Meet the Former TV News Anchor Poised to Become the Nation’s Largest Station Owner in 2019

As much of the media business shifts focus to building global platforms, the CEO of the company that is about to become the largest owner of TV stations in the country is passionately preaching the gospel of local. Perry Sook, president and CEO of Texas-based Nexstar Media Group, is a seasoned broadcast TV executive who […]



Artist Laurence Jenkell to Unveil ‘Candy Nations’ in Garment District

IT’S A WRAP: At a time when candy colors are back in fashion, French artist Laurence Jenkell’s candy sculptures will be unveiled in the the Garment District Wednesday.
But her work has more of an intercontinental theme than a sugary-sweet one. Originally commissioned by the G20 in advance of its 2011 summit in Cannes, “Candy Nations” will be on view along Broadway from West 36th through West 39th streets. There will be 20 nine-foot sculptures enwrapped in what look like national flags. “The funny thing about candy is that it rings a bell to anybody in the world. Candies, of course, are international,” Jenkell said. “People love their countries, so they love seeing these sweets. It’s the type of sculpture that when you see it, you remember it normally. Sometimes you want to touch it or you may get the flavor of whatever flavor it is. It reveals all the senses.”
Reached in Saint Tropez Friday, where she was preparing for the opening of a solo exhibition at the Artmedy Gallery next month, the artist said the same gallery recently showed her work in its Istanbul outpost. Her Garment Center installation won’t be her only presence in New York, either. Jenkell’s creations

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U2’s Bono Warns United Nations That It, EU and NATO Are ‘Under Attack’

U2 frontman Bono told the U.N. Monday that it and other international institutions — including the European Union and NATO — are under threat in these “troubled times,” and nations must work together to defend them. The singer gave a speech described by The Associated Press as “sobering” to several hundred U.N. diplomats and staff […]



Robinhood Co-CEO: Sovereign nations will make crypto their default currency

Robinhood Co-CEO: Sovereign nations will make crypto their default currencyCryptocurrencies are the future. That’s what Robinhood co-CEO Baiju Bhatt believes, so much so that sovereign nations will one day make cryptocurrencies their default currencies.

Yahoo Tech


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Mexico, Canada Add to Nations Striking Fear in U.S. Farmers

U.S. farmers, already losing sales to China, are facing new threats to sales in other big overseas markets as trade tensions spread globally. US Business


Demands For Al Jazeera Closure Dropped by Arab Nations That Cut Ties

ROME — Demands for Al Jazeera to be shuttered have been dropped by the four Arab nations engaged in a deep diplomatic rift with Qatar, the home base of the pan-Arabic broadcaster which is the most watched news outlet in the Arab world. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, which broke diplomatic relations… Read more »



U.S. Bans Laptops, Tablets in Cabins on Flights From Mideast Nations

The U.S. banned passengers from carrying most electronics larger than a cellphone into the cabin on direct flights arriving from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa, saying it is a response to “evaluated intelligence,” but didn’t provide details. US Business


A Tribe Called Red Honors First Nations Culture With ‘Powwow Step’

Mix the beats you usually associate with dancehall or dubstep with a pulsing combination of spoken word and traditional tribal sounds and you have the essential formula for what could be considered a subgenre of EDM ― now being referred to as “powwow step.”

The primary purveyors of powwow step are the members of an indigenous DJ trio called A Tribe Called Red. Formed in 2008 in Ottawa, Canada, the group consists of Bear Witness, 2oolman and DJ NDN. Together, their complex musical identity rests on positivity ― “A Tribe Called Red promotes inclusivity, empathy and acceptance amongst all races and genders in the name of social justice,” the group writes online.

Speaking directly to indigenous communities “living in a country that was forcefully colonized,” ATCR believes that indigenous people must define their identity on their own terms. Their third album, “We Are the Halluci Nation,” echoes the sentiment in a time when protests in North Dakota are bringing the concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation to the forefront of national news. “This album is critical listening for everyone,” Pitchfork declared earlier this year, praising the trio’s “iconoclastic” politics.

This week, ATCR is premiering the video for a single off the record, titled “The Virus.” Described as “a defiant celebration of indigenous and oppressed cultures,” the song features activist/poet/rapper Saul Williams and the First Nations drum group Chippewa Travellers

“We are the Halluci Nation,” a disembodied voice bellows over a rumbling drum swarm in the video above, reciting the words of Santee Dakota poet John Trudell. “We are the evolution. A continuation. We are the Halluci Nation. Our DNA is of earth and sky. Our DNA is of past and future.”

To accompany the premiere of “The Virus,” poet Williams sent The Huffington Post the following statement:

When the first question arose it took the form of a virus. The virus was a hallucinogen. Walking on water wasn’t built in a day. If plagiarism is a thing what do you call it on land? What does it mean to be true to your word? What does it mean to stand your ground? What does it mean to protect and serve? What does it mean when corporate interests encroach upon communal resources? What does it mean when we let the oligarchs of industry dig up the graves of First Nations to suck the blood beneath the bones and boil the profits in contaminated water?

