Gwyneth Paltrow says ex Chris Martin joined her honeymoon

If Gwyneth Paltrow and ex Chris Martin are anything to go by, it seems “conscious uncoupling” might actually be the best way to go through a break-up.
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Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner Jet Off for 48-Hour Honeymoon

Karlie Kloss, Joshua Kushner, MET Gala 2016, Inside Pics, ExclusiveAnd they’re off! While they might not have a lot of time for an immediate getaway, newly married Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner made the most of their busy schedules by jetting away for a…

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend & More on Permanent Honeymoon

John and Chrissy have never left the honeymoon phase of their relationship and neither have these other celebrity couples!
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Etiquette Debate: Is It Tacky To Set Up A Honeymoon Fund On Your Registry?

Here are both sides of the story.
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The Best (And Most Affordable) Winter Honeymoon Destinations

1. Santiago, Chile
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Watch Married at First Sight’s Shawniece Break Down in Tears After Explosive Honeymoon Fight

Shawniece Jackson, Married at First Sight There are different kinds of sparks flying on this Married at First Sight honeymoon.
As Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre continue their stay at the Moon Palace Jamaica resort, things…

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5 Reasons Why Your Honeymoon Is So Necessary

The honeymoon. What seems like a lavish vacation fantasy is, in fact, a much needed time in a newlywed’s life. Some skip
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WAGS’ Nicole Williams Used This Forever 21 Beauty Product on Her Honeymoon

ESC: Nicole WilliamsIf there’s ever a time when smooth skin really matters, it’s during your honeymoon.
After an epic engagement, wedding and honeymoon, WAGS star Nicole Williams has mastered her…

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Seven New Honeymoon Trends for 2017

If you’re planning a honeymoon for 2017, chances are the traditional luxury beach hotel option isn’t even on your agenda.


With more couples having travelled together before tying the knot, newlyweds are looking at more unusual ways to ensure this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. So if you’re wondering how to make yours more memorable, I’ve tracked down eight of the biggest honeymoon trends for 2017.

What could be more memorable that a honeymoon which gives something back? The trend to book volunteer trips is guaranteed to give you more of a warm glow than soaking up the sun on the beach – everything from booking with farm owners on Airbnb to luxury volunteering honeymoons arranged through companies such as Hands Up Holidays.


Combining more than one destination is a trend that’s just getting more and more popular, with the number of couples choosing a multi-destination honeymoon doubling from 35% to 70% over the past five years according to research by Westin Hotels. It could be a more classic city and beach, culture and chill or safari and sand option, or a more adventurous mix with several off-the-beaten-track countries.

Stay close to home
The same survey found that if you’re not packing in the whole world, you’re probably making the most of what’s on the doorstep with 75% of American couples honeymooning in the US and Canada over the past five years, and travel to Europe dropping by half. A great option for the increasing numbers honeymooning with their kids, there’s endless choice when it comes to picking an itinerary.


Body and soul
Wellness is a growing trends for vacations in general so it’s no surprise it’s also influencing our honeymoons – in fact, 80% of those surveyed were more active and health-conscious during their honeymoon than at home. The trend goes far beyond a nice spa treatment too, covering anything from tailored wellbeing breaks to honeymoons created around a specific activity from adventure hiking and mountain biking to watersports and new fitness classes.

Road trips
What’s more romantic than the open road? And road trips are a great way to combine several trends in one – where better to explore than the scenery and cities of America and Canada, the chance to see multiple destinations, to get active and to tick off a few bucket list stops. It could be the classic Route 66, trading motels for luxury accommodation, or surfing and hiking through California, but it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure a trip that’s perfect for the two of you.


Small cruises
Cruise ships just get bigger and bigger, with more and more exciting additions on board – but if you want an intimate private experience for the two of you, it can be tricky to find among the crowds. Instead, smaller luxury boats with under 100 passengers have the usual temptations of a cruise with the chance to explore in comfort, including ports the larger vessels can’t reach, but offer a totally different atmosphere.

Gourmet getaways
These days, chefs are our celebrities, cooking shows are what we binge watch and even if you wouldn’t attempt a soufflé there’s nothing to stop you indulging in one. From gourmet street food to 12-course tasting extravaganzas, food-to-table seasonal menus, even salt sommeliers, you can plan an entire honeymoon around the best foodie experiences. Bon voyage – and bon appetit!

