Men’s Brands Jump Into Sustainability Efforts

Like many things in men’s wear, it often takes a bit longer for a trend to take hold than it does in women’s wear. Sustainability has been no exception. But now, most men’s brands and retailers are all in.
While some men’s designers, such as Christopher Raeburn, were early adopters, others are just now jumping on board. According to Cara Smyth, vice president of Glasgow Caledonian New York College and founder of the Fair Fashion Center sustainability program, those in the outdoor industry were among the first to embrace the movement due to their ties to nature. But the movement has since spread to a variety of men’s wear brands.
“Many men’s brands are interested in sustainability as it provides operating efficiencies that reduce impacts and reflect the values of the brand to both consumers and even investors where applicable,” she said.
So whether it’s PVH’s goal to generate zero waste, or Perry Ellis’ new solar panel installation project at its distribution center in Seneca, S.C., companies big and small have gotten on board.
Here is a closer look at some of the brands leading the way in men’s wear.
Christopher Raeburn
Just call him the King of Upcycling. The U.K.-based designer has been a champion

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Fashion Brands’ Collaborative Efforts With Soccer Teams: Is It Worth It to Play?

MILAN — It’s often said that one’s favorite soccer team is forever. Which might be true for the 736 million fans that soccer has reportedly attracted in 2017 across 18 surveyed markets, according to a study released by American measurement and data analytics company Nielsen.
The number translates into a big opportunity for companies across different categories and especially for fashion brands supplying off-the-field uniforms and developing co-branded capsule collections, to bank on soccer’s global relevance and possibly tap into new customers.
For instance, Thom Browne joined the arena last year by crafting for the first time the off-the-field tailored and formalwear uniforms of FC Barcelona with a deal covering the next three years, while Hugo Boss has renewed its partnership with the AS Roma, FC Bayern, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur and Paris Saint-Germain teams.

Players from the FC Bayern Munich soccer team outfitted by Boss. 
Courtesy Photo.

Some remain skeptical. “As a marketing tool, I’m uncertain about the return on investment. First of all, there’s a target issue: Are fans of soccer teams target customers for these brands?” wondered Alessandro Maria Ferreri, chief executive officer of The Style Gate consultancy firm. He noted that brands are often putting a lot of money and efforts

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Alpha Industries Shifts Marketing Efforts

Alpha Industries has a new marketing plan.
The heritage military brand used to focus on product in its campaigns, but in an attempt to broaden its appeal as a lifestyle brand, Alpha Industries enlisted a group of heroes that work in entertainment, fashion, sports and the military for its Heroes series.
“In the past we were very focused on marketing initiatives that highlighted product,” said Alpha Industries chief executive officer Mike Cirker, whose grandfather Samuel Gelber founded the business as a military outfitter in 1959. “But I think now we are more focused on who our customer is. And who is Alpha and what do we stand for. When we think in those terms it allows us to expand the underlying tenets of the brand and we thought that heroism was a great thing to highlight.”
The campaign, which was released as a video series, features Kiari Kendrell Cephus, also known as Offset of Migos, Public School’s Dao Yi Chow, writer Minya Oh, also known as Miss Info, and Rodolfo Franklin who goes by DJ Clark Kent.
The campaign debuted with a video of Offset, who was filmed with his daughter, detailing the heroes in his life including his grandmother, who died of cancer. That

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Khalid, Noah Cyrus Join Abercrombie’s Hollister on Antibullying Efforts

Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s Hollister brand is gearing up for back-to-school with a partnership with singer-songwriters Khalid and Noah Cyrus, who will help raise awareness of the issue of bullying at school.
In mid-September, the retailer will begin showcasing its support of Sit With Us, an antibullying app created by Natalie Hampton to help students find allies and lunch buddies at school. The multiplatinum recording artists will join Hollister in bringing awareness to the issue. Hollister has been supporting antibullying efforts since 2013.
Khalid said, “I am proud to collaborate with a brand that celebrates inclusivity. I’m only two years out of high school and I still clearly remember the bullying that can happen in that environment.”
Noah Cyrus said, “To be part of this Hollister campaign alongside my friend Khalid is an absolute dream.” She also said, “I’m also proud to bring further awareness to Natalie’s Sit With Us app to make school a better place for all.”
The two singer-songwriters will also be part of the brand’s yearlong #CarpeNow campaign. They will become integrated with Hollister’s marketing throughout the balance of the year, including the back-to-school campaign, “Carpe the Fit Out of Denim.”
Hollister is planning ongoing experiences for its Gen-Z customers via a

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