Inaugural Moncler Hackathon Involves 450 Employees

MILAN — “Innovation sprouts and grows when there’s no fear of making mistakes,” said Moncler chief executive officer and chairman Remo Ruffini in kicking off the first Moncler Hackathon held here Thursday.
A lively and enthusiastic mood ran through the former industrial complex, a few steps away from the company’s headquarters, where the 24-hour marathon took place. The audience of 450 employees was upbeat, clapping and cheering to the inaugural speeches.
“Solutions can rarely rely on just one mind, the culture of innovation lays in the ability to work together,” Ruffini said, adding he expected the event to provide unusual solutions.
The employees were divided into 37 teams, each one working on the development of a project across nine strategic areas, ranging from product and IT to supply chain, sustainability, retail and the internal Academy, which stems from the first MonCampus that was launched last year that is dedicated to training young talents in the company.
Capping off the 24-hour event, on Friday, 21 projects will be submitted to the jury, including the five presented by teams from the overseas regions, such as South Korea, Japan, the U.S., EMEA and Latin America. The four shortlisted projects, winners of the Hackathon Prize, will then be assessed

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Biotech Materials, Innovation and Fashion Collide at Inaugural Summit in Stamford, Conn.

How apparel can be hazardous to your health, the need for more cross-disciplinary biotech initiatives and the importance of relatable storytelling were among the topics discussed during Monday’s inaugural BioFashionTech Summit at the Avon Theatre in Stamford, Conn.
Democratic Congresswoman Anne Hughes helped kick off the event, which featured an assortment of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, retailers and fashion executives. Elastin made from the adductor muscles of oysters and the prospect of using corn crops as alternatives to denim were among the forward-thinking ideas that were being explored during last weekend’s Bio Challenge, according to David S. Kong, director of the MIT Media Lab Community Biotechnology Initiative. Aside from being a research scientist, Kong is a synthetic biologist, community organizer, musician, artist and photographer. His varied pursuits epitomized the summit’s multipronged approach and intent in gathering different mind-sets to strive toward a unified approach.
Organizers noted how within one year, Gen Z will outstrip Millennials as the most populous generation, comprising 32 percent of the population. Millennials and Gen Z are branded as mission-driven and impact-oriented.
Eileen Fisher’s sustainable materials and transparency manager Megan Meiklejohn singled out soil health as the most urgent issue. The event’s lead discussion about “The State of the Planet”

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Lorne Michaels to Receive Cannes Lions’ Inaugural Entertainment Person of the Year Award (EXCLUSIVE)

Lorne Michaels, creator and executive producer of “Saturday Night Live,” will be honored with Cannes Lions’ first Entertainment Person of the Year award. The advertising festival is introducing the award to recognize the role entertainment plays in the marketing and communications industry, honoring an individual whose creativity inspires others to produce compelling, meaningful and entertaining […]



Salim Azzam, Roni Helou Scoop Inaugural Fashion Trust Arabia RTW Prize

WINNERS’ CIRCLE: Salim Azzam and Roni Helou scooped the ready-to-wear award at the inaugural gala dinner for Fashion Trust Arabia, the non-profit initiative that supports design talent across the Middle East and North Africa region. The event took place at the Doha Fire Station in Doha, Qatar with attendees including Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, FTA’s honorable chair, and co-chairs Sheikha Al- Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani and Tania Fares, founder of the Fashion Trust.
The winners will work with the FTA and to develop their brands globally. Other winners included Krikor Jabotian for evening wear, Mukhi Sister for jewellery, Zyne for shoes and Sabry Marauf for bags. Their collections will be available to purchase at
Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, chair of Qatar Museums said the FTA prize is the only initiative of its kind in the Arab world, “creating a space to find, nurture and cultivate the most talented designers on an annual basis. The initiative’s mentorship will help a new wave of talent receive global attention. This commitment to education runs through everything we do at Qatar Museums.”
Fares said it was “immensely exciting to think about what the winners might all be capable of with the mentors and guidance

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Stella McCartney, Christopher Raeburn Among Winners of Inaugural CO10 Sustainability Award

