Hollow Knight Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies on PC

Hollow Knight has apparently been quite the success for developer Team Cherry. Speaking with Kotaku, co-director Ari Gibson revealed the Metroidvania game surpassed 1 million sales on PC after launching just over a year ago.

“Hollow Knight’s success has in large part been driven by

many fans on PC, with the game having now sold over 1 million copies for Windows, Mac,

Linux (crossing that mark just

day before the Nintendo Switch launch),” said Gibson, referring to Hollow Knight’s June 12 Switch release.

Just last week, Team Cherry revealed that Hollow Knight had reached 250,000 sales on Switch in its first two weeks on the Nintendo system. Combined with PC, that puts the game at over 1.25 million total copies sold across both platforms.

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Hellblade Has Sold 1 Million Copies

After arriving on Xbox One in April, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has sold 1 million copies.

Developer Ninja Theory announced the new sales milestone for the game and thanked fans on Twitter. Hellblade originally released for PlayStation 4 and PC last year before making its way to Microsoft’s console.

In November, Ninja Theory noted that Hellblade hit 500,000 downloads and already turned a profit for the studio. And just this month, the independent developer was acquired by Microsoft along with PlayGround Games, Undead Labs and other teams.

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Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy Sign Copies of “Furniture” Book in Paris

MR & MRS: Rick Owens and his wife Michèle Lamy held court on Tuesday evening on the first floor of the designer’s store in the Palais-Royal in Paris, where they signed copies of “Rick Owens: Furniture,” the coffee table book published by Rizzoli New York.
The pair’s banter provided an insight into the creative process behind the furniture design, which Owens conceives and Lamy executes. Just don’t call it a collaboration.
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“He hates the word, he’s so nervous about it,” said Lamy, adding it was just a manner of speech.
Owens said it was hard to single out a particular creation. “I like it all, because when doing a book, I really enjoy the whole laying-out process and going through every little thing,” he said. “I mean, out of all the stuff that we’ve done, that’s an edit of all my favorite stuff, so I can’t even pick my favorite.”
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The designer introduced his first furniture collection in Paris in 2007. The pieces – made of materials including marble, alabaster, bronze, leather, foam, rock crystal and concrete – were the subject of a recent

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James Corden Sends 297 Copies Of ‘Philadelphia’ To Donald Trump

James Corden blasted President Donald Trump Tuesday for ignoring the HIV/AIDS crisis ―but he’s come up with a humorous solution to educate him.

Following a report that six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS resigned in protest against Trump’s lack of policies to fight the epidemic, Corden urged Trump to readjust his attitude.

Corden became serious as he pointed out that nearly 60 percent of the more than 1.1 million people in the U.S. who live with HIV and AIDS are unable to access lifesaving medications, and questioned whether the president cared.

Then “The Late Late Show” host changed gears, surmising that this was perhaps because Trump has never seen the acclaimed 1993 AIDS drama “Philadelphia” starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. The film enlightened Corden, and he thinks it could have the same effect on the president.

So Corden’s staff, at first rebuffed by the White House, sent 297 copies of “Philadelphia” to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

“We hope that if Trump watches ‘Philadelphia,’ he’ll understand two things: One, Tom Hanks definitely deserved that Oscar,” Corden said. “And number two, we hope that he’ll realize that HIV and AIDS is something that you or any president of the United States ― or any world leader for that matter ― can never afford to ignore.”

Watch the segment above and hope that Trump takes the time to watch this memorable character below.

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