Christchurch shootings: Sajid Javid warns tech giants over footage

The home secretary says firms “must do more” after the New Zealand attack was shown live on Facebook.
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David Bowie Doc Director Races to Include Rediscovered Ziggy Stardust Footage

Francis Whatley said making “David Bowie: Finding Fame” – his third film about the rock star – has given him a chance to tell the story of the singer’s earlier years, which was previously denied him. But the race is on to restore what is believed to be the first TV footage of Bowie as […]



New Beatles film based on ‘treasure trove’ of unseen footage

A new film about The Beatles has been announced, featuring hours of previously unseen footage giving the “ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience”.
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How Peter Jackson Made WWI Footage Seem Astonishingly New

The director restored archival combat film to pristine clarity for “They Shall Not Grow Old.”
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Unseen footage of Lennon recording How Do You Sleep released

Never-before-seen studio footage of John Lennon recording his infamous song attacking former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney has been released.
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Next Star Wars to use unseen footage of late Carrie Fisher

The late Carrie Fisher will feature in the next Star Wars movie using unseen footage recorded before her death, writer and director JJ Abrams has said.
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Court action after Doctor Who footage leaked

Court action is under way over leaked Doctor Who footage which has been shared online months before the eleventh series is due to air.
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Dashcam footage submission website goes live

A dashcam manufacturer creates a portal for submitting video to the police.
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Watch Jonathan’s Married at Sight Footage That Molly Doesn’t Want You to See

Jonathan Francetic, Married at First Sight Somebody has some explaining to do!
Last week, viewers of Married at First Sight were left on the edge of their seats when previews teased Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic’s epic…

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New Outlander Season 3 Footage Shows Jamie in Hiding as Claire Works to Find Him

Outlander Season 3If you feel like you’ve been waiting years to see Jamie Fraser’s “hiding in a cave” look on screen, your moment is here.
Starz just released a new first look at season…

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Thor 3 Footage Showed Off Goldblum’s Grandmaster

Marvel Studios presented attendees at Saturday’s San Diego Comic-Con with never-before-seen footage from Thor: Ragnarok.

The footage showcased the zany nature and humor of the film. The sequence opens with a captured Thor, still with his long hair, waking up confined to a moving seat. A robotic female voice tells him, “You are home. There’s no going back. No one leaves this place but what is this place?”

The song “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory plays as Thor remains locked into a chair bringing him through space and teaching him about Sakaar. The tutorial instructs him about the Grandmaster, described as “the first lost and the first found.” Thor watches hologram footage of fights and he’s told he is now property of the Grandmaster. He then meets the Grandmaster, letting out a high-pitched scream.

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Black Panther Footage Revealed Costume, Villain Details

Marvel Studios screened never-before-seen footage exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con attendees at their Black Panther presentation Saturday.

The footage shown was from a sequence set in South Korea. The whole thing had a very James Bond vibe to it as we saw T’Challa, along with Nakia and Okoye, in formal, but civilian attire at a casino shadowing arms dealer Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis, reprising his role from Avengers: Age of Ultron). Martin Freeman’s Civil War character, government agent Everett K. Ross, is also there and has a scene with Klaue.

Ross teases Klaue for arriving with such a large group. “You’ve got quite the entourage. You got a mixed tape coming out?” There’s a shadowy deal going down between Ross and Klaue, with the former trading diamonds for the vibranium the latter possesses. Klaue unzips his trousers and pulls out a parcel of it through his fly to the disgust of Ross.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Footage May Confirm Major Rumor About Captain America

No captain, my captain.
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Star Wars: Episode 9 May Use Recent Carrie Fisher Footage

Todd Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s brother, says that the late actress will make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Fisher told New York Daily News that the family has granted Disney the rights to utilize recent footage of Carrie for the last movie. The outlet additionally reports that CGI will not be used for her appearance.

He explained that in a conversation with Carrie’s daughter, Billie Lourd, they came to the conclusion that Carrie was too large a part of the franchise to not feature in the finale.

“She’s as much a part of it as anything and I think her presence now is even more powerful than it was, like Obi Wan — when the saber cuts him down he becomes more powerful. I feel like that’s what’s happened with Carrie. I think the legacy should continue,” Fisher said.

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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Backstage Security Footage of ‘What Happened With the Envelope’ at Oscars


The now-infamous ending of Sunday’s Academy Awards — in which Bonnie and Clyde costars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner instead of Moonlight, the actual victor — had everyone on both sides of the screen scrambling to figure out what had happened.

But while the Academy has placed blame on PricewaterhouseCoopers and their accountant, the show’s host Jimmy Kimmel is jokingly pointing fingers at someone else for the error: his security guard, Guillermo Rodriguez.

