Michael Jackson’s moonwalk shoes up for auction

The shoes worn by Michael Jackson when he first showed off his now famous moonwalk are to be sold at auction.
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Michael Jackson’s son injured after crash

Michael Jackson’s eldest son, Prince, is recovering after he was taken to hospital following a motorcycle crash.
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DeMario Jackson’s Attorney Claims the Tapes Will Prove His Interaction with Corrine Was ‘Consensual’

DeMario Jackson believes that the tapes of his encounter with Corinne Olympios on the set of Bachelor in Paradise will show he did nothing wrong.

Jackson’s attorney, Walter Mosley, tells PEOPLE exclusively that his client is confident that when those tapes are reviewed, he will be vindicated.

“The tapes will show that everyone, all of the participants of the Bachelor, everyone was consenting to what was going on,” Mosley explains. “And certainly his interaction with Corrine was a consensual interaction.” (Olympios’ legal team did not respond to a request for comment.)

Mosley — a Harvard-trained, Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney — says that if Warner Bros. digs into what went on, they’ll find that fault does not lie with Jackson, but with themselves.

“If there is enough for an investigation,” Mosley says, “Then there’s 30 other people who all work for ABC or Warner Bros. who need to be investigated in aiding and abetting because they’re all sitting there watching with the cameras.”

As or how Jackson is faring during the scandal, Mosley says he is relying on his family to get through the storm.

“He’s leaning on his family right now, seeing his doctors, getting help, treatment, and therapy,” Mosley says. “Taking it day by day. He’s smart, well-educated, a fun-loving man.”

Mosley adds, “There’s a lot of elements here that are difficult for everyone. He’s a strong young man but this has been difficult for him. You can imagine that this is emotionally traumatic for him.”

Sources previously confirmed to PEOPLE that production was halted after a producer raised concerns about an alleged sexual encounter between Jackson and Olympios, both of whom had reportedly been drinking heavily all day.

Shortly after Olympios broke her silence on the BiP scandal saying she was shocked by what had occurred, Jackson was quick to issue a statement of his own.

“It’s unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations,” the star said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and, per the advice of legal counsel, will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me under the laws.”

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Mosley says that Jackson feels “nothing but respect for Corrine” following the scandal, saying, “He thinks that she’s a great girl, very pleasant interactions with her, nothing but respect and nothing but well wishes for her.”

According to a source close to Jackson, the BiP star “has been in high spirits” since the investigation and is confident his reputation will soon be cleared.

“He certainly isn’t the man he’s being portrayed to be,” the source told PEOPLE on Wednesday. “It’s hard for his loved ones to sit and watch most of the slanderous accusations and comments from individuals who don’t know anything about who he is. I think the truth may tell different story than what’s been reported thus far.”

While the ABC show’s fate remains up in the air, a source told PEOPLE BiP will not be resuming this summer. “There are no authorities involved, no law enforcement but the incident was flagged internally and they take these matter seriously, so they’re looking into it. But Bachelor in Paradise will not be resuming — this summer at least.


Fashion Deals Update:

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch back on sale

Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland Ranch has returned to the market at a discount price, after failing to find a buyer.
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Michael Jackson’s daughter: ‘Dad was murdered’

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris believes her father was murdered – and says she attempted suicide after his death.
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‘Frozen’-‘Thriller’ Mashup Has Disney Characters Dancing to Michael Jackson’s Classic (VIDEO)

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible “Frozen” fan-made video out there, along comes this.

It’s a mashup of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Hans dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in a clip made with the MMD (“MikuMikuDance”) freeware animation program.

Now instead of having “Let It Go” stuck in your head for the next hour or so, you can have “Thriller” lodged in there.

Good luck getting it out.
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