GREEN MACHINES: Stella McCartney, Christopher Raeburn and Bottletop are among the 10 fashion businesses that have been awarded the inaugural CO10 Leadership Award, which recognizes companies that put sustainability at their core.
The award is presented by Common Objective, a network that connects more than 10,000 professionals in the fashion, retail and textile industries to share knowledge and best sustainability practices. It will be awarded virtually in the spirit of sustainability.
The other winners are Osklen, Indigenous, Outland Denim, Mayamiko, Sonica Sarna Design, Ethical Apparel Africa and The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills.
“The industry has seen an incredible amount of traction over the past year, from increased consumer demand and government engagement, to the abundance of new entrants that focus on sustainability,” said Harold Tillman, former chairman of the British Fashion Council.
He added that the overall CO Leadership Awards are aimed at creating a milestone moment for fashion to champion innovators.
A panel of judges, including representatives from Farfetch, Kering and Vivienne Westwood, selected the 10 winners.
The winners were chosen based on their ability to marry sustainability strategies with commercial ones. The key criteria, according to organizers, were mission, business model, products and services, impact, sustainability roadmap and communication strategy.
Not only will the 10 brands be

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Variety Announces Inaugural Power of Broadway Breakfast

Variety has announced its first Broadway-focused event, the Power of Broadway, which will take place Oct. 1 in New York. “Theater is going through a rebirth with a renewed interest in Broadway reflected in record-setting ticket sales,” said Variety group publisher and CRO, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns. “As Variety began 113 years ago reporting on theater and vaudeville, we […]



Inaugural Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards Winners Announced

Saturday, April 7 marked the debut edition of the Quirino Awards ceremony. Held in the Canary Island city of Tenerife, the event was created to celebrate Ibero-American animation, and to create links within the industry across the Atlantic. In addition to Saturday night’s awards ceremony, an Ibero-American co-production forum was held over the two days […]



First Lady Melania Trump to Present Inaugural Gown to Smithsonian

HISTORY LESSONS: Hervé Pierre will be on hand Friday morning when First Lady Melania Trump presents the inaugural gown he designed for her to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.
“She asked me if I wanted to be her date, and I said, ‘Oh hell, yes,’” Pierre said with a laugh. “As a foreigner who became an American, to have your gown put in the Smithsonian Museum is a big huge honor. I got chills. I know how in the designer world, there are lots of big egos. I have always tried to manage my ego for many, many years. But in this case, there is nothing to be ashamed of — it’s a big ego thing. I’m really really proud of it.”
David Skorton, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, and John Gray, director of the National Museum of American History, will help welcome 200 guests at the private unveiling in Flag Hall of the vanilla silk crepe off-the-shoulder gown with a slit skirt and ruffled accent trim from neckline to hem. Pierre said, “When you are on Earth, it is important to leave a little mark. My name will be in the museum forever. I’m not a painter. That will

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Better Days Unveils Inaugural Art Exhibition With Works From Maripol, Olaf Breuning and Others

DESIGN IN MIND: Despite sounding like a sign of these unsettling times, the restaurant formerly known as Happy Ending quietly reopened as Better Days earlier this month.
But the name change is meant to be an homage to New York City’s music incubators from the Seventies and Eighties. In its original incarnation, Better Days was a place for the disenfranchised to retreat and an escape for artists who danced away their troubles. Owner Oliver Stumm said he wants Better Days to be a neighborhood destination and haven for creatives, so featuring local artists was a natural step in fostering this type of environment.
With that in mind, an exhibition has been culled by Better Days owner Oliver Stumm, as well Rita Cruz, Luke Brown, Eddie Brannan and Skylar Pittman (whose day job is with Bruce Weber’s Studio Little Bear Inc.) The artists they selected are likely to be found at the dinery and downstairs club on any given day. Work from established ones like Jack Pierson, Maripol and Olaf Breuning are in the mix. On view through December, the exhibition will be featured in Better Days’ upstairs space. The downstairs lounge is slated to open Oct. 6.
Fittingly, in November Damiani will publish

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Chris Noth To Receive Inaugural Canopy Award At North Fork TV Festival

Chris Noth will be honored with the inaugural canopy award at this year’s North Fork TV Festival. The actor will accept the award on Friday, Sept. 8 at the Greenport Theatre in Greenport, NY. The North Fork Canopy Award honors a member of the New York creative community whose work embodies the independent spirit of persistence, integrity… Read more »



On the Runway: Melania Trump’s ‘America First’ Inaugural Wardrobe

From her powder-blue dress at the swearing-in to her outfits at the balls, the first lady modeled the fashion of politics, and the politics of fashion.
NYT > Fashion & Style


Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.

