Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Aren’t the Only Celebs Loving This Designer

ESC: Trendsettersat Work, Anine BingAs one of the first fashion bloggers to launch her own ready-to-wear brand, Anine Bing has successfully brought her fusion of Scandinavian and American fashion to the masses.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Eyewear and More Celebs Wearing Prescription Glasses

ESC: Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Celeb GlassesIt’s official: Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are eyewear designers.
After announcing their upcoming purse collection with Walmart last week, the sister duo’s fashion brand…

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How Blake Lively and More Celebs Are Rethinking the Classic Trench Coat

ESC: Blake LivelyCelebrities are proving that the trench coat is the must-have outerwear of the season.
Typically, when you think of a trench coat, a nude-toned, belted and lightweight coat probably…

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14 Oversize Blazers to Wear Like the Celebs This Fall

Shopping: Oversized BlazersSo you thought blazers were just for your mom, did you?
Think again because the once office-only wardrobe staple is having a Hollywood moment and we have to say, we’re her for it. Not…

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Christian Siriano Talks Inspiration, Celebs & More

The fashion designer opens up about how he finds inspiration for his designs and his favorite trends. Plus, find out which celeb he is dying to work with.
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16 Ways to Pull Off Celebs’ Current Fave Color: Neon Green

Shopping: Neon GreenWhen we spy a new celeb street style trend, we always take a pause.
A pause to ask ourselves: Do we like this trend? Could we pull this trend off in our own lives? Often times it’s a…

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Kendall, Khloe & More Celebs Ready for the 4th of July

From Khloe Kardashian & Kendall Jenner to Lady Gaga & Rita Ora, these celebs are ready to celebrate the fun holiday in the sun. Watch!
E! Online Videos


Beckhams, Osbournes & More Celebs Who Married on July 4th

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher aren't the only Hollywood couple who got married on Independence Day–see who else tied the knot on the 4th of July!
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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Aren’t the Only Celebs to Call Nashville Home!

Kristin Cavallari, Jay CutlerKristin Cavallari may be best known for her days spent in The Hills and Laguna Beach, but she now happily resides in Nashville with hubby Jay Cutler and their kids.
Yup, the mother of…

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Cardi B, Daniel Tosh and More Celebs Who Had Secret Weddings

Check out some of the celebrity couples who decided to tie the knot under the radar!
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9 Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands Making Celebs Look Cool

ESC: Celeb Street Style (fixed) Let’s be honest, high school never ends and everyone wants to be the popular kid.
In the proverbial high school that is real life, some people have a look oozes style, a.k.a. swag….

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Celebs Are Saying Yes to the Thigh-High Slit This Summer

ESC: Camila Mendes, 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, ArrivalsDuring summer ’18, you can’t be afraid to show a little thigh.
Over the weekend, celebrities certainly weren’t, appearing at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2018 with gowns that…

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Celebs Are Saying Yes to the Thigh-High Slit This Summer

ESC: Camila Mendes, 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, ArrivalsDuring summer ’18, you can’t be afraid to show a little thigh.
Over the weekend, celebrities certainly weren’t, appearing at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2018 with gowns that…

E! Online (US) – lifestyle


Blake Lively Wears a Bow Tie and More Celebs Rethinking Menswear

ESC: Blake LivelyWomen like Blake Lively, Tracee Ellis Ross and Victoria Beckham are stepping out of the bounds of womenswear and exploring a new kind of style.
World, meet menswear for women.

E! Online (US) – lifestyle


The Unstoppable Rise of Clean Beauty and the Celebs Betting Their Careers on the Movement: An Insider’s Look

Clean Beauty, Emma WatsonEmma Watson knows the power of a press tour. Being that she’s spent half of her life on the Harry Potter circuit, it makes sense that she’s something of a prodigy in global promotion. So…

E! Online (US) – lifestyle


Face Serums Mandy Moore and Other Celebs Use on the Red Carpet

ESC: Mandy Moore, SAG Awards BeautyYou can’t get Mandy Moore-status skin in a day.
But using face serums regularly helps!
While applying a cream or moisturizer works, there are still many who skip on…