* Jane Anderson is editor of 101 Honeymoons

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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65 Percent of Couples Forget to Factor In the Honeymoon When They’re Wedding-Planning

You’ve finalized your budget for your wedding dress—Check!—and your flowers, so what are you forgetting to set aside funds for? (Hint: It’s a biggie!) According to new stats from The Knot and PayPal, 65 couples…

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Tales From A Honeymoon Hotel

Tales From A Honeymoon Hotel

Korçula Town, Croatia – Stay at the friendly and romantic ''Hotel Angelo''. Perfect for honeymooners, this hotel overlooks the beautiful little harbour, and has enchantingly romantic views . . . Childhood sweethearts, Gemma and Andy Collins, are madly in love and have come to Korçula for the perfect honeymoon after their perfect wedding. Chosen because its recommendation in a wedding magazine, they soon find they are not the only honeymooners at the hotel when they meet the young and strangely matched Jo and Mark Weston, and older couple, Ruby and Harold Dimmock.However, soon each couple''s relationship is laid bare when their marriages are threatened. They all realise that an immediate post-wedding happy-ever-after is not always guaranteed, but also that true love is worth fighting for . . .
List Price:

Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel

Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel

"Korcula Town, Croatia–Stay at the friendly and romantic "Hotel Angelo." Perfect for honeymooners, this hotel overlooks the beautiful little harbour, and has enchantingly romantic views . . ." Childhood sweethearts Gemma and Andy Collins are madly in love. and have come to Korcula for the perfect honeymoon after their perfect wedding. Chosen for its recommendation in a wedding magazine, they soon find they are not the only honeymooners at the hotel when they meet the young and strangely matched Jo and Mark Weston, and older couple, Ruby and Harold Dimmock.However, soon each couple’s relationship is laid bare when their marriages are threatened. They all realize that an immediate post-wedding happily-ever-after is not always guaranteed, but also that true love is worth fighting for.
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The Only 10 Pieces of Clothing You Need to Pack for Your Honeymoon

When you’re planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon right after it can feel insanely overwhelming. And assuming you get the your big trip planned, you then have to pack for it. Which is actually the…

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Romantic Getaways: 220 Tips for Planning and Enjoying a Trouble-Free Honeymoon or Vacation for Two

Romantic Getaways: 220 Tips for Planning and Enjoying a Trouble-Free Honeymoon or Vacation for Two

Used – For couples who want to enjoy a trouble-free romantic interlude, either in the United States or abroad, this useful guidebook offers 220 valuableways to plan better, avoid potential problems, and travel smarter, lighter, healthier, safer, and more economically.

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How to Tell Airlines, Hotels, and More That It’s Your Honeymoon (and Why You Should)

Ahh, the honeymoon! It's the one classic trip that could easily see some upgrades come your way, but before hotels, airlines, and restaurants can offer up some congratulatory perks, they've gotta know, right? The…

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입 생 로랑 Baby Doll Magic Eau De Toilette Spray (Honeymoon Edition) 50ml/1.6oz

입 생 로랑 Baby Doll Magic Eau De Toilette Spray (Honeymoon Edition) 50ml/1.6oz

Baby Doll Magic Eau De Toilette Spray (Honeymoon Edition)
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27 Dreamy Honeymoon Photos That Will Remind You How Badly You Need A Vacation

After the highs and lows of wedding planning and the emotional toll of the big day itself, a nice, relaxing honeymoon is just what the doctor ordered.

Recently, we asked HuffPost readers to send us the most incredible photos from their honeymoon adventures all around the world. The 27 photos below will most definitely have you planning your next getaway ASAP.

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Planning a Honeymoon? Don’t Miss These 6 Tips!

Some days I wish I could go back and plan our wedding all over again. Just kidding, I would never wish for that, but what I DO wish I could do is plan our honeymoon all over again. We were less than thrilled with Costa Rica (you can’t win them all!), but you can’t go wrong using any of the below tips.
(Sometimes I do re-live our honeymoon just to look at my smoking hot husband. #realtalk)

Planning a honeymoon? Here is some of my best advice!