We are the seventh generation. We are the protectors of this land, the protectors of water. We are not a conquered people. We will issue no warning. It will come thinly veiled or not veiled at all. The drum will beat. And you will hear it. There is no question.

Read about ATCR collaborator Tanya Tagaq on HuffPost Arts & Culture.

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Donald And Melania Trump: The Nation’s First Live Apart Together Couple

The news that Melania Trump will live apart from her husband, President-elect Donald Trump for a few months until their son Barron, 10, finished school, was shocking to many people.

While it may seem odd that a married couple doesn’t live together, the Trumps’ decision to live apart is actually part of a growing trend  –  living apart together couples, also known as LATs, or apartners.

About one-third of U.S. adults who aren’t married or cohabiting are in LAT relationships. While some are young people in long-distance relation ships because of schooling or careers, or couples who want to live together but can’t for various reasons (such as military families), many include women like me  –  divorced, middle-aged empty-nesters who want nothing that resembles the married life we knew. In fact, more older divorced and widowed women are choosing live apart together relationships so they can enjoy their romantic relationships without the complications, caretaking and complacency of living together.

But a good portion are married, like the Trumps – who will be the highest-profile example of this demographic trend. Still, the number of couples who are “married, spouse absent,” according to the United States census, is a lot less than the numbers of couples living together – just a little more than 3 percent of the population.

How will they make it work? Does it help or hinder a relationship? What are the benefits? What about the kids?

Upsides of living apart

In researching LATs/apartners for The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels  –  which offers a living apart together model as one of many marital options couples can chose from to individualize their marriage  –  I discovered that LATs/apartners feel more committed and less trapped than live-in couples. When you live apart, each person has to actively work on commitment and trust; it’s not taken for granted. Nor is sex – especially since so many couples are dealing with what they consider sexless marriages.

I also learned that many people who are in LAT relationships, or were in them for a while, say that they learned valuable relationship skills, such as trust, patience and better communication. Many also got better at time management, independence, and discovering intimacy that wasn’t just about sex and touch.

Those are the kind of skills can lead to a more satisfying relationship, and relationship satisfaction can make couples feel more committed to each other. Couples who feel committed to each other are motivated to show it; they act in ways that their partner can clearly experience as loving. And they don’t need to be under the same roof to act loving.

Isn’t that exactly what people want in a romantic relationship?

Living apart — good for women?

“It’s of particular interest to women, who often get the short end of the stick in marriage and cohabitation. They still end up doing most of the caretaking and household chores, even if they work full time,” says Montreal filmmaker Sharon Hyman, who is working on a documentary called Apartners: Living Happily Ever Apart that I will be a part of as well as apartners from around the world.

“Couples, especially women, who are apartners relish the fact that to have time and space apart, and believe it may just be the secret ingredient to keeping love alive and passions growing. When you remove the petty, annoying parts out of a relationship, like laundry on the floor or who’s spending too much on what, then you are left with the good stuff – the chance to truly be intimate and present with your partner. Many believe that it actually makes them a better spouse.”

Hyman has been an apartner for almost two decades and wouldn’t have it any other way, although she acknowledges it may not be right for everyone.

“I am not an advocate for couples living apart. What I am an advocate for is having options. I just do not believe that there is only one way to love, no one-sized-fits-all, cookie-cutter way to have a relationship,” Hyman writes in Psychology Today. “It is all about what works best for you and your mate.”

What about the kids?
Of course, living apart together isn’t that hard if you don’t have kids or your kids are grown and out of the house; it’s an entirely different thing if you’re trying to raise a child or children together. Barron’s schooling is supposedly why the Trumps made the decision to live apart for a while. Children add complications to the arrangement, but they aren’t insurmountable.

The Trumps will have to come up with a plan that addresses how Donald will maintain meaningful connection with Barron and have everyone feel like they’re part of one family. Technology makes that awfully easy nowadays.

Then they’ll just need to keep communicating. Trump will want to be sure to let Barron know when he’ll be home again, and assure him that they will have plenty of one-on-one time together, as well as family time, before he heads back to Washington.

In most cases, the person living apart from the family home would want to be sensitive to the spouse at home with the kids; you want to avoid the “super-parent” syndrome – making one person responsible for all the caretaking – as much as you can. Since that’s the arrangement the Trumps already have – and let’s face it, they have lots of paid help, too – this won’t be an issue for them.

A POTUS who looks like us

Say what you will about the Trumps, but here’s an upside to their planned arrangement: couples about to wed or even long-term couples who feel stuck in their marriage may look at the marital arrangement of the future POTUS and FLOTUS and decide that they, too, would like to become apartners. Since fewer of us in America are in traditional nuclear families, why wouldn’t we want a president who reflects who we actually are — beyond just a man of color like President Obama or a woman like presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Every couple is free to individualize their marriage so that it works for them, no one else. And that’s exactly what the Trumps, married almost 12 years, plan to do.

