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These Mongolian Wedding Costumes Are Made Entirely of Paper

This post was written by Pixable‘s Keith Estiler.

There are so many things you can do with paper — you can use it to sketch, write down notes or even make planes for a badass paper airplane machine gun. But for Russian-based artist Asya Kozina, she uses this versatile medium to create intricate wedding costumes entirely made with paper.

Kozina tells Pixable: “The idea for this project came from my fascination by Mongolian wedding costumes. They themselves are very extravagant and futuristic. I created my own versions of these outfits with paper, emphasizing their shape and details. Why Mongolian? Because they have a rich selection of them to choose from their culture.”

Regarding the creation process, Kozina said that “there were technical difficulties in the process of shooting models that have not been able to sit down. Crumpled paper can not be restored, and the shoot took about five hours. Another difficulty was that I did not know how to react to Mongolians if they were to see my own rendition of their cultural costumes. What if I hurt somebody?  I immensely respect and love culture of this country. And I was very pleased that many indigenous Mongols, especially artists, took my vision with great appreciation. I was just happy!”

Take a look at Kozina’s incredible version of Mongolian wedding costumes:

(Credit: Asya Kozina)

(Credit: Asya Kozina)

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(Credit: Asya Kozina)

(Credit: Asya Kozina)

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(Credit: Asya Kozina)

(Credit: Asya Kozina)

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(Credit: Asya Kozina)

So why paper? “I see great potential in paper. It is a way to translate ideas and largely… for me, it is also a metaphor of life and art,” Kozina told us.

You can find more of Asya Kozina’s paper sculptures as well as non-wearable versions of these traditional wedding dresses on her website and on her Facebook page.

View the original article on Pixable here.

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