1. Don’t use a travel agent. They are getting commission off the packages they sell to you, so they’re going to guide you toward the packages where they receive the highest revenue. I would do the same thing! What I’m saying is–only you know what you will like. The reality is that the majority of these travel agents have never been to the resorts and destinations they’re selling you on. Before our honeymoon, we had always booked trips ourselves and figured we would take a chance since we had heard great things regarding travel agents making THE BEST arrangements. Never again, lesson learned.

2. If you’re going to a tropical, all-inclusive type of place, you will live in your swimsuit, so pack accordingly. I got this advice before we went on ours and made sure I had a different bathing suit for everyday, as well as a new cover-up. It helps later when you’re trying to differentiate days via photos

3. If you have any sort of food allergies, pack things like granola bars, that you know you’ll be able to eat in a pinch. My husband verified with our resort that I would have plenty to eat with a gluten allergy, but when we got there it was a totally different story. Being sick for eight days on your honeymoon IS NOT fun. Thankfully, I always keep at least one box of KIND bars in my suitcase when I travel.

4. Use your days to unwind and completely unplug. I know, I know. You want to look at all your wedding photos, check in on Facebook & Instagram and make sure your email inbox hasn’t imploded. I did, too! Save it for the evenings when your significant other is grabbing a shower or you have some downtime before dinner. Spend your daytime simply taking in your time off!

5. This one seems obvious, but I was completely aloof. For international travel regardless of if the resort says you will not need it, bring a converter. So many of our plug-in items (hairdryer, toothbrush, razor, etc.) completely failed on us mid-trip because we weren’t able to charge them! The items we were able to charge made this horrendous buzzing noise that led me to believe they would explode at any given moment. Just pack that darn converter.

6. Again for international travel, make sure your passport is up to date! One thing that didn’t happen to me, but happened to a friend is in regards to passports and name changing. If you plan on taking a later honeymoon and have changed your name officially, make sure your passport matches the name on the ticket! They will 100 percent not let you on the plane otherwise. YIKES!

What honeymoon tips do you have for engaged couples?
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The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

In the 1950s, the 16 numbered pictures of Gregor’snewlywed narrative were sold by mail order by GargoyleSales Corporation of New York City. That story and theprose that describes it are known worldwide asBizarre Honeymoon, Day One.In Bizarre Honeymoon, a glamorous hedonistmarries an innocent man and uses him to satisfy herlascivious whims. She and her pretty sister changeinto many corsets and high-heeled shoes and boots.They wield assorted coordinating accessories topunctuate training of the newly-wed husband andhis relatives.The new ladies of the manor captivate resident maleswith a dark enchantment. The men surrender to theallure and authority of the exquisite sirens who deignto reign over the once-peaceful household.—The Kissing Couch is sequel to that story and beginswith a synopsis of Bizarre Honeymoon. With precise detail,Mr. Sinerker designs scenes that show the diabolic ruleof Sada over her submissive husband, Malcolm. The author’sarticulate descriptions tour the sensuality of fetish ritualand multi-level anguish of devious discipline.His writing probes thoughts and feelings of characters withintimacy, exposing circumstances from multiple viewpoints.Sada demands that he worship her splendid body, from headto toes. She explains that she will punish him for disobedience,but will use and abuse him for exotic amusement whenevershe’s so inclined.Initially, Malcolm experiences Sada’s enforced demands forboot and shoe worship as debasing indignity. Later, he confesseshis preference for her feet. In the heart of her feverishspouse, Sada develops an appetite for foot kissing, and usesaccess to her precious feet as a reward for his public submission.His stiff response to toe appreciation exercises confirms hisfetishist proclivities. When Wanda coaxes him into wearingthigh-high boots with six-inch heels for his definitive punishment,his measurable arousal surprises everyone.In one sequence, Malcolm helps his wife dress for a date. WhenSada returns home, she demands a c

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8 Tips To Help You Plan A Honeymoon Road Trip

By Rachel W. Miller for

While there are some amazing honeymoon destinations outside the US, you don’t have to join the jet set to have a fabulous post-wedding trip! More and more couples are staying closer to home and planning road trip honeymoons. Whether you’re trying to save money, can’t get the time off work, or just don’t prioritize a fancy getaway, you can take a little post-wedding road trip. Here are our tips for making your honeymoon a journey, not a destination.

1. Decide how much time you’re willing to spend in the car. Some couples don’t bat an eye at a 10-hour drive, while others are at their limit after three hours on the road. Talk to your sweetheart and decide how many hours (or days!) you’re willing to spend in the car on this trip.

