Watch Seth Meyers Live Out Your Fantasy: Day Drinking With Ina Garten

Seth Meyers, Ina GartenSeth Meyers is living your wildest dreams: drinking with Ina Garten.
The Late Night host took the Barefoot Contessa star out for an afternoon of day drinking in New York City, where they…

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OMG! Drinking Game Gets Boozy!

Nina Parker and more roast a woman who can't stop saying "oh my god" for the most inconsequential things while on a date. Watch on "Dating #NoFilter"!
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The Wines We’ll Be Drinking in 2019

Wine in cans? So 2018. It’s time to look ahead to what we’ll be sipping next. Our wine columnist shares her list of resolutions for optimal imbibing—a great list of bottles to consider for this year’s holiday celebrations, too. Lifestyle


We Played a Drinking Game With Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on the Outlander Set in Scotland and There Are Worse Things to Do

Outlander Set VisitPure joy. That’s the only way to describe what it’s like to be on the set of Outlander in Scotland to interview the cast–a k a something that is supposed to be “work” but ends up…

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Is Kris Jenner Being Poisoned By Drinking Water?

The "KUWTK" momager and Kourtney Kardashian do a test on Kris's water to find out why she's not feeling well. Watch the funny moment on "KUWTK."
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There’s a Reason You’re Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz

It’s officially the drink of the summer, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign by Campari.
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Regular excess drinking can take years off your life, study finds

People who drink more than 18 drinks a week could live four to five years less as a result, a study says.
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Drinking a few times a week ‘reduces diabetes risk’

Wine can protect against the condition – but too much is still a bad thing, the research suggests.
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Future astronauts could be drinking Moon water

Areas of the Moon have an “unusually” large amount of trapped water that could support future lunar explorations, according to a new report.
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Drinking Coffee Might Actually Make You Live Longer

Maybe we can have nice things.

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Actually, Drinking Coffee Before Working Out Is Great


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Reddit Users Claim Drinking Spearmint Tea Can Cure Acne

According to a recent Reddit forum, people believe drinking spearmint tea can cure acne. Skeptical, we reached out to a dermatologist for more info.
Hairstylist Nikki Lee posted a photo to Instagram of her client, actress Emma Roberts, with super dark brown hair.
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Eating & Drinking in Paris: French Menu Translator and Restaurant Guide 8th edition (Open Road Travel Guides) Reviews

‘It’s a Danger to Our Students’: Illinois Student Dies During Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Event

A student at the University of Illinois fell off a balcony and died Friday during “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day,” an annual campustown event marked by its daylong drinking and rowdy celebrations, officials say.

The death of Jonathan Morales, 23, of Franklin Park, Illinois, is suspected to be an accident after he toppled over the balcony railing from his fourth-floor apartment and fell to the concrete courtyard in the interior of the apartment complex, Champaign police Sgt. Dennis Baltzell tells PEOPLE.

“He was on that balcony messing around somehow and accidentally went over,” Baltzell says.

Results from an autopsy, including a toxicology report, will take weeks but Baltzell said that Morales had been in his apartment with his roommate and friends who had come to town for the event, known commonly as “Unofficial,” and that Morales “had been drinking.”

Morales’s death was the third fatality during Unofficial, according to Robin Kaler, university spokeswoman. One woman died in 2006 after the motorcycle she was on crashed, and a man was killed in 2011 after two vehicles hit him, she said.

Unofficial was launched about 21 years ago by a Champaign bar owner after noticing he was losing business on St. Patrick’s Day because the holiday often falls during spring break, Kaler said. Instead, Unofficial takes place before students leave for break and “is typically celebrated by donning green clothing and regalia and consuming large quantities of alcohol with friends at a bar or private party, often starting early in the morning,” according to a history of the day.

“That’s the sole purpose of Unofficial: excessive drinking,” Kaler tells PEOPLE.

The “fake holiday,” she said, has become a “destination event,” attracting students from other Illinois campuses as well as those from around the nation, as determined by data compiled from police and hospital reports.

In the past, some students showed up to class drunk or tried to smuggle alcohol into classrooms, she said.

The university, police and city have tried reining in the revelry with a variety of measures the day of or in the weeks before Unofficial, including police officers going door-to-door talking to students about responsible drinking, raising the age at which patrons can enter bars to 21 that day from 18 or 19 the rest of the year, limiting packaged alcohol sales, banning guests in the dorms that weekend and sending letters to parents asking them to speak to their children about their behavior.

“We would like very much for it to never happen again,” Kaler says of Unofficial. “It’s a danger to our students …We lost a young man. That’s absolutely tragic.”

Robert Jones, the university’s chancellor, also lamented the loss of Morales. “We must find a way to work together as a community to end this event and avoid more senseless tragedy,” he said.

Morales was a junior studying communication at the Champaign-Urbana campus of the state’s flagship university, Kaler said.

One of his instructors described him as a “bright spot” in her business communications class.

“When you teach at 9 a.m. three times a week, it’s tough to have students who are consistently present, awake, and ready to jump in,” said Kate Ditewig-Morris. “Jon Morales was one of those students.”

Morales, she said, was “always engaged, smiling, and respectful to me and the other students in class. Slightly older than the others, Jon was establishing himself as a solid anchor among the others… I shall miss him very, very much.”

A GoFundMe page has been started to help Morales’ family with funeral expenses.

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Drinking Games

The smaller the balls, the bigger the stakes—and the more heated the competition.

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Night Out: A Night of (Mostly) Not Drinking With a ‘Drynuary’ Expert

John Ore is a longtime subscriber to a January without booze. It’s not quite as boring as it sounds.
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The Weekly Health Quiz: Winter, the Brain and Drinking on Antidepressants

Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.


‘Drinking plenty of fluids’ advice questioned

Doctors often advise patients to ‘drink plenty of fluids’ when unwell, but drinking too much water too quickly can be dangerous.
BBC News – Health

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Binge Drinking May Weaken Immune System, Study Suggests

But whether this makes you more vulnerable to colds or flu isn’t known Daily News
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12 Drinking Games of Christmas

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51 Most Popular Drinking Games

51 Most Popular Drinking Games

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Baby Otter Drinking Milk From A Syringe Is Redefining What It Means To Be Cute (VIDEO)

Watching this baby otter drink milk from a syringe is truly the most precious thing we’ve seen in a while.

Yes, you heard that right. This tiny otter at the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden in Japan is receiving its daily calcium intake, and (luckily!) we get a front row seat.

(Bonus: It sounds just as cute as it looks!)

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