Game of Thrones creators to direct Star Wars film

The creators of Game of Thrones will swap Westeros for a galaxy far far away when they direct an upcoming Star Wars film.
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Studio71 Brings YouTube Creators Into Podcasting World

Studio71 wants to mine podcasts for more ad dollars by extending the reach of its stable of YouTube content creators into a new medium. Over the past two months, the digital-media company has launched 11 podcasts with creator partners. Those include “Fanboi with Harley Morenstein,” featuring Morenstein (pictured above), the host and creator of Epic Meal […]



Stranger Things creators sued for plagiarism

The creators of the sci-fi hit Stranger Things are facing a lawsuit which claims they stole the idea for the show.
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YouTube Details New Policy for Punishing Rogue Creators, After Penalizing Logan Paul

YouTube formally adopted new penalties it will enforce against creators who post disturbing or violent videos — the same day it sent internet millionaire Logan Paul into the demonetization penalty box. The measures, outlined in blog post Friday, include potentially suspending offending creators’ participation in advertising, original productions and video recommendations. They’re intended to show […]



Game of Thrones creators to write new Star Wars

A new series of the Star Wars films will be written and produced by the creators of Game of Thrones.
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Harry Potter game is Pokemon Go creator’s next trick

An augmented reality smartphone game based on the young wizard’s adventures is planned by Niantic.
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Game Of Thrones creators under fire on Twitter

HBO has urged people to “reserve judgement” after an online protest against a planned slavery drama from Game Of Thrones creators David Benioff and D B Weiss.
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Brace Yourself For A ‘Dracula’ Revamp, From The Creators Of ‘Sherlock’

Here’s hoping Benedict Cumberbatch will play the lead.
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Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft's best just got better

Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft's best just got betterOne of the key reasons Apple’s (AAPL) Mac became so popular was that, in addition to its good looks and powerful performance, it catered to creative types. Available April 11, the Creators Update is designed to serve as the backbone of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality capabilities. Originally called Windows Holographic, Windows Mixed Reality will allow developers to create mixed reality devices like Microsoft’s Hololens for the consumer market.

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3 Pieces of Advice from Top Indie Game Creators

If you’ve ever spent five minutes day-dreaming about creating your perfect video game – or have recently made a new year’s resolution to start making it – you’ve likely come up with a long list of killer ideas and must-have features to include.

Perhaps you’d love to build upon the immersive narrative and stunning world-building of your favourite action-adventure, or craft a fast-paced shooter with awesome set-pieces. Being inspired by the games you love is a natural place to start, but what about setting out to improve on those things in games that don’t work so well or fix long-standing problems that have always bugged you?

In this excerpt from Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation, a deluxe hardcover book, video game developers Tom Francis (Gun Point; Heat Signature), Teddy Lee of Cellar Door Games (Rogue Legacy), and Lucas Pope (Papers, Please; Return of the Obra Dinn) discuss the inspirations behind their own game ideas, explain how they work to incorporate player feedback into design and reveal how a sharp critical eye can help improve game creation on a wider scale.

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Give Thanks (and Leftovers) to the Job Creators

Alms for the rich!

WASHINGTON – Don’t give your Thanksgiving leftovers to that food bank or homeless shelter.

America’s job creators have an idea that will avoid making the nation’s “takers” even more lazy and shiftless and, at the same time, help build our domestic energy industry.

Ed Goldenspleen of Goldenspleen, Goldenspleen and Brackish, believes that leftover food is best contributed to the supply side of our economy, where it can support job creators.

“We’ve invented a new process to take precious food that might be wasted feeding our hungry and convert it into a fuel substitute that can help sustain the wealthiest one percent of Americans,” said Goldenspleen. “Kind of gives you goosebumps, if you think about it.”

How? Leftover food can be mulched and converted into a biofuel, which can then be exported via the Keystone pipeline to oil starved refineries in Texas, generating profits for our domestic oil industry.

Those job creators can then grow the economy by hiring new maintenance people, line workers and other low-wage positions.

When those low-wage workers are on their way home to their trailers, cars and sturdy cardboard boxes, they will likely throw a couple of quarters into the cups of begging homeless people, who can take use those quarters to purchase quality hot meals from the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

Those purchases help McDonald’s increase profits and the cycle begins anew.

“It’s almost hard to imagine no one’s thought of this before,” said Goldenspleen. “Ending hunger as a goal sound nice. But where does it end? Does everybody need a swimming pool? Let’s let the market dictate.”
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