2. Choose a charming destination. The secret to a great road trip honeymoon is heading to a spot that is cool, unique, or special in some way. So think about what you fancy most — historic sites, nightlife and shopping, small-town charm, etc. — and choose a spot that will be easy to fall in love with.

3. Don’t worry about whether the destination is well-known or not. A hidden gem can be just as lovely as a well-known locale! Who cares if people have never heard of it? Maybe the tales of your trip will help other people discover it.

4. Look into planning a multi-city road trip. Once you pick your destination, learn what cities are nearby or on the way, and consider spending an afternoon or night there too. Taking in additional cities with your new spouse will make your trip even more magical.

5. Consider renting a car for your getaway. Depending on the make, model, and age of your car, it might make more sense to borrow a ride for your honeymoon. You could also rent something fun once you reach your destination (think: a vintage convertible for a day of driving through wine country).

6. Register for road trip gear. Adding hobbyist items to your registry is a big trend right now, so consider adding that digital camera, camping gear, or luggage to your registry.

7. Plan a few splurges. When planning your activities, make room in your budget for a little luxury. Go to dinner at an upscale restaurant, get a couples massage, or buy an extra-special souvenir. You only honeymoon once, so let yourself indulge as much as possible.

8. Find a way to document your trip. Borrow (or rent) a nice DSLR camera, pick up a camera card with Wifi for easier Instagramming, start a shared Tumblr with your love, or use an app (we love DayOne) to keep track of the best moments as they happen.

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Wedding gift ideas for the road trippers
Summer camp wedding ideas
Non-traditional honeymoon ideas

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Long-Lost Honeymoon Photos From 1939 Will Take Your Breath Away

The bride did not wear white, there was no online registry, and guests certainly didn’t use a wedding hashtag.

It was 1939; England was on the brink of World War II and Margaret and Denys Gardiner were simply in love. After their wedding, the giddy newlyweds drove around the English countryside for a few weeks before the world was catapulted into chaos.

Their honeymoon photos, thought to be lost for the last 75 years, were recently found by the couple’s grandson, Barney Britton, while cleaning out his grandmother’s attic. They were shot in color — a novelty at the time — using 35mm Agfacolor film.

The photos below tell the story of their honeymoon.

Margaret and Denys were married at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Hampstead, London in April 1939.

Credit: Barney Britton

In August 1939, Margaret and Denys embarked on a road trip around England in their Morris Eight Convertible, along with their cat Edgar.

Credit: Barney Britton

The road trip took them from London through Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. The couple, pictured here in Yorkshire, often camped on stops. You can see Edgar the cat below.

Credit: Barney Britton

The trip was documented by the couple’s cousin-twice-removed, Eldred, who was an accomplished photographer. This is one of the better preserved slides — a photo of the Flamborough Cliffs in Yorkshire.

Credit: Barney Britton

Margaret, aged 26, was trained as a nurse and worked in aid stations and hospitals during WWII. Here she is greeted by some local children during her honeymoon on a stop in either in Norfolk or Yorkshire.

Credit: Barney Britton

Here Denys buys some ice cream in Norfolk for himself, his new wife and Eldred to cool off with.

Credit: Barney Britton

The new couple has a romantic picnic under the trees in Lincolnshire.

Credit: Barney Britton

A stop in Yorkshire, where Denys is seen walking away from the camera.

Credit: Barney Britton

Driving along a windy road in Norfolk, the yellow fields beaming with color.

Credit: Barney Britton

Denys stops to help as local farmers remove some uncooperative hay from the road — their version of a traffic jam.

Credit: Barney Britton

Here the happy couple stops in the town of Shernbourne. This is one of the best preserved slides of the entire collection and a favorite of the couple’s grandson. The sign pictured was removed during WWII, possibly in wartime efforts to inconvenience the enemy. A replica now stands it its place.

Credit: Barney Britton

A stop in the beautiful market town of Wolsingham in County Durham.

Credit: Barney Britton

Finally, the couple is seen here riding off into the sunset. Shortly after the trip ended, on September 1, 1939, Hitler and Germany invaded Poland. On September 3rd, Great Britain declared war on Germany.

Credit: Barney Britton

Britton tells The Huffington Post that Denys did not fight in WWII. He suffered severe tuberculosis as a child and remained in England as part of the Home Guard.