In the cold opening to Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 49-year-old comedian showed security footage of what really went down backstage during what is now being called “envelopegate.”


According to the segment, titled “Here’s What Happened with the Envelope,” it appears Rodriguez was indulging on the Junior Mints handed out by Kimmel during the show and needed a napkin to wipe his mouth. Not realize what he was grabbing, he used the Best Picture envelope and then tossed it aside before drinking from a large bottle of tequila.

Check out PEOPLE’s full 2017 Academy Awards coverage and complete winners list!


Of course, the whole clip was just a joke. Later in the show, Kimmel explained what he saw happen during the Hollywood Who-Done-It, and reassured viewers that the mix-up was not a hoax.

“As I walked offstage, people started to speculate that maybe I was pulling a prank. Which, trust me, if I had pulled a prank in that situation, I wouldn’t have just had the wrong winner’s name in the envelope when they opened it. There would have been a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon inside. It was not a prank,” he said.

RELATED VIDEO: Moonlight Wins Best Picture


“And by the way, the producers of La La Land were very gracious, on stage and off,” Kimmel continued. “They handled it very well. It was a very amicable custody arrangement. They didn’t even ask for visitation or anything.”

After the show, Kimmel said he met up with Beatty in the green room to collect more intel because “when you do a show like this, you aren’t just the host, you’re also the lead detective, the sheriff of the show.”

“For whatever reason, they have two of each envelope,” Kimmel said. “There’s a regular envelope and a backup envelope, just to make it more confusing. The accountants gave Warren the wrong card, and they apologized for it today. So it wasn’t Warren Beatty’s fault. And Faye Dunaway, she made quite a getaway.  She read the wrong name and split. She got the hell out of there.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weekdays at 11:35 a.m. ET on ABC.

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WWE: Exclusive Marine 5: Battleground Footage, Pics

We have an exclusive thirty-second TV spot and brand new images for you today from The Marine 5: Battleground!

The upcoming WWE Studios-Sony Pictures Home Entertainment action-thriller features WWE superstars The Miz, Maryse Ouellet, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Naomi, and Curtis Axel.

In the James Nunn-directed movie, The Miz reprises his role as Jake Carter, an ex-Marine who served in the Middle East and is now saving civilian lives stateside as an EMT. Carter responds to an emergency call, which leads to him protecting an injured man from a biker gang. Carter will have to use his unique Marine skills to finish these bikers off before any more innocent blood is shed.

Watch the exclusive TV spot below!

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A Dog’s Purpose Author: Additional Footage of Dog Stunt ‘Paints a Different Picture’

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

A Dog’s Purpose author and co-screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron says a controversial video that appears to show a German shepherd being forced into turbulent water on the set of the movie is misleading and doesn’t tell the whole story.

In a statement released Friday, Cameron said he initially found the footage “shocking” but questioned the intentions of whoever was behind it. “If the people who shot and edited the video thought something was wrong,” he said, “why did they wait fifteen months to do anything about it, instead of immediately going to the authorities?”

Having reviewed additional footage from the day in question, Cameron said “it paints an entirely different picture.”

According to Cameron, “The dog was not terrified and not thrown in the water — I’ve seen footage of Hercules earlier that day joyfully jumping in the pool.” The dog only balked after being asked to perform the stunt from a different side of the pool than was rehearsed, and he “happily did the stunt when he was allowed to return to his original spot.”

Cameron conceded that “mistakes were made” during production of the film but added, “the reason American Humane certifies that no animals were harmed during the making of the film is that no animals were harmed during the making of the film.”

The filmmakers behind A Dog’s Purpose first came under criticism Wednesday, when TMZ published a video in which Hercules is seen clawing at a pool’s edge and trying to get away as a trainer attempts to force him into churning water. Off-camera, a voice can be heard chuckling at the dog’s resistance and saying, “You just got to throw him in.”

Director Lasse Hallstrom and voice actor Josh Gad, neither of whom were on set for the incident, both said on social media they found the video disturbing, and PETA has called for a boycott of the film.