E! Online (US) – lifestyle


Angelina Jolie Masters Parisian Style & More Best Dressed Celebs

ESC: Best Dressed, Angelina JolieShe may be American but Angelina Jolie has got Parisian style down.
The actress took on the French capital, for work and pleasure, in a white dress featuring peplum and a square…

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Celebs back white rose protest at Grammy Awards

New York City is reportedly running out of white roses as celebrities attending Sunday night’s Grammy Awards move to support the Time’s Up movement.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


How the celebs wished us happy new year

Holly Willoughby hit the pool, Hugh Jackman did a spot of climbing and Ariana Grande sang.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Is the Juicy Couture Tracksuit Making a Comeback? These Celebs Say Yes

ESC: Katy PerryChainmail dresses, chokers, UGG boots–this year’s fashion trends were filled with #TBT moments. And, before the year ends, we’re adding one more to the list. Say hello again to the velour…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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From disguises to bad manners: How celebs avoid being pestered in public

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill uses “the old wheelchair trick” while Jennifer Lawrence is “incredibly rude”.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Why Celebs Are Obsessed With Old Navy Jeans & These Other Denim Brands

ESC: Jeans, Gabrielle UnionRemember the mid-2000s when seemingly everyone was wearing designer jeans?
High school students were rocking 7 for All Mankind, J Brand and Joe’s Jeans. Even True Religion and Ed…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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We Tried the Off-the-Shoulder Denim Jacket Trend Celebs Love–and This Happened

ESC: Khloe Kardashian, DenimAs much as we love celebrity trends, we have to admit: Some of our favorite styles just aren’t wearable.
Considering that oversized denim jackets are as practical and comfortable as…

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Dancing With the Stars Season 25 Cast Revealed: Find Out the Celebs and Their Pro Partners

Drew Scott, Dancing With the StarsSeason 25 is officially live!
The full cast line-up for Dancing With the Stars’ upcoming season was officially announced live on Good Morning America on Wednesday, with 11 other…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Game4Grenfell: Celebs raise money for victims

Sports stars, musicians and actors have taken part in a charity football match at QPR’s Loftus Road ground in aid of victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Celebs will come together for Grenfell victims

A sell-out crowd is expected at Loftus Road in west London this afternoon as footballers, musicians and actors come together for a charity match in aid of the Grenfell Tower victims and survivors.
Entertainment News – Latest Celebrity & Showbiz News | Sky News


Hollywood Celebs and Scandals

From Usher Raymond's alleged lawsuit to comedian Kevin Hart allegedly cheating, these celebs are not having the best week.
E! Online Videos


Famous Celebs Playing Infamous Criminals

Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Jared Leto and more stars are proving crime does, in fact, pay.
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10 Celebs Who Would Have Scored at Wimbledon–for Their Outfits

ESC: Bella HadidSummer is the season of all-white outfits.
Wimbledon runs this year from June 25 to July 15, which means it’s still well under way, but for whatever reason the celeb turnout just…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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"Famously Single" Celebs Get Blind Dates Sunday

The celebrities are getting rocked by a surprising challenge! "Famously Single" is brand new Sunday at 10|9c on E!
E! Online Videos


Celebs You May be Surprised Are Canadian

These famous faces hail from the Great White North. See if your fave stars make the list, eh?
E! Online Videos


7 Instagram Poses Celebs Like Shay Mitchell Have Perfected

ESC: Instagram PosesPosing for the ‘gram is truly an art.
You’re already familiar with Bambi Pose, a term coined by editor Julie Schott, and know its meaning thanks to this article, but…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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All the Celebs Who Have Animal Doppelgangers, According to the Internet

Politicians. Dramatic actors. Broadcast journalists. Musicians. Entrepreneurs.

None of the above are known for having an especially great sense of humor. Fortunately, Mother Nature — and the Internet — have other ideas.

Is there anything funnier (or sillier) than a famous person embracing his or her animal lookalike? We think not. Check out some of the most delightful celebrity-furball doppëlgangers the World Wide Web has to offer.

Joe Biden Puppy

When Joe Biden met … Joe Biden? Netizens went nuts for this adorable photo-op of a 4-month-old golden retriever named after the former vice president posing with his namesake. “As soon as I told him his name was Biden, he started kissing the dog, which is like exactly what I expected Biden would do,” Sydney, the pup’s owner, said.