Expected to die young, Denys proved many wrong and lived to be 79; he died in 1995. His wife, Margaret lived to be 100; she died in February of this year.

To see their entire trip, check out the slideshow below and to read more check out Britton’s post on DPReview.

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The Post-Millennium Honeymoon – Finding a Way to Make It Work for You

Once upon a time, your honeymoon was almost as big a deal as your wedding. Not anymore. Sometimes it seems like only the rich and famous get to have real honeymoons nowadays. The rest of us have to rush back to our jobs much faster than we’d like, leaving a swirl of memories behind us and a feeling of “how could something that took so long to plan be over and done with so quickly?” We’re not ready to return to real life so quickly.

Traditionally, the groom was responsible for planning (and paying for) the honeymoon. But that tradition has gone the way of weddings paid for in their entirety by both sets of parents — it’s just not realistic for most couples anymore. Also, today’s workforce doesn’t have unlimited vacation time so if you need to take off a whole week before your wedding, odds are you don’t have a whole week to blow immediately after your wedding. And if you do, you aren’t going to spend two days of travel on either end to get to Fiji or the Galapagos Islands if you got married on the East Coast because it only leaves you three whole days to spend at your honeymoon destination once you arrive. So what are newly married couples doing?

Fortunately, the honeymoon has not gone entirely the same way as the engraved invitation. Meaning, it hasn’t become an anachronism our mothers remember fondly as they run their fingertips over the flat backs of lovely wedding invitations. Many couples take “mini-moons” right after the wedding with the intention of taking a longer honeymoon on their first anniversary or some other future date. Some couples that have destination weddings go directly home but plan a second trip to a different destination for the honeymoon later on. Some of my clients switch venues (usually to something more private and secluded), cut themselves off from any guests who are still here, and spoil themselves rotten for a couple of days without ever leaving our island. I’m an advocate of all of the above.

But the traditional, unrushed, honeymoon getaways of yesteryear are no more for the average Joe (and Josephine) who have 14 to 21 days of vacation in the entire year to work with and less understanding supervisors than those who existed 50 years ago. And the belief that the groom should plan and pay for the honeymoon is pretty much past tense too.

For the most part, brides still do the bulk of the planning although I must give men credit — every year more of my grooms take an active role in putting together their destination weddings with their brides. In one case, the groom planned most of the wedding for his bride in medical school who really didn’t have time. But generally speaking, it seems like most of the honeymoon planning gets done by the same person who did the wedding planning — and that’s usually the bride. Probably in part because that person is on top of the overall budget and knows the timeline they have to work with down to the very last detail.

Who pays for what is usually a non-issue long before the wedding, especially because the vast majority of couples have combined their households long before they actually got married. Even if they haven’t done joint bank accounts yet, they combine paychecks for the basics of life already, and together they’re paying the vast majority of their wedding tab. For many couples, it’s a balance of how much to spend on their wedding versus how much to put into the honeymoon (thus taking money away from the wedding budget). Quite a few brides and grooms would rather have all the bells and whistles on their wedding day guilt-free, so they postpone the big honeymoon trip until farther down the line. But I have had a couple of clients who spent twice as much on their own honeymoon for two than they did on their entire wedding weekend for 40 guests. So obviously, priorities vary by individual couple. Those priorities are what will determine how much honeymoon will (or won’t) be happening within 12 months of the actual big day.

Is it bad to postpone your honeymoon? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting off a big extended vacation together if it makes more sense for both of your schedules. I do think you should take a couple of days away together (even if you only go to a bed and breakfast a few hours away or to a fancy hotel in metropolitan area where you live) so that you can breathe, absorb the enormity of the step you’ve just taken together and appreciate the little details that you each noticed independently before you forget to share them. Once you return to the swirl of life, the details will get fuzzy faster than you can imagine. Especially as you settle into real life, writing thank you notes and doing everything you didn’t do while you were getting ready for your wedding for a few months beforehand.

Whether you honeymoon or mini-moon, and no matter who plans it, just remember that it’s really a time to turn off the phones, turn off the laptops and all your other electronic leashes and focus entirely on one another. Try to avoid social media too. It’s hard to do that in a world that’s been wired up so we’re always connected, but this is one time where nobody will find it odd that you’re unreachable. Take advantage of it!

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Weddings in Culebra!

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