Fortnite: Compact SMG Further Nerfed, Building Gets Slightly Stronger

The current Fortnite meta got another small shakeup with a few building changes and a reduction of damage and other stats for the infamous Compact SMG.

Back in the v5.1 patch update, the initial health of a building segment the moment its put up was reduced. Some of those changes are now reverted with a wood wall getting a bump from 80 HP to 90, stone walls going from 80 to 100, and metal segments jumping from 80 to 110.

Both the epic and legendary variation of the Compact SMG are now a little less powerful with damage reduced from 22/21 to 21/20. The clip size also took a hit going from 50 to 40.

The Drum Gun got the biggest nerf with decreases in accuracy while jumping and targeting, increased damage fall off based on distance, additional environmental damage fall off based on player damage fall off, and a 40% decrease in its spawn rate.

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Which team will go further in the playoffs, the Capitals or Jets?

Washington and Winnipeg are in different places in their life spans as championship contenders. The Jets are building toward a title with a young core, while Alex Ovechkin and Co. are using an industrial-strength tire jack to keep their Cup window open. – NHL

Rebecca de Ravenel Plots Further Expansion

Rebecca de Ravenel, she of the tri-ball “Bon Bon” statement earring that set off a global trend and inspired innumerous knock-offs, is moving onward and upward from the spherical style.
The designer first introduced ready-to-wear last season — an outing that proved successful, with the clothing category growing to become half her business. All but one of her stockists picked up the ready-to-wear offering for spring. Come this month, the clothes will hit the racks of stores including Barneys New York, Fivestory, The Webster, Kirna Zabête and
This season she will expand upon on that collection — offering a new season’s worth of wares inspired by the concept of a confident woman sitting in The Carlyle Hotel’s library, awaiting an evening’s date at the opera. The collection will be shown to press tomorrow.
“When I start designing something, I always think about where a woman is sitting in a specific room. She is smart, she knows who she is, she is very in touch with her femininity — everything is quite covered because I like long things, but with shapes to accentuate the waist. The pants have boning in [them], owning to a certain sophistication,” de Ravenel said.
For the collection, de Ravenel

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The Russian Revolution was imposed from above, but its tragedy was experienced from below. Amis provides a reading list for the decades that followed.
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On the centenary of the October Revolution, the former secretary of state writes about the books that best help us understand Russia.
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PM: Tech giants must go further to tackle terror

Theresa May believes internet companies need to go “further and faster” in fighting terrorism online.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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Electric Nissan Leaf revamp drives further

A revamped version of the Leaf goes about 50% further than before and offers one-pedal driving.
BBC News – Technology


Upon further review … Sam Hinkie was right (Yahoo Sports)

Sam Hinkie (AP)

Despite Joel Embiid’s season-ending injury, the 76ers are loaded with talent and have a bright future because of the contributions of the team’s former GM and president.

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A decade-by-decade history of race and racism in America, compiled by a National Book Award Winner.
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Amazon Steps Further Into Fashion, to Sponsor India Couture Week

MUMBAI — Amazon India has stepped in as the official title sponsor for another major fashion event, India Couture Week.
The week will open for its sixth season on July 29 and run for five days at the Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi.
A large part of couture in India caters to the huge wedding market, which has long provided the main livelihood for designers.
“We want to work across the fashion spectrum,” Vikram Raizada, director of category management at Amazon India, told WWD, explaining that the e-tailer is extending its association with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) with the sponsorship.
“The association will also help extend the fashion segment further across the 19,000 pin [zip] codes that Amazon reaches across the country,” he said.
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“This is in line with our vision of transforming the way India sells and shops for fashion online,” Vikas Purohit, head of Amazon Fashion in India.
Amazon India stepped into the fashion limelight as title sponsor of India Fashion Week in March.
India Fashion Week, held twice yearly in New Delhi, is organized by the FDCI, which is the apex body of fashion in India.
Amazon India is among the

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WWD » Amazon India to Sponsor India Couture Week This Month Ltd

‘Awkward’: Jenna Slips Further Into Her Bad Girl Phase, Gets Caught Smoking Pot With Collin

Is Collin a bad influence for Jenna on “Awkward“? This week, he convinced her to give marijuana a try, which seemed to quickly push her into the world of teenage pothead. Suddenly, she wanted to light up any time life started stressing her out. One of the things stressing her out was the fact that she’d lost all of her friends. In fact, other than Collin and pot, she had no one and nothing. This is not the lovable Jenna who started the series.

All teens go through experimental phases, but with each passing week this one is becoming more and more uncomfortable to watch. Jenna’s dad declared Collin a bad influence, but she had her mother on her side — at least until she betrayed her trust to sneak out and hook up with Collin. And they did hook up.

Afraid that she would lose him if she didn’t — and he did quickly start looking at his phone when she rebuffed his advances — Jenna ultimately decided to have sex with Collin. She didn’t do it out of love or because she really wanted to. She did it for an absolutely terrible reason. Clearly Collin is representing the “bad decisions” phase of her life, but how long will it last? Like everyone else in her life, we miss the old Jenna.

“Awkward” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV.

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