2. Adam Driver Cat

Eagle-eyed (or shall we say cat-eyed?) Time Inc. editor Marci Robin noticed a striking resemblance between this Monmouth County SPCA kitty and Kylo Ren himself, a.k.a. Star Wars actor (or Girls actor, your choice) Adam Driver. Throngs of fans online concurred; “Adam Driver Cat” became a sensation and was adopted soon thereafter.

3. Nicki Minaj Meets Melon Cat (or Limecat)

We believe this image speaks for itself, but should clarify that the infamous cat meme’s fruit-helmet is neither a melon nor a lime, but is (most likely) a pomelo.

4. John Travolta Dog

Those eyes. That jaw. The ever-amiable grin. This uniquely familiar-faced shelter pup and the Pulp Fiction star share a name, as well as some striking bone structure.

5. Anderson Cooper Cat

Of the stunning white-furred feline, the silver fox himself purred, “It does sort of look like me … I don’t know who you are, or where you’re from, or whether you were heretofore unaware of my steely blue eyes, but you and I have nothing in common. I mean yes, I once peed on the floor, but who hasn’t in Wolf Blitzer’s billiard room?” Oh, Anderson.

6. Samuel L. Jackson Dog

While John Travolta dog opines about Parisian burgers (“They call it a royale with cheese”), Samuel L. Dogson is more likely to let loose a string of righteous, expletive-laced Biblical verses (“There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17…”). All Pulp Fiction references aside, the Reddit community discovered this priceless dog mug back in 2013 and the Internet’s been barking about it ever since.


7. Taylor Lautner Alpaca

Cute and fuzzy, with deep-set brooding eyes and a seductive pout … we’re talking about the alpaca not the Twilight star, duh. You’d have to “twi-hard” to resist this pair of adorable twins.

8. Eliza Dushku Dog

Well, this is a first. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress actually invented this canine comparison herself — and more than 12K fans agreed.

9. David Schwimmer Cat (a.k.a. Ross Geller Cat)

The catty comparison was uncanny. And no, we’re not talking about Schwimmer’s turn as lawyer and celebrity patriarch Robert Kardashian. It started with one simple tweet, but snowballed into a full-on feline celebration of the beloved/beleaguered Friends character.

10. Patrick Stewart Dog

Just when we thought these celebrity doppëlgangers couldn’t get any more adorable, along came this tweet about the pup version of Sir Patrick Stewart. Coincidentally, the iconic actor had recently become a foster parent to a homeless pit bull. Good sport that he is, even Stewart agreed the likeness was spot-on.

11. Nick Offerman Cats a.k.a. Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

Skip ahead to 1:43 in this Conan interview, where The Parks and Recreation actor admits that all the feline twin attention is “flattering.” Honestly, who wouldn’t want an entire fan-made Tumblr devoted to kitty lookalikes?

12. Steve Buscemi Dog

As it turns out, Ari isn’t the only dog who looks like Steve Buscemi, but she is arguably the most famous. This mutt’s mug launched a thousand articles, and we’re happy to report the once-homeless pup not only achieved fame with her unique face, but also a forever home.

13. Harrison Ford Dog

The origins of this scruffy cutie (we mean the dog, not Han Solo) are a bit sketchy, but his Internet stardom seems to have traveled from Buzzfeed to Twitter and Imgur instead of the other way around. Hmmm. This case may need a little Indiana Jones-style detective work.

14. Richard Branson Dog

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You can thank Reddit for not only pointing out the similarity between the Virgin entrepreneur and this fantastic fido, but the beloved fantasy “luck dragon” from The NeverEnding Story as well!