Ivanka Trump Turns to Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera for the Inaugural Weekend’s Big Events

ALL-AMERICAN STYLE: For Friday’s two big inaugural events, Ivanka Trump turned to Oscar de la Renta’s Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia for an outfit for her father’s swearing-in ceremony in the morning and she donned a Carolina Herrera champagne-colored embellished gown for the inaugural balls.
The Oscar de la Renta designers saw to it that Ivanka Trump hit just the right notes for three key events during the weekend. For Thursday’s wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, the entrepreneur wore a kelly green wool cashgora coat with matching crepe dress. Thursday night’s candlelight ball in Union Station was another occasion for her to wear the New York label – this time it was an ivory crepe gown with black velvet corset bow. The Oscar de la Renta trifecta was completed at Friday’s swearing-in ceremony, where the first daughter donned an ivory cashgora wool jacket with stretch cady pants. Trump must really be a fan of the brand, having also turned to the design duo to dress her three children – Arabella, Joseph and Theodore Kushner – for the actual inauguration.
Her sister Tiffany seemed to follow her lead for outerwear, choosing a white double-breasted one albeit from Taoray Wang, a Chinese fashion

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Trump’s Inaugural Poem, Take Two

Tired of misogynist doggerel being passed off as inaugural poetry? Not ready to “come out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod”? Have we got the poem for you…

Drop trou for the Douchebag, ye white men and yobs,
Bend over for Trump, who promised ye jobs!
With bluster and lies he came down from his tower
To give this poor country a golden hot shower.

Now the cry has gone up with a cheer from the Klan:
“Hurrah for the Douchebag that walks like a man!”
When pussies run riot and none dare approach ’em,
Snatch-grabber-in-chief will step forward and grope ’em

We’ll don our white sheets and flash a bright smile,
At the man whom America will flash a “Sieg hell!
For, he’ll never forget us, we men of white pride,
Who think equal rights will bring white genocide.

When access to health care threatened our nation,
And Planned Parenthood gave free sex education,
As Muslims from Kenya crossed our fair waters,
While Mexican rapists assaulted our daughters

The flyover rednecks with expressions so sour
Entrusted a con man with ultimate power!
The Douchebag’s a rapist while others just leer,
Mere cucks who neglect their male rights out of fear.


A buyer of buildings, never paying his men,
He bankrupts his business and starts up again.
The racists rise up and cheer for his cause,
Laughing with glee while he scoffs still more laws.

No friend to the migrant from both far and near,
He slanders the worthy, and revels in fear,
No melanin darker than whitebread is welcome,
They’re Muslim or Arab — no need to help ’em!

The Stormfront is ready with lots of fake news
To wrest our fair country from Kenyans and Jews!
No college for us, what need of book learnin’
With so many crosses out there that need burnin’?

We’ll get rid of tenure, shut down lefty classes,
Make history just for the blessed white masses
Now we closed of mind shall all pledge our belief,
In the might of the Douchebag, our Fuhrer in chief!

The black men, gunned down by cops year by year,
The poor men, the sick men, the trans and the queer,
Those people, the ones with the pussies and tits,
You know, they’re nasty, they pee when they sit?

What’s they’re name? I forget. What’re the odds?
Oh, right, it’s the babes, it’s the chicks, it’s the broads!
The Douchebag respects them, defends them with might!
If only they’d shut up and vote for Alt-Right!

In short, he will save us from all that we fear.
He’ll nuke ’em and bomb ’em right into next year!
So merry Trumpmas to all, and to all a good night!
When you’re done with America, please turn out the light…

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Melania Trump Turns to Ralph Lauren for Inaugural Week Fashion Options

FIRST IN FASHION: However inconsequential soon-to-be first lady Melania Trump’s inaugural week wardrobe may seem in the grand scheme of the Trump administration, her selections carry great heft for the fashion world with Ralph Lauren seemingly as the front-runner.
In an act of his own bipartisanship, Ralph Lauren, an unabashed Hillary Clinton supporter, is believed to be working on a gown and an Inauguration Day ensemble for the Slovenian-born former model. With multiple black-tie events scheduled for this week, Trump could be wearing the Ralph Lauren gown to a Trump family-hosted candlelight dinner for 1,500 Thursday night at Union Station.
Friday’s swearing-in ceremony on the Capitol steps will mean a windfall of publicity for the labels she chooses to wear. When nearly 37.8 million viewers tuned in to see President Obama take the presidential oath in 2009, Isabel Toledo, the designer who created Michelle Obama’s dress and suit, simultaneously rocketed onto the world stage.
Lauren famously suited up Clinton in pantsuits for a few key moments including presidential debates, her Election Day trip to the voting booth and for her post-Election Night concession speech. Interestingly, the incoming first lady had also opted for a Ralph Lauren design — a one-shoulder white jumpsuit — for her

