Pens extend Sullivan through 2023-24 season

Mike Sullivan, who has coached the Penguins to two Stanley Cup titles since taking over in December 2015, has been extended through the 2023-24 season. – NHL

Sarah Jessica Parker, Intimissimi Extend Collaboration

SECOND ROUND: Sarah Jessica Parker is finding her Intimissimi pajamas comfortable enough for an encore.
The actress and the Italian hosiery and innerwear firm have renewed their partnership, which sees Parker fronting the brand. The actress was first appointed to the role last year, appearing in the company’s TV commercial.
In the new rendition of the spot, released in May, Parker is seen dressing up in a black silk pajama set with contrast piping and choosing among options of the brand’s triangle bras, before strolling around New York’s landmark locations, including the West Village, where Parker’s “Sex and the City” alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, lived.
A photo campaign lensed on the rooftops of New York’s buildings flanks the commercial. Clad in different variations of pastel-hued pajamas and triangle bras, Parker is portrayed smiling against Manhattan’s skyline at sunset.

Sarah Jessica Parker appears in Intimissimi’s digital short clips. 
Courtesy Photo.

As part of the second phase of their partnership, Parker is also the protagonist of a range of playful short clips to be rolled out across Intimissimi’s social media and digital outlets. There, Parker channels with humor signature Italian gestures and phrases including “buongiorno,” or “good morning” in Italian, while sipping an espresso; “vieni,” or “come here” and

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Apple’s Troubles Extend Beyond China

Apple blamed China’s economic slowdown for a lower revenue forecast, but the iPhone maker’s troubles run deeper in the country and extend into other markets. WSJD


Rousey already thinking to extend WWE career

Ronda Rousey’s transition to professional wrestling has gone so well and been so enjoyable that she is reconsidering any limits on her time in WWE. – TOP

Cavs extend Love; deal for $120M, sources say

The Cavs, determined to remain in the Eastern Conference playoff mix, signed “humbled” five-time All-Star Kevin Love to a four-year, $ 120 million extension. – NBA

Warriors save themselves, extend thrilling series, give NBA two Game 7s

The Splash Brothers came through for the Warriors with their season on the line, and the fun in this series shall continue for one more day. – TOP

Spartans’ secrets extend far beyond Larry Nassar

An Outside the Lines investigation has found a pattern of denial, inaction and information suppression ranging from campus police to the Michigan State athletic department regarding allegations of sexual assault and violence. – TOP

Bettors roll as NFL favorites extend historic run

Bettors enjoyed their best Sunday of the NFL season as favorites covered the spread in nine of the first 11 games. It continued a dominant November for favorites, who have combined to go 37-15-4 against the spread this month. – TOP

Going for a Run Could Extend Your Life

Lace up those sneakers.

Lifestyle – Esquire


You’re Washing Your Swimsuit All Wrong: Here’s How to Extend The Life of It


You’ve found the perfect swimsuit. OK, well maybe it’s more like the perfect collection of swimsuits (hey, when they’re this cute, who can stop at one?). Now it’s time to take care of them and make sure they don’t fade, stretch out, or get grimy.

Making a suit last all summer and beyond is all in the washing, says John Mahdessian, owner of Madame Paulette, where New Yorkers send their finest clothes to be dry-cleaned (you also might recognize his name if you watch The Real Housewives of New York. He’s Dorinda Medley’s beau!) Mahdessian told us that women tend to do all the wrong things when it comes to laundering their swimsuits, ruining them by (or even before) summer’s end. Here are his tips and tricks for extending the life of your suit:

1. Before you jump in: Rinse off any body oils or body makeup, which will ruin your swimsuit over time.

2. Hand-washing is your best bet: “I prefer the hand-washing and soaking technique with a neutral detergent, like Palmolive or Ivory soap,” said Mahdessian. First, rinse the suit with water to flush out any chlorine or debris, then add soap and rub gently. Be sure to rinse out all of the soap and lay flat to dry.

3. If you can’t hand-wash: “Buy a mesh laundry bag and put the suit in there before throwing it into the machine on a gentle cycle,” said Mahdessian. “Otherwise, the mechanical action will stretch the fabric and it can get bungled, twisted, and tied up.”

4. Don’t leave it to dry in the sun: Lay your suit flat on a towel to dry so it doesn’t stretch out—and do so in the shade. If you leave your suit out to bake in the sun for more than a couple of hours, it will begin to fade. And whatever you do, don’t put it in the dryer.

5. If you’ve got a stain: If the stain is wet, lightly dab it, then start the hand-washing process when you get home. If the stain is dry, do not scratch it off. If you do, you can scratch out some of the dye, which can never be repaired. If you can’t get the stain out, head to your local dry cleaner.

6. Can’t get those little particles sand out of the fibers of your swimsuit? First, try hand-washing and soaking it for a bit in water. If that doesn’t work, wait until the swimsuit dries completely and grab your hair-dryer. Blow out the sand particles on a light and cool setting.

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A ‘Purpose in Life’ May Extend Yours

Study found older people who felt life had meaning had better survival Daily News
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ASY Curvy Notebook Plug-and-Play Cooler Pad; Extend Your Laptop’s Life!

ASY Curvy Notebook Plug-and-Play Cooler Pad; Extend Your Laptop’s Life!

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