How Europe’s proposed copyright laws could ruin your search engines

How Europe’s proposed copyright laws could ruin your search enginesA month after imposing tough regulations to defend online privacy, the European Union is now contemplating whether to put its weight behind a different cause: copyright regulation. You may have applauded the General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect May 25 across the EU and gave the people often described merely as “users” significant new privacy rights online.

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Google and Facebook accused of breaking GDPR laws

Complaints against the web giants are filed on the first day of the EU’s new data protection law.
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Plans for new laws to tackle internet’s ‘wild west’

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has pledged new laws to tackle the internet’s “wild west” that will make Britain the “safest place in the world” to be online.
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Jeremy Hunt threatens social media with new child-protection laws

The health secretary wants action from the sites on underage use, bullying and screen-time limits.
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Facebook to exclude billions from European privacy laws

A total of 1.5 billion international Facebook users will not be protected under GDPR.
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The 6 Laws of Technology Everyone Should Know

Three decades ago, a tech historian, Melvin Kranzberg, explained society’s unease with technology in six laws we all need to understand in the era of Facebook, Google and the iPhone. WSJD


UK pornographers attack age verification laws

The UK’s domestic pornography industry is being put at risk by age verification laws unveiled by the Government, its supporters have claimed.
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UK pornographers attack age verification laws

The UK’s domestic pornography industry is being put at risk by age verification laws unveiled by the Government, its supporters have claimed.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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UK data protection laws to be overhauled

Firms will be obliged to delete personal data when people request it.
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These States’ Beauty Laws Are Stranger Than Fiction

In 2017, unless your marriage is seriously troubled, you probably don’t consider whether your husband might divorce you over
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John Oliver Goes Off On America’s Most Absurd Marijuana Laws

John Oliver returned on Sunday after a brief hiatus with a detailed story about America’s most counter-productive and antiquated marijuana laws. 

In addition to detailing how the U.S. tax code screws marijuana businesses that operate legally within their states, Oliver showed how federal regulations put individuals who were complying with state laws at risk. 

“If you have marijuana right now, even if you are acting completely legally according to your state, you may still be in serious jeopardy,” Oliver said. The “Last Week Tonight” host then went through numerous examples of how federal law interfered with people who had medical marijuana prescriptions to treat everything from epileptic seizures to PTSD. 

“I know that some people will say, well hold on, the medical efficacy of marijuana needs a lot more study, and that is true,” Oliver said. “The problem is, it’s very difficult to do that because federal laws are standing in the way.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump’s administration have hinted that the federal government may crack down on states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. 

“I don’t think America is going to be a better place when people of all ages, and particularly young people, are smoking pot,” Sessions told reporters in February. “I believe it’s an unhealthy practice, and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago, and we’re seeing real violence around that.”

Watch Oliver’s take-down, including his response to Sessions, in the video above.

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Travelers Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

Travelers Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

At a glance:Cover all 50 states AND Mexico/CanadaPerfect quick reference guide for traveling firearm ownersIncludes quick reference guide for conceal carry reciprocity across statesThis book is a must have for any competition shooter, conceal carry holder, interstate hunter or average shooter headed to the range just across the state line. Due to complexity and volatility of state and federal firearm laws many lawful citizens have faced penalties or even jail time for breaking laws that are often not clearly communicated or understood. However as we all know, ignorance of the law is never an accepted excuse.Traveler’s Guide to the firearm Laws of the Fifty States provides a full and thorough overview of the legal landscape facing anyone who wishes to transport firearms away from his or her home state. The majority of the book is a state by state (Mexico and Canada also included) summary and “Traveler’s Checklist,” that covers permitting, right of self-defense, concealed carry, open carry, and vehicle carry. Restrictions on assault weapons and machine gun ownership are also covered. Conceal Carry permit holders will enjoy the section on reciprocity coverage that each state has with other states. The book also smartly provides a map of the US so that each reader can shade in the states where his or her carry permit is recognized. Don’t put your family or yourself in unnecessary danger and always keep your Traveler’s Guide handy, staying compliant with each states laws and regulations.
List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 10.99

The Public Health Manual: Containing the Public Health Law, the Sanitary Code, and the Provisions in Other General Laws Relat

The Public Health Manual: Containing the Public Health Law, the Sanitary Code, and the Provisions in Other General Laws Relat

The Public Health Manual: Containing the Public Health Law, the Sanitary Code, and the Provisions in Other General Laws Relat
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Paparazzi Down: George Clooney’s Anti-Paparazzi Laws Just Might Save Civilization

On Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw cheekily declared, “Clooney is like a Chanel suit: He’ll always be in style.” The doyenne of cosmopolitans and everything fabulous was right: The Monuments Men actor can do no wrong — at least in the looks department. But did he make a fashion faux pas when he persuaded the mayor of Laglio, Italy, to draft anti-paparazzi laws just in time for his nuptials to fiancée Amal Alamuddin?

Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney are two peas in an anti-paparazzi pod. In 2002 the savvy SJP stood outside a hospital with her husband, Matthew Broderick, and their newborn son for a universal photo op to devalue the images taken by the paparazzi of little James Wilkie Broderick.

The ageless Clooney, who owns a villa in Laglio, on Lake Como, has used a different tactic to ward off intrusive photographers when his betrothed, a barrister specializing in international law, walks down the aisle later this summer in Italy.

The Oscar-winning actor, director, and screenwriter secured two new protection orders that prevent paparazzi from getting close to his residence ahead of his planned wedding to human-rights advocate Alamuddin. The edicts prohibit anyone from stopping on both the road outside his villa and the water directly in front of his majestic mansion, 24 hours a day. The restrictions will remain in place until Sept. 30.

