Alton Lane to Create Subscription Box Service

Alton Lane is trying to get its piece of the holiday pie.
The Richmond, Va.-based men’s custom apparel brand is launching a Shirts for a Year subscription box service. Customers can choose the quantity of shirts they want seasonally — one to five — and four times a year, the company will send a curated selection of fabrics from which to choose. The fabrics will be sent both physically and digitally and will range from casual to business patterns.
The customer makes his selection and the shirts are delivered two to three weeks later at a 35 percent discount to Alton Lane’s regular prices.
Prices range from $ 475 for one shirt a season, to $ 1,995 for five shirts a season.
In addition to the seasonal products, the box will also include essential shirts in case customers need more-basic models.
Colin Hunter, founder and chief executive officer, said the service is something customers had been asking for “and we always want to listen to our customers and explore new ways that we can serve them better. Our customers are typically very busy and find that new seasons sneak up on them without having had a chance to plan ahead. We are constantly thinking about convenience for our

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Diane Lane & Greg Kinnear Share "House of Cards" Secrets

The newest additions to the controversial Netflix drama discuss joining Robin Wright & Co. for season 6–but were they fans before they were cast?
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Diane Lane Had to Change Her Retirement Plans for House of Cards

House of CardsDiane Lane and Greg Kinnear sure made life difficult for Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood in the final season of House of Cards.
“Somebody’s got to take her down,” Lane…

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Skin Deep: Diane Lane Doesn’t Use the ‘A’ Word

The actress, in “The Romanoffs” and “House of Cards” this month, is not down with the marketing of fear in beauty. Here’s how she looks like this.
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Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James Team Already Has Tension on Very Cavallari: ”I Just Kind of Want Her to Stay in Her Lane”

Very Cavallari 101 Kristin Cavallari may be the face of Uncommon James, but she doesn’t run the lifestyle brand alone!
In fact, in this clip from the premiere of Very Cavallari, Kristin’s worker…

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Andy Fickman Boards Comedy ‘Tension Ring’ for Robbins Lane Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)

Andy Fickman will direct the romantic comedy “Tension Ring,” the debut feature of the newly formed Robbins Lane Entertainment, Variety has learned exclusively. “Tension Ring” marks the launch of Robbins Lane Entertainment, from Seth B. Fass and Scott Prisand. The shingle is named after the pair’s elementary school in Syosset, Long Island. Fickman will direct […]



Lois Lane actress in Superman dies aged 69

Superman actress Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane has died aged 69, a funeral home has said.
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Alton Lane Opens Flagship in TriBeCa

NEW YORK — Alton Lane is going big for its 13th store.
The custom men’s wear brand on Friday will debut an 1,800-square-foot store at 7 Harrison Street in TriBeCa, its most ambitious and highest-profile opening to date.
“We view this as our flagship,” said Colin Hunter, cofounder and chief executive officer.
Alton Lane was founded in 2009 by Hunter and his college buddy Peyton Jenkins to offer high-end custom clothing and furnishings at an affordable price. The company uses 3-D body-scanning technology and offers a one-on-one experience in a relaxed environment.
The company also operates a store in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, but that location on the fifth floor is more of a destination. Because the brand has so many customers that live or work downtown, it made sense to open a store in that area.
“We looked for an opportunity for a location that was more accessible,” Hunter said of the bright, corner space in TriBeCa.
In addition to a large assortment of fabric books and a variety of fit models of suits, sport coats and dress shirts, the store also features a fully stocked bar with bourbon from Elijah Craig, a private poker room, several televisions and seating areas.

