All the challenges facing Frank Vogel, LeBron and the Lakers

There are big names, a big job and a legacy franchise involved in this coaching hire. What happens now? – NBA

Apple facing EU watchdog investigation over Spotify complaint

Apple is facing an investigation by the European Union’s competition watchdog after Spotify accused it of “stifling” their business.
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Facebook facing record fine from US regulator

Facebook is negotiating a record fine with the US Federal Trade Commission over violations of user’s privacy, it has been reported.
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Why the Oscars is facing a backlash over ‘advert awards’

The Academy Awards has announced that the presentations of four Oscars will not be featured live – a move which has not gone down well with many in the industry.
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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine facing 32 years over gang violence

US rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing 32 years to life in prison over racketeering and firearms charges.
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Landlord, Facing Loss of a Big Tenant, Pins Hopes on Amazon HQ2

Savanna, owner of the Citigroup Building in Long Island City, is talking to about leasing much of the space that Citigroup is expected to vacate when it moves most of its employees out of the tower in 2020. WSJD


Week 7 takeaways: Eagles facing uphill climb for playoffs

Forget the NFC East. The Eagles are now in a real fight just to make the playoffs. NFL Nation dives into Week 7. – NFL

Nonfiction: What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Us in the 21st Century?

In “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book, the historian takes on everything from terrorism to inequality.
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The five biggest questions facing NFL teams at minicamps

Which players will be no-shows? How will the rookies look? We identify what to watch at mandatory minicamps. – NFL

Caps’ Cup run brings joy to fan facing battle of her life

The Caps’ quest for the Stanley Cup has been a welcome distraction for Amanda Wilson, who has been undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. – NHL

Facing elimination, LeBron finds comfort in a book

Up against elimination for the second time this postseason, the three-time NBA champion told ESPN about the lessons he has learned from reading “The Alchemist.” – NBA

Toughest questions facing the selection committee

It’s almost time for the NCAA tournament selection committee’s big moment. But it will have a tougher time with this year’s bracket thanks to sticky issues such as Oklahoma’s tumble and weighing the credentials of potential No. 1 seeds. – TOP

Tarantino facing backlash over Polanski ‘rape’ interview

Quentin Tarantino is facing a backlash over a resurfaced recording of him saying that Roman Polanski having sex with a 13-year-old was “not rape”.
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Shakira facing alleged tax-dodging investigation

Shakira has become the latest celebrity to find themselves under investigation by the Spanish authorities for possible tax evasion.
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Burfict may be facing five-game suspension (Yahoo Sports)

Vontaze Burfict

Here’s a big shock: Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is facing another suspension for a dirty hit.

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The 3 big challenges facing Uber’s next CEO

The 3 big challenges facing Uber’s next CEOUber CEO Travis Kalanick is out. After a series of public relations disasters resulting from claims of sexual harassment, sexism, privacy invasions and law enforcement evasions, the co-founder announced his resignation under pressure from investors. The new face for the company will undoubtedly encounter a slew of challenges right off the bat.

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Oculus facing legal ban on VR code used in its products

ZeniMax, which won a copyright dispute against Oculus, wants a judge to ban the firm from using its code.
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Facing A Mixed Orientation Marriage With Gratitude And Hope

Many little girls, often daydream of walking down the aisle, on the most joyous day of their life – their wedding day. Heart racing, nervous smile plastered across her glowing face, never once thinking that the man she’s walking towards is hiding a secret that he’s too afraid to share.

Many young men envision meeting their soulmate, sharing their life with the person of their dreams, having a family, and living the life that’s expected of them – married to a beautiful woman and being a supportive husband and father. Yet some men are torn apart inside by the secret they keep that leads to heart wrenching guilt, shame, and fear of failing everyone they know.

Regardless of the scenario, whether it’s a man or a woman hiding their secret, at some point, the pain of pretending to be someone they’re not becomes greater than the transparent truth of living and being who they’re meant to be.

In that moment, all the years of love, parenting, and life building are diminished to a rubble of memories. Tortured wails of “How could you do this to me?” by an unsuspecting spouse, are just the tip of the betrayal iceberg that sinks the life once known by all concerned.