Fashion Deals Update:

Demi Lovato, Amy Schumer & More Celebs Who Got Real About the Met Gala

ESC: Met Gala Quotes, Demi LovatoIf you’re anything like us, you’ve dreamed of receiving an invite to the most anticipated fashion event of the year: the Met Gala.
Avant-garde, extravagant fashion, the…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Caution! The celebs who are wary of Twitter

Emma Watson joins a list of celebs who have distanced themselves from social media at some point.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Lab-Created Diamonds: Frost Yourself Like the Celebs for 50 Percent Less

ESC: Ashley GrahamThere’s a new diamond in town–and it’s conflict-free and budget-friendly.
Whether you’ve listened to Kanye West’s “Diamonds Are Forever” or have seen Blood…

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5 Celebs Who Basically Saved the Day–All Thanks to This Dress Trend

Samira Wiley, Lauren MorelliWe just added one more must-have item to your wedding shopping list.
Marriage culture has changed a lot over the last fifty years, so it comes as no surprise that wedding styling has…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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A Bunch Of A-List Celebs Are Putting On A Facebook Telethon For The ACLU

Two months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, fears that the president’s administration will try to curtail U.S. civil rights has led some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to do what they can to fight back. 

A large number of A-list stars have signed up to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union next Friday as part of a modern-day telethon that will be streamed live on Facebook. 

Participating celebrities include Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Tom Hanks, Padma Lakshmi, Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler, among many others.

The event, which is being called Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU, begins on Friday, March 31, at 7 p.m. ET and will stream live on the Facebook pages of The Huffington Post and Funny Or Die, which will also premiere new videos throughout the event. The stream will additionally be available on the Stand for Rights Facebook page. 

Net proceed will benefit the ACLU. 

“Our work in the courts is essential right now to hold off the worst of the abuses,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero said in a statement. “But it is also the collective will and tireless actions of ‘we the people’ that serve as a bulwark against unconstitutional and wrong-headed policies and executive orders. By supporting our work through this telethon, we can fight even harder to defend the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”

The ACLU has already received millions more in online donations in 2017 than it has in a normal full year, even pulling in $ 24 million over a single weekend in January. But something tells us they’ll need all the money they can get in the coming years. 

Stand for Rights is being put on by Friend of a Friend Productions in partnership with The Huffington Post, Funny Or Die and Maggie Vision.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Cast Revealed: Find Out the Celebs and Their Pro Partners

Mr. T, Simone Biles, DWTSFire up the spray tan machines and start dusting off your dance shoes!
Dancing With the Stars season 24 is set to kick off on March 20, and ABC has finally unveiled the official line-up…

E! Online (US) – TV News


What Is It About This White Sneaker That Celebs Love? Find Out

ESC: Sneakers, Miranda Kerr Alert the press: Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner and Olivia Palermo have all ditched their Stan Smiths.
In the past, when celebs wanted to make a sporty statement, their go-to footwear,…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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This Is What We Think Celebs Are Saying Front Row at New York Fashion Week

ESC: NYFW Fall 2017, Front Row, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adriana LimaOnce you sit in the front row at New York Fashion Week, you can for sure call yourself a success.
You’ve made it.
The front row at NYFW is as exclusive as it gets. Regulars…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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Saturday Savings: The Winter Coat Celebs Love to Wear on Repeat

ESC: Saturday Savings, Naomi WattsIt’s the coat celebs like Naomi Watts can’t get enough of–and it’s on sale.
Not only was this not the actress’ first time spotted in the Fay Double Front Coat (check her…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Breakup Style: These Celebs Make Heartbreak Look Good

ESC: Bella Hadid Breaking up is hard to do…but looking good afterwards isn’t for these leading ladies.
If you’ve broken up or been broken up with, you know just how hard it can be to feel…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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9 Bikini Brands Celebs Love–as Seen on Instagram

ESC: Ciara, Bikini Brands Celebs LoveA genuine celeb endorsement on Instagram is hard to find.
It’s not every day you don’t find an IG post with a sales pitch-y caption that ends in #sp or #ad. So when you come…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Why Celebs Love a Good Champagne Facial–No, It’s Not What You Think

ESC, Popping ChampagneYou could seriously use that fresh-to-death, post-facial feeling right about now, wouldn’t you say?
With New Year’s celebrations right around the corner (and maybe a few too many…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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5 Days, 5 Ways: These Celebs Look Ready for the Altar, All Dressed in White