The store has a poker

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House of Cards: Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane join Netflix show

Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane are joining the Netflix show following Kevin Spacey’s departure.
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Charlotte Tilbury Heads to Asia Via Lane Crawford

BEAUTY BOOM: British beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury is looking to Asia after making its first move to expand internationally in the Middle East.
On Monday, it announced a partnership with Lane Crawford that will begin next summer.
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“Starting in Hong Kong, at Lane Crawford, Charlotte plans to take her makeup revolution far and wide across Asia, with further plans to be announced in the coming months,” the company said. The brand’s web site will also begin shipping to Asia in early 2018.
Charlotte Tilbury opened its largest-ever store in Kuwait in September, a two-story, 2,600 square feet location in The Avenues mall. Stores in Qatar’s Doha Festival City and in Dubai Mall are set to open later this month and in January, respectively.
In April, Charlotte Tilbury secured a fresh round of funding from Sequoia Capital kick-starting its global expansion. The company said, at the time, that its cosmetics are carried in more than 70 doors globally, and its fragrances in more than 100 stores internationally.
RELATED: Charlotte Tilbury Gets Fresh Investment from Sequoia Capital >> 

Charlotte Tilbury products 

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Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine Reflect on Impacting More Than Just Sales With Lane Bryant Ads

NEW YORK — Being on the set of a national lingerie ad campaign with major models conjures a stereotype of thumping music, empty Champagne glasses and frazzled assistants scurrying to-and-fro, procuring their every demand.
But the vibe was far more girl power than fashion diva at Lane Bryant’s shoot for its fall lingerie campaign on Monday.
Reprising their roles in the latest ads were Ashley Graham of TED Talks, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Candice Huffine, whose May cover of Elle and runway jaunt for Prabal Gurung have her on the radars of major casting directors. And while these women have been modeling for the plus-size retailer for well over a decade, it’s only been in the last few years that they’ve caught the attention of the overall fashion industry — not to mention the public, whose outcry for stylish clothes in a greater size range is finally being heard.
“I wanted to be a model so badly, it was my calling,” said 32-year-old Huffine, who has been modeling for 17 years, 10 of those signed with Lane Bryant. Even after all that time, she didn’t anticipate the fame that would sweep over her and her fellow plus-size models who appeared in the 2015 “I’m

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Why Lane Kim Won The Gilmore Girls Revival

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the Gilmore Girls’ reboot since rumors first began circulating over a year ago. And to be honest, we were hoping for and dreaming of it for long before then. For the past year, I have read all of the articles. I’ve texted and talked with friends. I have speculated about what Rory’s job would be, the status of Lorelai and Luke’s relationship, and which beau would win our sweet protagonist’s heart (#teamJess all day, every day over here).

You see, I’ve been obsessed with Gilmore Girls since it was airing on Tuesday nights on the WB. I watched it during my high school and early college years. I invited friends over and ordered in Chinese for viewing parties on a weekly basis. Rory and I grew up together. And I was thankful for Rory. Thankful, you say? Yep, I sure was. Because I was a smart girl, too. And smart girls were rarely or positively portrayed on television during my that time. Enter Rory–a girl whose intelligence wasn’t just tolerated; it was celebrated. Her whole support system believed she was capable of doing great things.

Then, as I grew older, I found myself revisiting Star Hollows once more. See, I unexpectedly found myself playing the role of my lifetime–single mother to two children under the age of 3. So I went back to watch how Lorelai Gilmore did it–with sass and spunk, junk food, and pop culture references galore. I went from identifying with Rory to identifying with Lorelai, but my fondness for the Gilmore Girls never waned.

And then November 25th arrived. It was finally here. I actually didn’t get to watch it the very minute it was released in all of its Netflix glory because, kids, but I carved out a large chunk of time the following weekend. And I ate all of that nostalgia up with a spoon. Mother and daughter back at it again! Luke pretending to give out Wifi passwords. Kirk at Friday night dinner. And Jess and those arms (swoon).

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed.

Lorelai is still struggling with her relationship with Luke (quite arguably the most perfect man on this planet–that monologue in “Fall,” I was definitely ugly crying, guys).She seemingly has it all–a successful business, stable relationship with a caring partner, healthy relationship with her daughter, and supportive friends, and, yet, she still can’t find peace and contentment. Lorelai does get a bit of pass, though, as she is dealing with the death of her father (R.I.P. Edward Hermann), as I’m sure that would be an emotionally trying time.

