Tyler Henry Has a Prediction for Megan Fox’s Mom on Hollywood Medium: “It’s a Positive Thing”

Megan Fox, Hollywood MediumThere’s something going on with Megan Fox’s mom and Tyler Henry knows all about it.
The 31-year-old actress receives some news about changes in her mother’s future on…

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The Resident Stars Reveal What Sets Fox’s New Medical Drama Apart From All the Rest

The Resident, New Fox ShowsIf you’ve found yourself growing tired of the general same-ness of TV’s current crop of medical dramas, allow us to introduce you to The Resident.
Fox’s latest offering in the…

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Fox’s Star TV to Pay $2.55 Billion for Indian Premiere League Cricket Rights

Star India, part of 21st Century Fox, has won the auction to acquire worldwide rights for the Indian Premiere League cricket tournament. It bid $ 2.55 billion for rights that run for five years from 2018 through 2022. The previous rights holders was Sony Pictures Network, which had acquired them from the Board of Control for… Read more »



Jon Stewart Tells Dana Perino That Fox’s ‘The Five’ & ‘The Daily Show’ Would Make A ‘Sh*t Taco’

“The Daily Show” is not exactly known as friendly turf for Fox News hosts. But on Wednesday night, “The Five” co-host Dana Perino ventured into what many at her channel might regard as enemy territory.

When Jon Stewart explained that his team was “obsessed” with “The Five,” Perino suggested their programs join forces.

“It’s like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — peanut butter and chocolate,” Perino said. “Maybe we could all get together here and have a mashup.”

“I think of it more as a shit taco,” Stewart replied. “I’m not saying who’s who. I’m just saying I don’t know that it’s necessarily two great tastes that go great together.”

As he mocked some of her co-hosts, Perino gamely played along. And when Stewart asked about the “dumb guy” on the “The Five,” Perino quickly asked, “Could you be more specific?”

Stewart was referring to Eric Bolling, who Perino noted had a dog named Freedom “after the Freedom Towers, ok, so watch the jokes.”

That elicited an eye roll from Stewart.

“My dog’s named Holocaust,” Stewart shot back. “I’m just saying, you want to have a dog tragedy-off, well, I think I’ve got that covered.”

See the full interview in the clip above.

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Cookie Lyon of Fox’s ‘Empire’ Sheds Rare Light on Black Women’s Incarceration and Reentry

Lee Daniels’s blockbuster Empire, an over-the-top soap opera featuring a prominent African American family in the rap world, has tackled a variety of subjects that most mainstream black shows fear to tread — such as homophobia and psychiatric illness.

Yet Cookie Lyon, the mother and ex-wife of the record label’s founder, sheds a rare light on black female incarceration and the challenges of prisoner reentry. Played by Taraji P. Henson, Cookie, is an old gangster with a heart of gold. She helped support her husband’s rap career and financed his fledging record label with $ 400,000 of drug money. When Cookie is arrested and goes down for seventeen years, her backstory shows that visits with her kids are infrequent and her old man just stops showing up.

True to Cookie’s storyline, in 2000, black women were incarcerated in federal and state prisons at a rate six times that of white women — with the War on Drugs responsible for a significant number of those arrests. Of course, contrary to Cookie the overwhelming majority were low-level addicts and drug mules. Roughly a decade later that rate has been cut by nearly 50 percent.

Unfortunately, the damage resulting from the nearly decade long apex of black female confinement is substantial.

Unlike Cookie’s character, because many of the black women in prison were single mothers at the time of their arrest, their children were displaced. Paralleling the prison system, in 2000, black children represented the largest group in foster care, despite being only 15 percent of children in the US. Because of mandatory parental termination laws after 15 months in care, a number of black mothers lost and remain at risk for losing their parent rights.

Still Cookie’s character also helps focus on another area of concern, namely the difficulties of prisoner reentry. The dysfunction in her relationship with Hakeem Lyon was both heartbreaking and hilarious — the scene where she beats him down with a broomstick for calling her a bitch comes to mind.

African American female prisoners face unique challenges trying to reintegrate into society and reconnect with their families. For starters, not only were roughly 60 percent of the women using drugs prior to their arrest, but 44 percent reported being physically or sexually abused and nearly 70 percent reported having been abused before the age of 18. Substance abuse issues and the fallout from emotional trauma are key factors, but also the women battle stiff employment obstacles, laws that make them ineligible for public assistance, a lack of healthcare and housing discrimination.

Currently, the recidivism rate for female offenders averages 45 percent. Lack of support and inadequate reentry programs are a huge factor, but so too is the intensifying parole regime, which has shifted from a rehabilitative model to one more closely aligned with law enforcement. In 1985, 70 percent of parolees successfully completed supervision, by 1997, that rate dropped to 44 percent.

Cookie Lyon’s character aside, we need to help more black women successfully reenter society. In order to do that reentry programs must tackle the social and economic challenges that this population faces and successful prisoner reentry has to become a much larger focus in the ongoing effort to arrest mass-incarceration.
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The Biggest Regret of Vivica A. Fox’s Life – Oprah: Where Are They Now? – OWN

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As an aunt and godmother, Vivica A. Fox has a beautiful relationship with the children around her. The 50-year-old actress enjoys her role in their lives, but she admits to Oprah that she now wishes she had had a child of her own, especially after seeing how happy motherhood made her friend and fellow actress Halle Berry.

“That’s the biggest regret of my life that I have was that I didn’t have a child,” she says. “But I’m a good godmother. I bring the best gifts and throw the best parties.”

Watch the above video to find out what Halle told Vivica about the joys of motherhood. Plus, Vivica reveals the greatest lesson she’s learned since her breakout role in Independence Day.

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