ESC: 5 Days, Jennifer LawrenceThis red carpet trend is giving us serious bridal vibes.
We’re not sure what’s going on, but lately it seems like everyone in Hollywood has wedding fever–thanks to their…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Uber accused of letting staff spy on celebs and exes

Uber defends itself following accusations that a lack of internal security allowed employees to spy on rides in real-time.
BBC News – Technology


5 Days, 5 Ways: Celebs Reinvent Polka Dots for the Fashion-Forward

ESC: 5 Days, Janelle MonaeThese aren’t your mother’s polka dots.
Celebrities are sporting this timeless trend in ways that are transforming the way we think about the classic look. Instead of giving off…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Kevin Hart, Rebel Wilson & James Corden: See the Celebs Who Love the Rams Football Team!

Kevin Hart, Celebrity Rams FansHollywood’s hottest stars love the L.A. Rams football team!
From Kevin Hart to Rebel Wilson to James Corden, celebs love to show their support to the legendary team, who just…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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Is Sheer the New Black? 11 Times Braless Celebs Bared It All

Braless, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kim KardashianKiller confidence? Check. Daring fashion sense? A must. Nipple ring? Couldn’t hurt.
If you’re interested in ditching the bra while strutting your stuff in public, those three…

E! Online (US) – Style


All the Celebs Who Got Their Start on America’s Next Top Model

Bad news for anyone hoping to catch their big break with Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model: The model competition series is ending later this year, after 12 years and 22 seasons on the…

All Entertainment
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This Chinese Celeb’s Custom Dior Wedding Dress Took Five Months to Make

American celebrities aren’t the only ones who opt for over-the-top on their wedding day. Chinese model/actress/singer Angela Yeung—better known by her stage name, Angelababy—married actor/singer/model Huang Xiaoming in couture Christian Dior earlier this month, and…

All Weddings

Girl's Best Friend -

13 Celebs You’ll Never Believe Guest-Starred on The Golden Girls

Thirty years ago this month (September 14, to be exact), Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche walked into our living rooms and gave new meaning to the term girl power. From cheesecake at 2 A.M. to…

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Olivia Palermo and Solange Join the Growing List of Married Celebs Who Don’t Wear Wedding Rings

It seems wedding rings aren’t en vogue among the most stylish married celebs. We just noticed two recently married tastemakers have joined Hollywood’s “No Wedding Ring for Me, Thanks” Club. First up, Olivia Palermo, who…

All Weddings

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From Taylor Swift to Mariah Carey, Swimsuits Celebs Wore to Party This Weekend

This weekend saw stars all over the country getting their party on in cute swimsuits and bikinis, all in the name of independence. Celebrating the 4th of July doesn’t require water access, but the celebs who chose to hang poolside or oceanfront made sure their swim style was on-point.

Taylor Swift hung with her squad in another high-waisted bikini, confirming Saturday Night Live was right: this is indeed her most signature T-Swift style (spot her third from the left). The suit is from ASOS and on sale now.

Happy 4th from me, @gigihadid, @marhunt, @britmaack, @serayah and @haimtheband 🙂

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Gabrielle Union relaxed with her basketball star hubby Dwayne Wade in a bright yellow bikini.


A photo posted by Gabrielle Union (@gabunion) on

No red or blue for Kourtney Kardashian, who skipped the other shades in favor of a crisp white one-piece.


A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

It looked to be a full weekend of fun at T-Swift’s place, meaning Gigi Hadid had time for a suit change from the two-piece we saw her rocking in that group shot. The super got sporty in a classic red one-piece that gave off Farrah Fawcett vibes.

found a lil pink volleyball ��������

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

The patriotic holiday meant that there were a lot of stars and stripes too. Kim Kardashian posted this super America’ed out look, made up of one-piece, sparkly shorts, high socks, and—yup—a fanny pack.

Happy 4th of July!!! ����������������

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

January Jones did strong stars too, though her look was a bit more tame than Kim’s.

Happy #Merica day ma��ana

A photo posted by January Jones (@januaryjones) on

A red, white, and blue bikini top subbed in for a shirt for Lucy Hale, who wore her crochet piece with denim shorts for cruising around town.

Happy 4th everyone ! Be safe ! ����������������

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Even though she was far, far away from the ocean, Vanessa Hudgens packed a festive suit to wear while hiking in the desert.