As I watched the revival, I no longer identified with Rory either. She is completely lost–she has nowhere to live, no real job, and she’s making just horrible relationship choices (especially given Jess’s arms–did we cover that already?).
Here she is living a carefree, vagabond, and arguably amoral lifestyle reminiscent of her yacht-stealing, dropping-out-of-Yale, confused twenties. Wasn’t Rory smarter and better than that? Lost and confused, she is apparently destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps with an unexpected pregnancy with a presumably absent or minimally involved cad of a father.

So you understand my disappointment–I just wanted more for my girls. They didn’t have to have it all together, but was it necessary for them to be falling apart at the seams? Had they learned nothing in our time away?

Well, if neither of the main characters strike a chord, then where’s a girl to look? To Paris Gellar, of course! While watching the original series, Paris grew on me without my knowledge and almost against my will. Lacking in socio-emotional skills, Paris made up for it in everything else. She knew what she wanted, she went after it, and she succeeded. Who doesn’t love a girl like that? In the revival, though, we see the same grim “history repeats itself” motif play out with Paris as well. While she’s a successful business woman, it has been at the cost of her marriage and family life. Much like young Paris, her children love the nanny more than their mother. I hate the all too familiar representation of a woman having to sacrifice in one area of her life in order to be successful in the other.

And that’s where our hero comes in–Lane Kim. Lane has always been a beautifully developed character who had to navigate vastly different worlds–her Korean heritage, her mother’s strict religious beliefs, and her love for rock and roll. We see her do it gracefully in the OG series, and we see glimpses of it in the revival as well. First, Lane and Zach are still together and happily parenting their twin boys. Second, she hasn’t given up on her passion–making music. Third, her friendships with Rory, Gil, and Brian are still healthy and intact. Lane has figured out how to have it all, even though, like Lorelai and Rory, the odds were stacked against her. She tells us, “Hey, girls, you don’t have to settle and sacrifice in one area of your life to do well in the other–you can succeed at all the things.” As a single mother to a daughter, a professor, a woman, and a writer, I like that message. Just as we need(ed) more positive representations of intelligent females on TV, we need these empowering portrayals of women being successful in various facets of their lives.

So if there is a second installment to this Gilmore Girls revival (and you know we all want it, Palladinos), then I’m going to be following Lane a lot more closely. Because that’s who I want to be when I grow up–the girl who has it all.

P.S. (I’ll need to see a lot more Jess, too. Just because.)

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Penny Lane Musical Mobile by Cotton Tale Designs

Penny Lane Musical Mobile by Cotton Tale Designs

Penny Lane musical mobile has a roush trimmed canopy in eggplant mosaic. Four flowers with roush centers and a center butterfly dance around under the canopy to Brahmans lullaby. The arm cover is in retro floral. Mobiles should be removed from the crib when the baby begins to sit & pull up.
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Price: $ 69.99

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Rap Tribute In ‘Judges Delight’ Video By Allison Lane

It’s really no secret that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is kind of a badass. Now, her legacy as a Supreme Court Justice is immortalized in an unexpected way — a rap parody of the Sugarhill Gang’s iconic “Rapper’s Delight.”

The video comes from Allison Lane, an actress, writer and filmmaker known for her work with “Criminal Minds” (CBS), “Going Down In LA-LA Land” and the upcoming “Kiss Me, Kill Me.” The hilarious “Judges Delight” tribute to RBG is a feature on Lane’s popular YouTube channel called “See You Next Tuesday.”

“When the SCOTUS Marriage Equality ruling came in on Friday, I was so overcome by emotion,” Lane told The Huffington Post in an email. “It was just so beautiful… this moment of millions of rainbow profiles & #LoveWins and the Rainbow-White House! I saw 2 men in their 80s who finally got married after 54 years together! I saw a toddler jumping for joy when he learned his mommies could finally get married! It felt like a great tide had turned and I was compelled to make a video for my comedy Youtube channel to help celebrate!”

