Trump is ‘incredibly dangerous’, says Britpop star

Donald Trump is “an incredibly dangerous man for the planet”, James frontman Tim Booth has said as the band get ready to release an album partly inspired by the US president.
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Prince William Talks About His ‘Incredibly Tough’ Days As An Air Ambulance Pilot

“It is days like this, when you know you have made a difference, that give you the determination to keep going.”
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How To Look Incredibly Stylish on a Flight, Courtesy of Michael Fassbender

It requires a simple compromise between comfort and style.

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The Women Of ‘GLOW’ Are Still On An Incredibly Supportive Group Text

Britney Young, aka Carmen, talks wrestling, panic attacks and the lasting friendship of “GLOW.”
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Lloyd Webber says West End ticket prices are ‘incredibly reasonable’

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber says ticket prices reflect the costs of staging a top show.
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It’s Incredibly Easy to Figure Out Someone Else’s Social Security Number

Today in identity fraud.

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This Incredibly Warm Jacket Is Lined With Bison Fur

And it’s your last chance to get it for half the retail price.

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Fake Foods: Fried, Fast, and Processed: The Incredibly Disgusting Story

Fake Foods: Fried, Fast, and Processed: The Incredibly Disgusting Story

New – When were hungry, we are often more concerned with quashing the hunger than the quality of what were eating. This book looks at processed food, which might have started as whole, healthy foods, but are now milled, coated or mixed with salt and preservatives, and fried or cooked. Oftentimes this processed food is cleverly packed as wholesome, even when it isnt. Readers will learn how fake food ingredients can contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Fake foods

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5 Incredibly Sweet Photos of Baby Animals and Their Mothers

We can't think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than looking at photos of cute baby animals. Oh wait, we can: looking at photos of cute baby animals with their mommas! To…

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