Distributor Universal Pictures canceled the weekend premiere and press junket while producer Amblin Entertainment continues to investigate the incident. The companies said in a statement Thursday,”While we are all disheartened by the appearance of an animal in distress, everyone has assured us that Hercules the German shepherd was not harmed throughout the filmmaking. We continue to support this film, are incredibly proud of it and will release it for audiences nationwide” on Jan. 27.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Reveals First Official Footage Of The Cast From Season 5

HBO had previously released short nine-second snippets from Season 5 of “Game of Thrones.” But finally the network gave fans a deeper look in the network’s annual year-end recap. The video offers a glimpse of a not-so-happy Cersei, a bearded Tyrion, and Jon Snow with Olly and Arya (likely arriving in Braavos). It’s not much, but it’s a bit more than the speed-of-light teasers that HBO has been sending fans sporadically.

tv show gifs
Gif via YouTube

The video also features a peek at Hugh Laurie’s upcoming cameo on “Veep,” Jessa slapping Hannah in Season 4 of “Girls” and rain-soaked Adam. There’s also a first look at Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams’ new sci-fi show, “Westworld,” and Jack Black’s dark comedy “The Brink.” Who’s excited for 2015?
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Watch Unearthed Footage Of A Teenage Katy Perry Before She Was Famous

“I have lots of songs to write about. Lots of things to write about.” So says a teenage Katy Perry — then Katy Hudson — in a newly unearthed video from 2001 posted to Vimeo by award-winning cinematographer and videographer Jim Standridge.

“I was very fortunate to meet and hangout with this genuine talent in the beginning of her career,” Standridge wrote in a note accompanying the video. “The other day I was cleaning out some old footage in my office and found 90 minutes of raw footage I had totally forgot about. […] I think Katy has grown into an amazing entertainer and woman.”

Standridge cut the 90 minutes down to just under 13, and the package showcases Perry’s preternatural talent. Then a Christian singer-songwriter, Perry’s work has an unmistakable Alanis Morisette vibe, but there are some guitar licks that also sound a little like early Radiohead (specifically from “The Bends”). The video closes, appropriately, with Perry singing “Last Call,” one of the tracks from her 2001 album, “Katy Hudson.”

HuffPost Entertainment contacted a representative for Perry to see if the singer had any comment or remembrance about the video. This post will be updated if and when they respond. In the meantime, watch Standridge’s video below.

Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent from Jim Standridge on Vimeo.

[h/t Gawker]
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Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Jessica Simpson’s Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

Jessica Simpson decided on a regal champagne and gold Carolina Herrera gown for her July 5 wedding to Eric Johnson in Montecito, California.

But when it came to dressing her 14 (!!) bridesmaids, the star couldn’t pick just one designer. Each of her ‘maids — including sister Ashlee and BFF CaCee Cobb — wore different gowns from fashion powerhouses like Marchesa, Jason Wu, Temperley, Carmen Marc Valvo and Carolina Herrera.

In a video of the bridesmaid dress fitting, Simpson explains what was going through her head when styling her 14 “best friends on the planet.”

“I didn’t really have a theme per se, but I did know that I wanted it to look ethereal and for everyone to feel the best they ever felt,” she said. “A little bit angelic, but of course with rhinestones on top.”

Watch the video above to see some of the behind-the-scenes footage.

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‘Leaked’ Star Wars Footage Is Awesome… And Fake

Someone’s having fun with computer graphics.

A fan-made video billed as “leaked” footage from the set of the new “Star Wars” film shows Imperial Forces taking over Germany’s Frankfurt Airport.

“Looks like the Story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next Episode,” YouTube user Frank Wunderlich writes in the description. “I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport.”

The clips shows spacecraft such as Imperial Shuttles as well as AT-STs and even a giant AT-AT marching along the runway as Stormtroopers patrol the area.

At one point, an Imperial Star Destroyer is viewable in the background. At another, the Death Star is seen in the sky above.

No, it’s not really leaked footage. But it’s safe to say the Force is strong with this one.

(h/t Star Wars Episode 7 News)
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Man Captures Amazing Aerial Footage Of Dolphin Megapod Migration (VIDEO)

This incredible footage from a drone flying over Dana Point in Orange County, Calif. was captured by Captain Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari. In this five-minute segment, we get soaring views over a megapod of dolphins and three gray whales migrating down the coast off San Clemente. Edited in is also some breathtaking footage of a Humpback whale calf nuzzling its mother, and an escort whale in Maui.

In the video description, Captain Dave says, “This is the most beautiful and compelling five-minute video I have ever put together. I learned so much about these whales and dolphins from this drone footage that it feels like I have entered a new dimension! I have not been this excited about a new technology since we built our underwater viewing pods on our whale watching boat.”

Amazingly, Captain Dave filmed the entire thing from a small inflatable boat, where he launched and caught the quadcopter by hand. It was a dangerous process, but no laws were broken. Still, wildlife videographers should not attempt to repeat the feat unless they are experienced and abiding by all laws.

Captain Dave works to educate the public about the massive whale and dolphin population off the California coast. He even started Orange County’s first whale disentanglement group in 2008, as entanglement in fishing gear is a major cause of dolphin and whale deaths around the world.

Via Viral Viral Video
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