And Miss Mariah Carey has us wondering if this long royal blue gown was her outfit of choice for dipping in the water over the weekend. The diva just told US Weekly that she swims in evening gowns and heels!

Sunflowers for Alfred Roy #4thofJuly #sunflowers #alfredroy

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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The Very Best Swimsuits and Bikinis For DD+ Cups
Bathing Suits Made For Small-Chested Girls

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Celebs Share Cute Photos With Their Dads For Father’s Day

Celebrities, they’re just like us — they too dig up some pretty adorable photos to share on social media in honor of Father’s Day.

So grab a #1 Dad mug, sit back, and check out the stars’ tributes to their fathers. And then give your dad a call/hug/Eagles discography/whatever it is your dad would truly appreciate, because let’s be real — your dad probably won’t see your Instagram post.

Vanessa Hudgens


Happy birthday and Father’s Day to this guy right here. Always got my back no matter what! Love you forever dad

A photo posted by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (@snookinic) on

Britney Spears

Happy Father’s Day, daddy! Love you!!

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Kylie Jenner

John Legend

Happy Father’s Day to my awesome dad! @popz_topz

A photo posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Lena Dunham

PS you make a pretty great date

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Ryan Seacrest

there’s so much I could say about my dad but to keep it short…he’s simply the best #happyfathersday

A photo posted by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on

Jennifer Lopez


A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Lea Michele

Father’s Day brunch! #Nola

A photo posted by Lea Michele (@msleamichele) on

Minka Kelly

Sarah Hyland

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!! This is my dad. He showed up to breakfast in fancy clothes last week

A photo posted by Sarah Hyland (@therealsarahhyland) on

Amy Schumer

Happy day dad

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Ashley Benson

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there. Especially mine, love you dad! ❤️#fathersday #love

A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

Kendall Jenner

terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Big Slick: Celebs gather in Kansas City to focus on family, charity this Father’s Day weekend

Back in 2010 I called two friends from my hometown of Overland Park, Kansas with an idea for a charity poker tournament. The friends were Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis, and the goal was to have fun with our family and friends while raising $ 50K or so for Children’s Mercy Hospital. It took nine weeks to plan. I named the event Big Slick, and celebrated as year one exceeded expectations both in regard to total money raised and the generosity of all those involved – including friends like Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, George Wendt and Will Forte who flew in for the cause.

This weekend marks the 6th annual Big Slick Celebrity Weekend fundraiser. It’s also Father’s Day. And while the holiday overlap wasn’t intentional, it beautifully highlights everything Big Slick has grown to be about over the past five years. The event has increased in size, awareness, donations and celebrity attendance, but it still remains all about family: those families impacted by childhood illness and seeking care from the incredible doctors and team at Children’s Mercy; as well as my own family – and those of fellow co-hosts Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, David Koechner and Eric Stonestreet – who volunteer countless hours to make Big Slick and the more than $ 2.2MM it’s raised (a record $ 1MM in 2014) possible.

Throughout the months leading up to Big Slick, it really is a familial effort that makes it all happen. My sister Julie and brother-in-law Mark are on the organization board along with Paul’s mother and sister, Jason’s mom, David’s sister, Eric’s sister… not to mention volunteer committees full of countless childhood and college friends. It’s an annual family reunion of sorts that keeps us connected to our roots, introduces new friends to a city that we love, rallies the entire region around charity and continually humbles and inspires us – all while having fun.

The fun of Big Slick weekend includes a variety of fundraising events ranging from celebrity vs. celebrity softball on the field at Royals’ Kaufman Stadium to song and dance numbers and high-ticket auction items. However, the best part of the weekend is always away from the crowds. It’s the hours spent in the halls at Children’s Mercy. Those moments in the hospital are also what brings us, all the volunteers and our celebrity friends – most of whom have no personal connection to Kansas City or the Midwest – back to support Big Slick year after year. Once you meet the children and their parents, hear their stories, meet the nurses and staff… there’s no denying that it’s worth taking the weekend to help these individuals – even if it means being away from your own kids on Father’s Day in order to support these fathers.