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Springsteen cover band catches heat for inaugural event

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Six hard-working guys from New Jersey who make up a Bruce Springsteen tribute band are drawing criticism because they’re going to perform at a Washington gala before Republican Donald Trump’s inauguration.
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Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, First of May, 2015, Precipice series, Pigment print, Total edition of 7, 30 x 40 in., 40 x 53 in. Courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery.
ParkeHarrisons’ remarkable pigment print is a quintessential surrealist/dada/performance photographic document in which a man receives information over the airwaves and transcribes it at the same time.

Downtown West Palm Beach is a stone’s throw from the tropical island of Palm Beach on the east coast of Florida, close to where the mighty Gulf Stream current of the Atlantic Ocean flows, which helps generate perfect weather during the winter season and makes the area’s air quality arguably the best in the nation. Palm Beach County is one of most popular travel destinations on the Southeastern seaboard, with its pristine beaches, cultural attractions, outstanding restaurants, and distinguished museums and galleries all providing a lively supportive spirit to the vibrant local art scene, which continues to energize the downtown locale. In the last two years, West Palm Beach has received international attention with the celebrated annual CANVAS event, conceived by local gallerist Nicole Henry, in which first class muralists from around the world are commissioned to create remarkable large-scale paintings on available building façades along the city center corridor, making the thriving arts district also one of the world’s most ambitious outdoor museum shows. The community always has been encouraging of art initiatives, including the latest round of a $ 60 million expansion of the nearby Norton Museum of Art, while downtown West Palm Beach is experiencing a construction boom and a renaissance of sorts that has acted as an invisible magnet, drawing in thousands of people who want to enjoy the adventuresome vitality offered by its metropolitan landscape. So, it should be no surprise that the timing is perfect for Art Miami, one of America’s premier art fairs, to set up shop in the very heart of downtown, taking advantage of the creative dynamism this exciting city provides and the traditional strong interest in serious art collecting that is a tradition in the Palm Beaches.

In what seems to be the most anticipated and talked about art event of the Palm Beach season, Art Miami, the longest-running continuous art fair in America, is presenting Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, which will debut at the fair’s downtown pavilion site on Thursday, January 12th (and run through Sunday the 15th). This highly respected and distinguished showcase for internationally renowned artists will open with a VIP Preview benefiting the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society and sponsored by Christie’s International Real Estate. With a worldwide reputation for excellence, there’s no doubt that a fair from Art Miami coming to Palm Beach County during the height of the season undoubtedly will fill a welcome niche in the local art collecting landscape.

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, which will offer investment quality works from the 20th and 21st centuries as well as mid-career artists with impressive auction records, will take place in the modern setting of a 65,000-square-foot clear span pavilion located between CityPlace and the luxurious Hilton West Palm Beach. Centered at the major crossroads of Lakeview Drive and Okeechobee Boulevard at Dixie Highway, this fair city of 100,000 residents and visitors can enjoy at the pavilion a remarkable variety of exemplary work at a major art fair. It’s about time.

A massive, towering white tent covers the entire city block, which is a masterpiece of engineering and a perfect accompaniment to the masterworks that will be on display. An impressive group of international galleries from cities around the world, including Paris, Amsterdam, London and Tokyo will complement the line-up from U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. While it’s not possible to explore everything on view, the following is a selection of my favorite artworks:

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (work pictured above) have been taking the world by storm over the past six years by creating a totally unique genre within the history of contemporary photography. This talented couple fabricates remarkable fantasies under the guise of environmental narrative performances, using a strong dash of surreal imagination coupled with inventive theatrical constructed stage sets that they meticulously photograph with perfected panache and dynamic dramatic dioramas. Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago. (


Marc Quinn, Ganesh Temple Steps, 2010, Acrylic on canvas, 66 ½ x 100 in. Courtesy Osborne Samuel Gallery.