Lane added, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg is actually kind of a bad ass, which is why the internet has termed her the Notorious R.B.G. I thought, what if we have fun with that bad-ass image and make her into a superhero rapper… for real. Then I heard the applesauce that Scalia was spouting in his dissents last week and well, the rap lyrics almost wrote themselves!”

Check out “Judge’s Delight” above and head here for more from Lane.

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Kate Spade Sedgewick Lane Kensey Womens Red Purse Leather Satchel

Kate Spade Sedgewick Lane Kensey Womens Red Purse Leather Satchel

Size – US Brand & Style – Kate Spade Sedgewick Lane Kensey True Color – Dynasty Red Upper Material – Leather Bag Height – 8.5 Inches Bag Depth – 5 Inches Bag Length – 11.5 Inches Kate Spade footwear is some of the freshest, most fun, beautifully designed women’s shoes to be found anywhere. Like the woman who designs and puts her name on them, Kate Spade shoes are always “charmingly familiar yet wonderfully original…with a keen sense of wit, propriety, and a non-nonsense approach to life.” The company’s founder and namesake grew up in Missouri. Working with her husband and partner Andy Spade, she applied that expertise to launch her own line of handbags in 1993, instantly become one of the most sought-after names in designer accessories. That naturally led to a wide range of apparel and accessories, including coveted Kate Spade shoes. 1766310

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Utah Valley University Designs ‘Texting Lane’ For Students

While less deadly than texting drivers, texting walkers are now getting their own public intervention. Utah Valley University unveiled a “texting lane” June 7 with the hopes of calling the attention of phone-absorbed students.

As students head to the new Student Life and Wellness Center at the Orem, Utah, institution, they will be diverted into one of three lanes, labeled “walk,” “run” and -– in keeping with the times -– “text.” The lanes themselves make up a track that imitates the athletic facilities within the complex.

The school’s creative director, Matt Bambrough, designed the graphic mostly to draw students’ attention.

“This design was intended to be visual first and functional second,” Bambrough told The Huffington Post. “In our research, the most successful environmental graphics… match that formula.”

“This graphic is obviously more aesthetic than functional,” he said in a press release, adding, “we’ve noticed that most texters aren’t actually following the posted lanes.”

The reality is that texting while walking can have legitimate harmful effects. Each year thousands of pedestrians end up in the emergency room due to walking and texting injuries -– a number that increased fivefold between 2005 and 2010, as cell-phone usage surged. More than half of all cell phone owners have experienced “distracted walking” — bumping into something or someone — according to a recent Pew Study.

Despite the dangers of looking down, Bambrough insists that the lane better serves the purpose of making students look up.

“This was certainly done in a way that was meant to be fun and not to be a directive of the university,” Bambrough explained. “We have 18- to 24-year-olds walking on campus glued to their smartphones, it’s the nature of the world we live in.”

Utah Valley may be a “text lane” pioneer on campus, but the the concept has been appropriated for publicity stunts on sidewalks all over the world, from Belgium to China to Washington, D.C.

Check out photos of the “texting lane” at Utah Valley University:

uvu stairs


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Christian Siriano Is Lane Bryant’s Newest Guest Designer: But Will There Be Ball Gowns?

Christian Siriano

With the recent runaway success of its I’m No Angel campaign, Lane Bryant has the fashion industry buzzing. And the plus-size retailer is hoping to keep that momentum going through next year, with today’s announcement that Christian Siriano will become its newest guest designer.

The Project Runway alum, known for his curve-hugging red carpet gowns, will launch a capsule collection for the specialty retailer, which will bow in spring 2016. Siriano joins the ranks of Bryant’s former designer collaborators such as Isabel Toledo, Sophie Theallet, and Lela Rose.

christian-siriano-on-red-carpet Stars in Christian Siriano: Juliette Lewis, Christina Hendricks, Heidi Klum.