There’s an incredible documentary called Inside Pediatrics that was filmed at Children’s Mercy last year, narrated by Paul Rudd and including a glimpse of Big Slick weekend. Whether you’re familiar with the Kansas City area or not, it’s a moving look at the current work being done in child medicine and the challenges faced by our neighbors impacted by illness. It’s what inspires me. This Father’s Day or any day – whether in your hometown or current town – I encourage you to find what inspires you to act. Making a difference could start with something as simple as an idea and phone call. To learn more about Big Slick, visit or

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Celebs Reveal If They Like to Be in Control

You can tell a lot about people by the way they drive—are they cautious, lead-footed, or prone to road rage?—but what does it mean if they prefer to be driven? We asked celebrities at a Cartier event, a party for the Hugo Boss Prize at the Guggenheim Museum, and the Glamour Women of the Year awards whether they’d rather steer or sit back.
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Celebs Take To Social Media To Celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and heartwarming tributes to the special women in our lives are flooding social media feeds everywhere.

Here are some adorable Twitter and Instagram posts of celebrities honoring their mothers:


Eva Longoria

Zach Braff

Goldie Hawn


Reese Witherspoon

Tyra Banks

Nick Cannon

“I always love my mamma, she’s my favorite girl”

A photo posted by Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) on

Lena Dunham

Mama, thank you for watering us like little flowers. There’s nobody fiercer than you @lauriesimmons

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Behati Prinsloo Levine

Hugh Jackman

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum!!!! And to all yours too.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Sarah Silverman

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my Momma, Beth Ann O’Hara

A photo posted by @sarahkatesilverman on

Wilmer Valderrama

James Franco

❤️Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers! Damn, I got a GOOD ONE!

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

Justin Bieber

And here are some photos of celebrity moms with their babies:


Sending love to Mothers around the world.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Britney Spears

Hilaria Baldwin

Happy Mother’s Day to this very special woman.

A photo posted by Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) on


Happy Mommys Day To All Of The Moms Out There! #IGotYou #FirstMothersDay #MothersDay

A video posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Melissa Joan Hart

Mayim Bialik

Happy Mothers Day from me and the people who made me a mom.

A photo posted by mayim bialik (@missmayim) on

Jenny Mollen

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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Genius Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Kim Kardashian, Dakota Johnson, Other Female Celebs

Paolo Ballesteros, a 32-year-old Filipino actor, model and makeup artist, wowed the Internet last year with his jaw-dropping ability to transform himself into seemingly any female celebrity under the sun — with little more than some deftly-applied makeup.

Ballesteros is making waves yet again this month with several new transformations. He made himself up as Kylie Jenner and as the newly-blond Kim Kardashian, as well as Dakota Johnson, the star of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

Ballesteros, host of the Filipino variety show “Eat Bulaga,” told The Huffington Post in an email Tuesday that he started experimenting with celebrity makeup transformations after watching tutorials on YouTube. He made a few attempts, he said, and was “surprised” at how quickly he took to it.

Over the past few months, Ballesteros has transformed himself into several female celebrities. They include Cate Blanchett…

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on


A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

Jennifer Lopez…

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

Ariana Grande…

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

…and Jennifer Lawrence.

A photo posted by @pochoy_29 on

Ballesteros told HuffPost that the hardest part of his metamorphoses is getting the nose just right.

“My nose is smaller and shorter [than most celebrities],” he said. “It took me a while to figure out how to do it. By drawing new nostrils, it made my nose more pointy or bigger.”

For see more of Ballesteros’ celebrity makeup transformations, visit his Instagram page.