British artist Marc Quinn creates up close studies of floral compositions and organic materials that seem to transcend traditional conformity with oversized depictions of compositions that are bigger than life. This successful formula also has developed into large standing “flowering sculptures” of an impressive towering scale that are unforgettable. Osborne Samuel Gallery, London. (


Ed Ruscha, Mountain Standard, 2014, Watercolor. Courtesy ARCHEUS/POST-MODERN

Ed Ruscha not only is considered one of the greatest contemporary artists in California, but is recognized throughout the world as a highly affecting innovator. Ruscha first came to prominence in L.A. in the late 1950s, making small collages that were influenced by those of Rauschenberg and Johns. As the collages were polished and refined, he began employing words and iconic images in unique ways, ultimately discovering a harmonious balance that through recognition allowed the artist to create paintings utilizing single words and phrases as an early pioneer of this genre. ARCHEUS/POST-MODERN, London. (


Andy Warhol, Portrait of Barbara Molasky, 1980, Synthetic ink and silkscreen ink on canvas, 101.6 x 101.6 cm. Courtesy Cordeiros Galeria.

Andy Warhol’s revolutionary style of taking ordinary commercial images and placing them on silkscreened canvas was considered preposterous at first, with his earliest show of Campbell Soup cans imagery eliciting vociferous, negative responses from both the art world and the general public. His early iconic silkscreen portraits of famous personalities like Marilyn, Jackie and Elizabeth Taylor were off-register purposely, but eventually became recognized as brilliant while adorning the covers of Interview magazine. Cordeiros Galeria, Portugal. (


Hendrik Kerstens, Red Turban, 2015, Photograph, Edition of 25,14.5 x 11.8 in. (37 x 30 cm). Courtesy Amstel Gallery.

Another slant on portraiture is Hendrik Kerstens’ twenty-year investigation of photographing his daughter in the style of classic 17th century Dutch painters. Occasionally, these graceful and skillfully composed portraits provoke conversation and curiosity, as he often uses non-traditional materials to recreate the Dutch portraits, such as a grocery bag or paper towels as headpieces. He also has the customary lighting and austerity in his photographs that are reminiscent of masters such as Vermeer. Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam. (


Jill Nathanson, Second Pinwheel, 2016, Acrylic and polymers with oil on panel, 22 x 16 in. Courtesy Berry Campbell Gallery.

Jill Nathanson is a talented painter who makes magic on canvas by using a technique of poured polymer, which forms overlapping layers of translucency that provide unfamiliar albeit fresh gorgeous hues and are delightful to examine and savor. Over the last four decades, she has deepened her study of color dynamics through methodically delving into chance and risk to ultimately create unity. Berry Campbell, New York. (


Anthony Caro, Table Piece CCCXCI – Ledge, 1977 – 1978, Steel, rusted and varnished, 46 x 67 x 23 ½ in. Courtesy C. Grimaldis Gallery.

Anthony Caro is one of the titans who played a pivotal role in the development of 20th century sculpture. He is a well-respected abstract sculptor who came to the public’s attention with a show at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1963, where he exhibited large abstract works that stood directly on the ground. He joins Mark di Suvero and Chamberlain in providing history with a completely new voice from the way sculpture was previously perceived, and he was remarkably influential in the development of three-dimensional art. C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore. (


Thomas Downing, Untitled, 1959, Magna on canvas, 77 5/8 x 92 in. © Thomas Downing. Courtesy CONNERSMITH.

Thomas Downing, like Anthony Caro, was a great explorer of forms and movement, and this untitled painting on canvas of repeat dot irregular patterns is historically a fascinating picture when you consider it was executed prior to 1960, over forty years before Yayoi Kusuma’s overall dot paintings and Damien Hirst’s recent massive spot paintings. The only real difference is that the work illustrated here seems far superior and engagingly more handsome than others who incorporate spots. CONNERSMITH., Washington D.C. (


Damien Hirst, I’m in Love for the First Time, 1999, 96 in. diameter. Courtesy Arcature Fine Art.

Damien Hirst has been the art world’s enfant terrible whose eclectic vision and preoccupation with life and death have manifested itself in subjects such as floating sharks in formaldehyde to prescription pill cabinets that could either cure you or kill you. Fortunately, butterflies are safe and incredibly beautiful themes that like Hirst’s identifiable spots, have become striking iconic monuments in contemporary art. Arcature Fine Art, Palm Beach. (

For information on Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, please visit:

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To celebrate inaugural or not? Trump critics are divided

To celebrate inaugural or not? Trump critics are dividedIt's typically an unquestioned honor to participate in the inauguration of an American president. Who wouldn't want to be part of such a historic event? This time, though, it's different. The sharp divisions …

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Ohio St. dumps Ducks for inaugural CFP title

Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 246 yards and four touchdowns, and Ohio State won the first national title in college football’s playoff era, running over Oregon 42-20 on Monday night.