Seann Walsh ‘deeply regrets’ kissing Strictly partner

Seann Walsh has said he “deeply” regrets kissing his Strictly Come Dancing partner Katya Jones, but insisted he is “not the person I’m being portrayed as”.
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It’s the Movie Hit of the Summer: Why ‘The Kissing Booth’ Clicked

The Netflix movie is based on a book by a real teenager, adapted by a fan of ’80s teen rom-coms and features stars who actually became a couple.
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Books News: The Writer Zinzi Clemmons Accuses Junot Díaz of Forcibly Kissing Her

A comment by Ms. Clemmons sets off a tweet storm of further accusations of verbal abuse by the novelist.
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Bella Hadid Unfollows Selena Gomez After Kissing Photos With The Weeknd Surface

Photos surfaced of The Weeknd kissing Selena Gomez in Santa Monica on Tuesday night, right outside the restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Major plot twist, right?

Well The Weeknd’s ex, supermodel Bella Hadid, unfollowed Gomez on Instagram shortly after the news hit the internet. According to Instagram screenshots taken by, the timing is too uncanny to be a coincidence.

Interestingly enough, Hadid still follows The Weeknd:

Although The Weeknd and Hadid split back in November, it can’t be easy to see your ex move on so publicly.

Now all we’re wondering is what Taylor Swift thinks of all this drama. She’s close friends with the Hadids AND Gomez, so we’re curious whose side she’s on. 

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Here’s What Happened When The Internet Was Asked To Photoshop A Couple’s Kissing Photo

They probably should’ve seen it coming. 

Imgur user damnfiddles took to the photo sharing site last week, and asked netizens to “please Photoshop away the kid” in a picture showing a couple locking lips.

 Let’s just say the request wasn’t exactly heeded.

Click through the gallery below to see the Photoshop magic:


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Kissing Her Whip

Kissing Her Whip

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Dancing With the Stars’ Kym Johnson Opens Up About That Photo of Her and Robert Kissing (Plus More DWTS Finale Scoop!)

Just when it seems there's nothing left to uncover about the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars—bam!—you unlock a vault full of information that's as untouched as Riker's hair during rehearsal days. (We say…

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Back to School: 5 Sex, Kissing, and Hooking-Up Basics Every Woman (and Man) Should Know

Are we the only ones who feel like a lot of people missed out on some very important basics?

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Liam Hemsworth Says Kissing Jennifer Lawrence Was ‘Awkward’

Get ready to fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence even more.

While answering Twitter questions on “The Tonight Show,” actor Liam Hemsworth revealed that “Hunger Games” scenes where he had to kiss Lawrence were always the most awkward to shoot. The answer obviously surprised host Jimmy Fallon, so Hemsworth went on to say that Lawrence, who is one of his best friends, would eat garlic or tuna before her romantic scenes with him. And, like a good friend, she always made sure he knew about it.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

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State Fair-Goers Fell In Puppy Love At This Kissing Booth, And You Will Too

The kisses at this Indiana State Fair kissing booth might be a little more slobbery than the ones you’re used to, but we promise all that love is for a good cause.

While old-fashioned kissing booths are usually manned (and womanned) by attractive young people puckering up for charity, this one at the Indiana State Fair, Aug. 1 through 17, featured super-affectionate pooches looking for some puppy love.

The booth was made possible by animal adoption advocates Helping Paws and documented in a video (above) by Ball State University journalism students.

And it’s doggone adorable.

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The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

The Kissing Couch (sequel to Bizarre Honeymoon)

In the 1950s, the 16 numbered pictures of Gregor’snewlywed narrative were sold by mail order by GargoyleSales Corporation of New York City. That story and theprose that describes it are known worldwide asBizarre Honeymoon, Day One.In Bizarre Honeymoon, a glamorous hedonistmarries an innocent man and uses him to satisfy herlascivious whims. She and her pretty sister changeinto many corsets and high-heeled shoes and boots.They wield assorted coordinating accessories topunctuate training of the newly-wed husband andhis relatives.The new ladies of the manor captivate resident maleswith a dark enchantment. The men surrender to theallure and authority of the exquisite sirens who deignto reign over the once-peaceful household.—The Kissing Couch is sequel to that story and beginswith a synopsis of Bizarre Honeymoon. With precise detail,Mr. Sinerker designs scenes that show the diabolic ruleof Sada over her submissive husband, Malcolm. The author’sarticulate descriptions tour the sensuality of fetish ritualand multi-level anguish of devious discipline.His writing probes thoughts and feelings of characters withintimacy, exposing circumstances from multiple viewpoints.Sada demands that he worship her splendid body, from headto toes. She explains that she will punish him for disobedience,but will use and abuse him for exotic amusement whenevershe’s so inclined.Initially, Malcolm experiences Sada’s enforced demands forboot and shoe worship as debasing indignity. Later, he confesseshis preference for her feet. In the heart of her feverishspouse, Sada develops an appetite for foot kissing, and usesaccess to her precious feet as a reward for his public submission.His stiff response to toe appreciation exercises confirms hisfetishist proclivities. When Wanda coaxes him into wearingthigh-high boots with six-inch heels for his definitive punishment,his measurable arousal surprises everyone.In one sequence, Malcolm helps his wife dress for a date. WhenSada returns home, she demands a c

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‘SNL’ Obama Resorts To Kissing Justin Bieber To Boost Health Care Sign-Ups In Cold Open

Well, you can’t get much more “buzzy” than booking the President of the United States on “Between Two Ferns,” so how else can President Obama spread the word about his health care plan?

“Saturday Night Live” explored his options in this weekend’s cold open sketch, which featured Noel Wells as an obnoxious social media expert with even more “totes viral” ideas on how get more people to sign up for Obamacare by the end of March.

When a photo op with Pharrell’s hat, Kim Kardashian and even The Pope can’t do the trick, they’re forced to bring out the big guns: a kiss with Justin Bieber.

Check out Obama (Jay Pharoah’s) hilariously passionate kiss with the Biebz (Kate McKinnon) in the GIF below, and check back for a video clip when available.

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