George Clooney obtained these anti-paparazzi laws in the same country where freelance photojournalists were once immortalized in Federico Fellini’s internationally popular film La Dolce Vita. Do not be under any illusion that the glamorous paparazzi of the 1960s exist today. A select subset of lensmen admit that the profession has changed dramatically in the past five years, with more aggressive, untrained photographers dedicated to pursuing the stars without regard to safety, security, or privacy.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, they are not always the right ones. Some shutterbugs contend that they are part of a legitimate newsgathering force whose activities will be swept up by laws that limit their access to public figures. The inherent problem with this argument is that the paparazzi commit serious crimes in the pursuit of so-called newsgathering, including trespassing, assault, and false imprisonment, which happens when a person or the vehicle they are driving is being prevented from freedom of movement.

Though I vehemently disagree with Kanye West’s recent characterization of being followed by paparazzi as akin to being the victim of sexual assault, First Amendment jurisprudence will not legitimize inappropriate conduct by the paps in the name of news reporting.

Moreover, the notion that the paparazzi have a symbiotic, not parasitic, relationship with VIPs is offensive to most people’s intelligence. Granted, some D-list celebs cultivate alliances with the paparazzi for press and money, but do you think actress Lupita Nyong’o, musician Blake Shelton, model Gisele Bündchen, or tennis pro Serena Williams would not be in high demand but for the generosity of the paparazzi? The entertainment industry needs the paparazzi like charities need Bernie Madoff.

My predilection for keeping the sanctity of stars’ privacy is based on the idea that actors, artists, musicians, and media personalities should not have to give up their privacy rights to engage in the vocation they love, and one that keeps many of us endlessly entertained.

The gripe I have with the paparazzi is unrelated to my soft spot for uber-wealthy celebs who just want to live “normal lives.” Most of us can agree that the anonymity ship has sailed for those who have a follicle full of talent.

I simply fail to see the significance of chasing down those in the public eye for the sake of taking a picture of a high-profile ingenue leaving a store on Melrose or a lauded director playing soccer with his kids. If the paparazzi exist to alert us when Kim Kardashian passes through LAX, we are indeed a troubled civilization that can only be saved with the passage of meaningful anti-paparazzi laws that have killer whale teeth.
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: ‘The Laws Of Gods And Men’

Welcome to “Game of Moans,” the weekly recap of “Game of Thrones” Season 4 that highlights all the moan-worthy, gasp-filled, OMG moments that litter the Seven Kingdoms. In other words, you can get a traditional recap anywhere, so here’s all the sex, bloodshed, and WTF moments (the good stuff) that went down this week:

(Spoiler alert for “Game of Thrones” Season 4, Episode 6 “The Laws of Gods and Men.”)

As usual, Sunday night’s (May 11) episode, “The Laws of Gods and Men,” was fantastic, as well as heartbreaking. The two most tortured souls in “GoT,” Theon/Reek and Tyrion, had such emotional scenes this week, and both Alfie Allen and Peter Dinklage gave some of their best performances of the series.

The Holy-Crap-This-Dude-Is-Crazy Moan
Ramsay Snow is one of the most screwed up villiains “GoT” has ever seen and maybe even TV as a whole. He’s such a psycho it’s hard to not gasp in amazement and horror at his every evil move (or maybe I’m still in shock to see Iwan Rheon be so cruel after loving his “Misfits” character). Of course he exits his bedroom after ear-shattering sex covered in blood and scratches. Of course he smiles gleefully while hacking up men.

The Dragon Attack Moan
What a gorgeous, peaceful scene of a young boy watching his father’s goats grazing on hills of gently swaying grass. It was one of the most beautiful scenes of the season. But this is “Game of Thrones” guys, and beauty and peace are not things that last for long in the Seven Kingdoms. Up comes one of Dany’s dragons who proceeds to barbecue some grub just like it’s a hot July afternoon.

The Oh-No-She-Didn’t Moan
I was not expecting Shae to testify; nice little curve ball, Tywin. More importantly though, I don’t find her anger towards Tyrion completely justified. Yes, he broke her heart rather terribly, but we all know that he only acted that way out of love and to protect her. He never should’ve foolishly believed he could keep her safe in King’s Landing; that was his most selfish mistake. But to betray him like she did to the point of possibly causing his murder? That’s just too far, Shae.

The Fuck-Yeah-Tyrion! Moan
Good god, I love Tyrion. The last scene was absolutely incredible and as I said above, one of (if not the) best performances from Dinklage in the show yet. I was almost close to tears during the second half of the trial, mainly because I thought he was going to be killed (no, I don’t read the books), but also because I felt damn proud of him.

Some thoughts:

  • That opening shot was fantastic. I’m not sure why, but the photography this episode was more stunning than usual.
  • LOL, pirate jokes.
  • Further on what I said above (because it just can’t be expressed enough), Ramsay is so horribly horribly evil. Now that Theon has completely morphed into Reek, he wants Reek to pretend to be Theon?! Can Theon/Reek do it? If he acts like Theon could the familiarity of it remind him of who he really is? This will be really interesting …
  • Damn, Daenerys has the most titles of anyone in this show. You think they’d use some abbreviations for her long introduction, especially when she has over 200 meet and greets.
  • So it’s official, Varys is a asexual. (Not surprising.)
  • Jaime is just getting more and more valiant. He’s proven to be such a selfless hero since that rape scene that it almost feels like the writers are trying to make up for it. Or maybe this is just further proof that the rape was executed very badly on the show’s part.
  • That trial was so tense. It felt like a “Law and Order” episode.
  • I vote that Tyrion calls on Brienne to fight for him in the trial. (Please!!)

“Game of Thrones” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.
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