Onia Teams With Christy Turlington Burns’ Nonprofit, Every Mother Counts

In recognition of Mother’s Day, Onia is releasing a Mommy & Me capsule collection of swimwear with Christy Turlington Burns’ nonprofit organization, Every Mother Counts to help every mother make childbirth and pregnancy safe. The capsule will be released April 16.
The Onia x EMC collection includes three of Onia’s essential “Kelly” one-pieces matched with their “Ava” girls style. The suits feature the EMC Mother’s Day rose symbol and signature color palette.
The Kelly will retail for $ 195 and the Ava for $ 75 on onia.com.

Mommy & Me styles from Onia x EMC capsule. 
Courtesy Photo

Onia will be donating 50 percent of proceeds to the foundation. Every Mother Counts educates the public about maternal health, engages individuals to advocate for the well-being of mothers, and invests in community-led programs to improve access to essential maternity care.

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R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse in Chicago

The R&B singer was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims, three of whom were underage. His attorney said “there’s no merit to any of this.”
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Kiper: Sam Darnold’s pro day actually counts. Here’s why.

The USC quarterback is throwing in front of NFL teams on Wednesday, with a chance to show that he should be the No. 1 overall pick in April. Here’s what people in the league will be watching.
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Men with low sperm counts at increased risk of illness, study suggests

A study finds men with low sperm counts are more likely to have health issues that put them at risk.
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The Met Counts on Vatican for Costume Institute’s Spring Exhibition Pieces

LIKE A PRAYER: Some scholars and pundits contest that religion is the root of most of the conflict in the world, but that hasn’t deterred the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute from taking on “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” as its spring exhibition.
The juxtaposition of fashion and masterworks of religious art will be designed to examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism. The Met has arranged to showcase a group of papal robes and accessories from the Vatican, highlighting the enduring influence of liturgical vestments on designers. A battery of designers — Thierry Mugler, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Thom Browne, Azzedine Alaïa, John Galliano for the House of Dior, Claire McCardell, Madeleine Vionnet, Isabel Toledo, Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino, Elsa Schiaparelli, Raf Simons for his own label and the House of Dior — will have their work on view.
The multilayered exhibition will be held at The Met Fifth Avenue in both the medieval galleries and the Anna Wintour Costume Center. The show will also be housed in the city’s northern regions at The Met Cloisters, creating a trio of distinct gallery locations. When the show opens, Met ticket holders will wander amid 50 ecclesiastical

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You Can Meditate While Moving — And It Totally Counts

I first tried to sit still and clear my mind in college, after a nasty breakup where I was consumed with heartache. For weeks, I moped around the city playing whack-a-mole against all the feelings of betrayal and hurt that were popping up in my head, but I had taken enough yoga classes at that point to know that the nasty things I wanted to say to my ex were a poison I was pouring down my own throat.

I wanted meditation to be the way out, to interrupt the subconscious train of destructive patterns and surround me with all its benefits — the decreased heart rate, the lower blood pressure and the general feelings of improved health and mental clarity.

But how?

“I’m really bad at meditating,” I complained to my friend Eric after a few fidgety attempts. “I hate sitting still. My back hurts, my shoulders ache, my feet always fall asleep.”

Eric happened be a Feldenkrais instructor–a type of holistic movement therapy that aims at bringing people more fully into their bodies. Think of it as yoga’s kin.

“Meditating while sitting still is unnatural,” he said without missing a beat. “Of course it’s hard. I never sit still when I meditate,” he added.

“Wait, what?” My eyes crossed. “You can meditate without uh, sitting still? That counts?”

Eric rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, especially for people who have mobility issues–joint pain, muscle weakness–moving meditation is much more accessible.”

Holy crap!

That feeling of sinking into a deep exhale when I hit my first down dog of the day–that was meditation. That full inhale I focused in on to help hold me up in Warrior II? That was meditating too. Turned out, I did know how to meditate!


Some people, usually people who have trained long and hard, can meditate while sitting still. But for a lot of us, moving is the best gateway. Those movements help maintain focus on something beyond our day-to-day concerns and our mind naturally gravitates towards what it is doing. In yoga, breath cues are integral to the practice of stretching, flexing, and holding–it provides a focal point for whack-a-mole minds of all shapes and sizes to latch onto.

When you have a sequence of connected moments where you have stopped thinking about what you need to pick up at the store, the horrible things you want to say to an ex, and the ten pounds you want to lose, you have successfully meditated. When you can string these moments on demand, you develop a new tool in your arsenal to fight existential angst, anxiety, and stress.

Yoga teaches that there is prana coursing through our bodies–it’s also called the life force, or Qi in the Chinese tradition. Having a controlled breath means you can get a lasso around your prana. The breath is what bridges the gap–it is the gateway to the mind-body connection. If you can regulate your breath first, you have a toehold in working the muscles that regulate your mind.

Any ritual that derails that thought train barreling around your brain, whether it be planning for the future or reliving the past, can be meditation. Whether it’s folding laundry or standing on your head–all you need is the proper intent.

The golden pot at the end of this meditation rainbow is a sneaky feeling that floods the senses when unwanted thoughts come and you have the power to easily release them because you are happily focusing on your breath. A calm, focused presence arises when you don’t have to be or do something else.

Pausing and consciously relaxing–even for a minute–shifts us away from the defensive and aggressive sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our fight or flight impulses. Most of us aren’t even aware of the low-level fight or flight anxiety that follows us around all day until we get a break from it.

Meditation is a pattern interrupt–and whatever skillful means you can use to bring your thought to your breath will derail the unconscious brain train rumbling around inside your head.

So get fixated on your breath–get all OCD about coming back to every tiny sensation of inhaling and exhaling–feeling the air as it enters your nostrils, feeling the skin stretch at your ribcage as your lungs expand, feeling the minuscule movement as you pause and then take in just a tiny bit more oxygen.

If sitting still doesn’t work for you, but you want to have a calmer mind, yoga is one of the best ways to start developing the muscles of attention so you can step off the thought train whenever you need a break.

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