On the other hand, many couples in a mixed orientation marriage bravely join forces, standing tall in love, vowing to get support for overcoming the wicked temptation of same-sex attraction. Prayer, therapy, retreats, hard work, and tear-stained conversations litter the landscape of a marriage in defense mode, all in the name of “make it work, just make it work!” However, even the most resolute attempts to stay afloat in the life ring of “Until death do us part,” find many couples surrendering to the truth that fixing the same-sex attraction, or fixing it enough, as Matt the husband your about to meet said in his TEDx talk, isn’t going to happen. To quell the truth of a spouse embittered in their own internal tug of war with who they are vs. who the rest of the world expects them to be, is practically a death sentence in and of itself.

While both in-the-know spouses may give a mixed orientation marriage a fair shake, many are faced with the harsh reality, that denying the truth of the same-sex attraction only leads to deeper levels of guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, and more often than not ugly embittered relationships that lead to divorce. Matt and Luanne Nightingale are trying to walk the road less traveled, one of gratitude and hope, for unraveling their 25-year relationship.

Granted, it’s a common, and a completely acceptable, rationale human emotion to want to lash out, be angry, and desire the betrayer, pay, pay, pay for the lies they’ve laden into a 23-year marriage, that never really was the storybook version of the storybook marriage they thought they were living. However, by changing perspectives a little and dramatic shifts of thought, one begins to see the beauty of diversity, if one chooses to do so.

Even though the wounds are still freshly cut, and like many heterosexual spouses, Luanne is getting the raw end of the deal (a justifiable feeling that most heterosexual spouses feel) by having her little girl dreams of happily ever after shattered, the question remains, “Why me, why now, why to begin with?” As understanding, compassionate, and loving as she can be, it doesn’t take away the gut wrenching blow to the heart, self-esteem, and trust that Luann built in her marriage to the man that she loved.

When faced with the harsh truth, Luann and Matt faced eerily similar circumstances and questions that thousands of other same sex couples caught in this mixed-orientation marriage turmoil have faced. Heart-wrenching questions like, “Do we try to make this work?” or “How do we undo the damage, un-tell the lies?” and the ever so popular, “What does the future hold for either of us, our kids, our family?” Yet, they found a path.

Through open, honest, transparent communication, Matt and Luanne have chosen to accept the truth of Matt’s same-sex attraction – him a little more easily, her a little more painfully. Leaning into their relationship built on love, respect, support and brutal honesty, they’re now, in their own words, “Trying to do this well.” The “This well” being, creating an environment for themselves and their children where the family thrives rather than survives as their marriage unravels – she as a single, pained and saddened heterosexual mother, he as a single, excited yet sorrowful, gay father.

While brutal honesty and truth often slice deep into the jugular of life, transparency for being known for who you are is a blessing that eradicates guilt, shame, and self-loathing, opening one’s self, and hopefully others to the light of living truth for truths sake. In the light of Matt’s truth, his real truth, he and Luanne are building a new foundation that embraces the reality that who you are is who you are even though at times it hurts and brings up anger and confusion. However, both Matt and Luann have found that any attempt to fight your truth only compounds the darkness, hurt and pain which in turn, eventually manifests as a person living a pretend life having pretend relationships.

On Saturday, November 6, 2016 Matt and Luanne bravely, both in their own unique way, took the stage at TEDx Sonoma County to share their story, their journey, and their truth – a truth that demonstrates with respect, support, honesty, and a deep dive into forgiveness and understanding that both of them are trying to navigate the waters of unraveling a marriage of deception and lies, with dignity and love.

Selecting gratitude and hope as their guideposts, Matt and Luanne’s TEDx talk demonstrates their ability to find common ground in what could easily be a chaotic war of love gone wrong. Yes. This is their path of choice, but it does beg the question, “What’s possible when gratitude and hope are chosen over bitterness and you done me wrong thoughts?”

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Angels say Hamilton facing MLB discipline

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton was scheduled to meet Wednesday with MLB officials in New York about a disciplinary issue, the team confirmed.