of Pokemon Go and set for a 2019 release, aims to do just that. It’s an experience not nearly as immediately sellable as Pokemon Go’s catch-and-collect loop, I loved the potential for this new AR adventure to deliver an engaging, daily dose of magic after spending an hour freeing hippogriffs and dueling dark wizards.

I’ll admit, before learning about Wizards Unite, I remained skeptical of how Niantic’s location-based gameplay could be adapted to a Harry Potter experience, much less one tapping into my fan fiction dreams of living in the wizarding world. But, Niantic and WB Games San Francisco’s initial hook is an interesting one — a great Calamity threatens to break the Statute of Secrecy that keeps the wizarding and muggle worlds separate. Objects, people, creatures, and even memories have been displaced from time and space, trapped and potentially about to break that world-separating seal en masse.

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Lagos, City of Hustle, Builds an Art ‘Ecosystem’

West Africa’s new art destination is a sprawling megacity with a generation of artists, gallerists and collectors powering the scene.
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Dad builds 3D-printed bionic arm for son

After facing an 18-month wait for his son to receive a bionic hand, Callum Miller decided to make his own – with added flashing lights.
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Neil Barrett Builds His Block

MILAN — “A new chapter in my company’s story.” 
That’s how Neil Barrett described the developments at his namesake brand, which recently set up shop in a new headquarters on Milan’s Via Ceresio. The 538,200-square-foot building was part of a former electrical plant and currently houses the Dsquared2 offices with the Ceresio 7 restaurant and gym as well.
“Finally we’re able to house all the operations under one roof,” Barrett said. “I used to be in seven different buildings before and so we would always get wet during the winter moving from one appointment to the other. It kept us quite real.” 
That down-to-earth attitude is the spirit that has always guided the designer’s decisions — a low-key, steady-as-he-goes approach to growth that has enabled him to remain independent while generating revenues of more than 90 million euros in 2016. 

Neil Barrett 
Courtesy of White Srl / Photography by Stefan Giftthaler

“It’s such a pleasure to have such a big space that’s been designed specifically for every single operation in the building. It’s really tailor-made,” said Barrett.

Designed by Milanese architecture firm Storage Associati, the building, which features a faded black facade punctuated by myriad windows on both the front and the back, perfectly reflects the sleek, minimal aesthetic of the brand with its graphic combination of concrete and glass. 
“Everything revolves around this central void. The concept that I’ve always dreamed

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Forall Builds Management

MILAN — Forall SpA is beefing up its executive ranks. Maurizio Beffa was appointed chief commercial officer of the Italian men’s wear group, while Bryan La Vine was tapped as managing director of Forall USA.
Beffa is in charge of overseeing the wholesale and retail divisions of the Pal Zileri brand and to expand that business globally. Most recently, Beffa held strategic commercial retail and wholesale posts at Belstaff and Tod’s Group.
La Vine is joining Forall’s New York subsidiary from Bergdorf Goodman to help boost the U.S. market, which is considered key for the growth of the company. He reports to Beffa.
Before Bergdorf Goodman, La Vine was a top-level executive at and Barneys New York.
The two appointments reflect a new path charted by Forall owner Mayhoola Group to develop its business around the world. Last October, Giovanni Mannucci joined as chief executive officer from Boglioli, succeeding Paolo Roviera, who went to head Corneliani.
In July last year, Mayhoola took full control of Pal Zileri through the acquisition of 100 percent of parent company Forall Confezioni SpA, representing the fund’s commitment to expand the brand in the long-term.
The investment vehicle backed by a private investor group from Qatar first took a 65 percent

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Applied DNA Builds Recurring Revenue in Synthetic Fiber Market

Applied DNA Sciences has delivered its third shipment against continuing purchase orders for molecular tags used to protect supply chains for polyethylene terephthalate man-made fibers from master batch to finished goods.
With recurring, non-seasonal orders, this synthetics supply chain experience has accelerated contract discussions in progress with other man-made fiber segment manufacturers.
“Molecular tags can be used to track high-quality and high-performance grades of PET, where the specifications are demanding,” said James Hayward, president and chief executive officer of Applied DNA, which provides DNA-based supply-chain, anticounterfeiting and antitheft technology, product genotyping and product authentication solutions. “Unlike paper or electronic certificates, these molecular certificates carry the identifying unalterable information in or on the product, thereby providing assurances to governments and consumers alike.”
Hayward said recycled PET can be verified by the molecular certificate infused within the polymer after the recycling process and is just one of several polymer families Applied DNA expects to productize this year.
“This purchase order highlights continued execution on our strategy to diversify our revenue stream and improve revenue predictability on an annual basis,” Hayward said. “Together with the recent announcement that Applied DNA will provide Signature T DNA products and authentication services to empower textile supply chain security over an extended