H/T Perez Hilton
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Celebs’ Most Iconic Grammys Outfits Ever

The Grammy Awards red carpet is one you don’t want to miss. You just know that when the fashion and music industries come together, some very interesting things are bound to happen.
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Chris Pratt, Max Greenfield, Amber Riley, and More Celebs Pick Your Perfect Holiday Song Playlist

Holiday songs are running rampant on just about every easy-listening station right now, but there's an art to picking the very best ones for your Christmas or Hanukkah party. So which ones are bound to…

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Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer, and More Celebs React to The Interview’s Cancellation

Seth Rogen and James Franco's North Korea-comedy The Interview cemented its spot as one of the most controversial films in the history of Hollywood when Sony Pictures Entertainment delivered this unprecedented decision yesterday: The movie…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Dog This Holiday Season, According to Your Favorite Celebs

Happy Holidays, you guys! If I had to take a guess, I would assume some of you have already started your holiday shopping, which may include getting a new dog or cat this season. According…

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Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Nude Photos Leak Online, Many More Celebs Targeted In Hacking Ring (UPDATE)

Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo appear to be the latest victims of the celebrity nude photo hacking ring.

Early Saturday morning alleged nude photos of the stars leaked on 4chan and started trending on Twitter. According to Uproxx, the photos were quickly removed as part of 4chan’s new policy on copyright infringement.

This latest leak is likely the work of the same hackers who released nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Victoria Justice, and an underage McKayla Maroney that the FBI is already investigating.

Hudgens, sadly, is no stranger to having her privacy grossly invaded. If these are in fact photos of the 25-year-old actress, this will mark the third time nude photos of Hudgens have been released to the public without her consent.

Meanwhile, a rep for Kardashian declined to comment, but the 33-year-old reality star weighed in on the hackings earlier this month. “I think it’s a wake-up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting,” she told BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw. “It seems like there are a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking peoples’ information and that’s just a scary thing.”

Request for comment made to Hudgens’ rep has yet to be returned at this time.

UPDATE: More stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence and “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco were released on Saturday along with alleged photos of Avril Lavigne, Lake Bell, former Disney stars Aly and AJ Michalka, as well as Mary-Kate Olsen, Aubrey Plaza and Hayden Panettiere.

hacked celebs

And predictably, a new iteration of “The Fappening” has already sprung up on Reddit with this new trove of stolen photos, despite the fact the previous subreddit dedicated to the hacked celebrity images was banned by the site.

the fappening

Request for comment made to multiple reps have yet to be returned at this time. Reps for Reddit did not immediately return request for comment made by HuffPost Entertainment.
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Jimmy Fallon’s 40th Birthday Surprise Features A Cake Filled With Shirtless Male Celebs

Things got off to a weird start when the “Tonight Show” staff surprised Jimmy Fallon for his 40th birthday.

Like, shirtless-Seth-Rogen-and-James-Franco-popping-out-of-a-giant-cake, weird.

Watch Fallon crack up (and say “Oh my God” repeatedly) as he is greeted by the “Pineapple Express” duo before receiving his real gift: a personal performance by the great Stevie Wonder.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.
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Jennifer Lawrence’s Nude Photos Leak Online, Other Celebs Targeted

A 4chan user claims to have released nude photos of several female celebrities in a major hacking.

The hacker said that he or she leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and a host of other stars.

A rep for J.Law confirmed that the images, allegedly stolen from her iCloud account, are real.

“This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” the spokesperson told HuffPost. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

The Los Angeles Police Department told HuffPost that they have “no knowledge” of the hacking “at this time.” The FBI said they could not confirm or deny reports of the attack. Apple did not return a request for comment.

The hacker claims to have more NSFW pics as well as videos. The user offered to release more media in exchange for money.

Victoria Justice, who was also targeted in the hack, tweeted that the photos aren’t real.

“These so called nudes of me are FAKE people,” she said. “Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended*”

A rep for Ariana Grande told BuzzFeed that the photos of her are “completely fake.”

Horror movie actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead lashed out at the hacker on Twitter.

“To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves,” she said. “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.”

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Celebs Can’t Stop Doing This Treadmill Workout, and Neither Can We!

Celebs Can't Stop Doing This Treadmill Workout, and Neither Can We!It didn't take much convincing to see why Sandra Bullock, Amanda Seyfried, and Kim Kardashian all flock to Barry's Bootcamp – 15 minutes into my first class, I was in love. The hour-long mix of high-intensity treadmill intervals and circuit training left me a sweaty mess, and I was already planning my next class on the way out of my first. For days when strength training isn't in the mix, we have a 30-minute treadmill workout from Barry's Bootcamp trainer Alycia Stevenin to give you a taste of what the class is like.

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