“Fashion should never be defined by size,” Siriano said in a statement about the collection, which will range in size from 14 to 28. “Regardless if it’s for red carpet or a day at the office, every woman should feel stylish and comfortable in their clothes. I’m excited about this partnership with Lane Bryant because it allows me the opportunity to showcase my designs on the everyday woman and allow them the opportunity to feel as beautiful and fashionable as possible.”

Watch this space to see photos of the collection when it launches!

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Troopers Catch Driver Using ‘Most Interesting Man’ Pic In Carpool Lane

Washington State Police have issued what may be the “most interesting traffic citation” ever.

On Monday, a motorcycle trooper near Fife, Washington, pulled over a driver who was attempting to use the carpool lane by sticking a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat.

It wasn’t just any face, it was that of Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays “The Most Interesting Man in the World” in Dos Equis ads, KOMO TV reports.

That’s when things got “interesting,” according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Guy Gill.

“[The driver] couldn’t have used a more recognizable face,” Gill told ABC News. “The trooper and the driver had a good laugh about it but he was cited anyway… Our trooper give him a $ 124 ticket for violating [High Occupancy Vehicle] lane laws.”

The driver, who has not been identified by name, did make a half-hearted attempt to go through with the ruse, telling the officer, “He’s my best friend. He just sits here and doesn’t talk,” Gill told the New York Daily News.

The Washington State Patrol immortalized the incident with this tweet:

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Neil Lane Is Going to Make You Fall In Love With Brown Diamond Engagement Rings

I realize that if you’re judging a book by its cover a diamond by its color, a brown diamond doesn’t sound that appealing. A lot of brown things just aren’t that pretty: mud, dirty socks,…

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Back Lane Wineries of Napa, Second Edition

Back Lane Wineries of Napa, Second Edition

This updated guide to the small and “secret” back-lane wineries and tasting rooms of Napa profiles over 70 hard-to-find, authentic boutique estates that feature world-class, artisanal wines revered by locals and critics. Of the hordes of tourists who visit Napa each year, many are becoming frustrated by the crowded tasting rooms, lack of variety, and corporate atmosphere of the popular wineries. And why make the trip just to taste wines that are readily available at your supermarket back home? In “Back Lane Wineries of Napa,” author Tilar Mazzeo uncovers hidden gems of the valley: wineries growing grapes and crafting exceptional wines that often only have a local distribution and limited production. Amid these off-the-beaten-path wineries, many family-run by pioneers of sustainable and organic viticulture, is where oenophiles and beginning wine-lovers alike can relish in the welcoming atmosphere Napa has to offer. This compact travel guide is updated with new destinations, maps, and full-color photographs throughout, organized by area–including the picturesque Calistoga, St. Helena, and Downtown Napa–and provides essentials like pricing and hours of operation. A resident of the valley, Mazzeo also adds insight on restaurants, attractions, and accommodations; wine-tasting etiquette; wine shipping services; and itinerary planning to ensure an unforgettable travel experience.

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Josh Brolin And Diane Lane Are Officially Divorced

It’s over.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are officially divorced. Lane first filed divorce papers back in Feb. 2013, citing irreconcilable differences.

The documents were filed in Los Angeles Country Superior Court on Nov. 27 and stated that Brolin, 45, and Lane, 48, have a private financial agreement and the actress will not seek spousal support outside of that arrangement. She will however change her name back to Diane Lane — she legally went by Diane Lane Brolin while they were married.

Brolin is currently dealing with other legal issues after he was arrested for public intoxication just before midnight on New Year’s Day of this year. He has since had several drunken incidents and checked himself into rehab last month.

Brolin and Lane, who married in Aug. 2004, have no children together.
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Lane Bryant Black Flat Womens Shoe with Bow Size 9

Lane Bryant Black Flat Womens Shoe with Bow Size 9

Black Flat Womens Shoe with Bow Size 9
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Lane Bryant Black Flat Womens Shoe with Bow Size 11

Lane Bryant Black Flat Womens Shoe with Bow Size 11

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