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Alexander Stutterheim Builds an Unusual Kind of Luxury Brand in Sweden

In fashion, Sweden has fostered notable names such as Acne Studios, H&M and Nudie Jeans. According to Alexander Stutterheim, the cofounder of contemporary raincoat brand Stutterheim, the Scandinavian country has yet to give birth to a luxury label on par with Hermès and Margiela. He’s taken on the mission to rectify that, offering his hand-knit sweaters from his Stockholm apartment, where he has fulfilled custom orders with in-the-know shoppers, to boutiques for the first time next fall.
Slated to exhibit at Paris’ Man trade fair in January, John Sterner: Swedish Knitology is set to wholesale chunky fisherman sweaters knit by hand from ecological wool and introduce new styles, in Merino wool and cashmere, as well as accessories such as scarves, beanies, socks and gloves.
Made in a week by a grandmotherly knitter in the south of Sweden and numbered with a leather tag like a work of art, the fisherman sweater, dubbed Antidote, retails for $ 1,050. Stutterheim sees the possibility of growing the brand on the potential of the cashmere sweaters and the Merino knits, which sell for about $ 900 and $ 300, respectively. The accessories start at $ 30 for socks and fingerless gloves and go up to $ 80 for hats. Made by

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Bring It!: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches

Bring It!: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches

Creator of the best-selling P90X workout series, Tony Horton shows you how to Bring It! for the results you want. Over the past 25 years, Tony Horton has helped millions of people-from stay-at home moms to military personnel to A-list celebrities-transform their bodies and their lives with innovative workouts and cutting-edge advice. Now in his first book he shares the fundamentals of his fitness philosophy with millions more, revealing his secrets for getting fit and healthy and melting away pounds. One-size-fits-all diets and exercise regimens just don’t work-that’s why Tony creates unique programs for each of his clients. In Bring It! he shows you how to build your own diet and fitness plan tailored to your individual lifestyle, preferences, and goals. With a Fitness Quotient (FQ) quiz designed to assess your likes, dislikes, and current fitness level, you can choose the program that’s right for you. In photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, Tony demonstrates his unique moves and exercise combinations that include cardio fat burners, lower body blitzers, core strengthening, plyometrics, yoga, and more. You’ll also discover Tony’s fat-blasting eating plan and detox tips, delicious recipes, and mental motivators. Whether you’ve never been to the gym before, are looking to get bikini ready, or simply want to take your workout to the next level, Tony Horton can give you the results you’ve been looking for. A better body-and future-is possible when you commit to change. Get ready to Bring It!

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Boyfriend Of The Year Builds An Entire Piece Of Furniture To Propose To His Girlfriend

One man just pulled off a proposal so romantic, it could make even the most hard-hearted person melt a little inside.

On October 9, Blake Bullinger surprised his girlfriend Carly Stene with a handmade jewelry armoire as a gift for their second anniversary. He filled the drawers with a bunch of her favorite things — a giant Rice Krispie Treat, granola bars, a pumpkin candle, brownie mix and Twix bars.

When she gets to the last drawer, Blake asks her to “dig around in there a little bit.” That’s when she finds the ring box.

“I was absolutely surprised!” Carly told The Huffington Post via email. “Blake is the most amazing man in the world and the thought of being with him forever brought on a flood of emotions — all happy ones, of course. When I saw the ring, I got butterflies in my stomach and, as you could tell from the video, I cried a lot! I was truly happy in that moment.”

And as if that wasn’t romantic enough, Blake uses his shirt to wipe away Carly’s post-proposal happy tears. Excuse us while we swoon.

Courtesy of Carly Stene

Watch the proposal unfold in the video above.

H/T Right This Minute

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