Unfortunately the Trumps’ arrangement will cost U.S. taxpayers money – an unknown amount right now, unless they plan to fund their lifestyle on their own, which is highly doubtful. There may be many things to not like about Trump whether you voted for him or not, but choosing an alternative marital model shouldn’t be one of them.

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A Nation of Nations

A Nation of Nations

The dramatic and compelling story of the transformation of America during the last fifty years, told through a handful of families in one suburban county in Virginia that has been utterly changed by recent immigration. In the fifty years since the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, the foreign-born population of the United States has tripled. Significantly, these immigrants are not coming from Europe, as was the case before 1965, but from all corners of the globe. Today non-European immigration is ninety percent of the total immigration to the US. Americans today are vastly more diverse than ever. They look different, speak different languages, practice different religions, eat different foods, and enjoy different cultures. In 1950, Fairfax County, Virginia, was ninety percent white, ten percent African-American, with a little more than one hundred families who were “other.” Currently the African-American percentage of the population is about the same, but the Anglo white population is less than fifty percent, and there are families of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latin American origin living all over the county. A Nation of Nations follows the lives of a few immigrants to Fairfax County over recent decades as they gradually “Americanize.” Hailing from Korea, Bolivia, and Libya, these families have stories that illustrate common immigrant themes: friction, between minorities, economic competition and entrepreneurship, and racial and cultural stereotyping. It’s been half a century since the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act changed the landscape of America, and no book has assessed the impact or importance of this law as this one does, with its brilliant combination of personal stories and larger demographic and political issues.

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Nation’s Capital Named ‘Fittest City’ in U.S.

Washington, D.C., followed by Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Diego as places that encourage exercise Daily News
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Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy

Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy

An in-depth look at the problems surrounding zombie banks and their dangerous effect on the global economy“The title is worthy of a B movie, but it''s also apt. Bloomberg News reporter Yalman Onaran, supported by former U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chief Sheila Bair – who provides a foreword and numerous interviews – urge that insolvent banks both small and too big to fail be allowed to do precisely that.  Reading bank balance sheets is not everyone''s idea of a good time. But Mr. Onaran, with support from Ms. Bair, does the chore and explains what it means.  Mr. Onaran shows that the process of rescuing dead and dying banks is increasing systemic risk in the global banking system. And that is really more frightening than scream flicks from Tinseltown.”  — Financial Post“Yalman Onaran knows of putrid financial institutions, having written about them in his native Turkey so successfully he brought down a few in Istanbul in the late ''90''s.” — Huffington Post“Do We Love Zombie Banks? The new book by Yalman Onaran of Bloomberg News, Zombie Banks: How Broken Banks and Debtor Nations Are Crippling the Global Economy, is a well-organized and clearly written discussion of the use of leverage to provide growth in many different economies. Onaran has carefully researched the zombie phenomenon and makes some important points in this concise volume about both public policy and the concerns of investors. One of the more interesting early threads in the book is the juxtaposition of the experience of the US in the S&L crisis and Japan in the 1980s and 1990s with the US today. Zombie Banks is a good review of the latest thinking about the ebb and flow of the political economy.” — R. Christopher Whalen, author of InflatedZombie banking has become standard operating procedure for big debtor nations. They prop up failing institutions, print money, and avoid financial corrections. But in an attempt to prolong the inevitable, bigger problems are created. The approach used now has not, and will not, work. This timely book reveals why. Zombie Banks tells the story of how debtor nations and failing institutions are damaging the long-term prospects of the global economy.Author Yalman Onaran, a veteran Bloomberg News reporter and financial banking sector expert, examines exactly what a zombie bank is and why they are kept alive. He also discusses how they hurt economic recovery and what needs to be done in order to restore stability. Along the way, Onaran takes an honest look at how we arrived at this point and details the harsh realities that must be faced, and the serious steps that must be taken, in order to get things headed in the right direction.Puts insolvent banks and debtor nations in the spotlight and examines how they are crippling the global economyOn the record sources include Paul Volcker, Joseph Stiglitz, Sheila Bair, and many more bank executives, regulators, politicians, and policymakers in the United States and abroadTakes the complexity of the current situation and translates it in a way that makes it understandableWhile the short-term measures taken to stave off depression and rejuvenate economic growth may offer hope, they are unsustainable over the long term. Get a better look at what really lies ahead, and what it will take to improve our economic situation, with this book.
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U.S. Ranks Last Among Wealthy Nations in Access to Health Care

Survey conducted prior to implementation of Affordable Care Act, however Daily News
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“Night of the Clipper”: “In the Aftermath of One of the Nation’s Worst Air Disasters, One Passenger Remains.”

“Night of the Clipper”: “In the Aftermath of One of the Nation’s Worst Air Disasters, One Passenger Remains.”

“Night of the Clipper” is a ghostly story of mystery, action, suspense, and even budding romance centered in the small town of Elkton, Maryland. The date is December, 2013, and young Douglas Pledger and his family are newcomers to the neighborhood, after having moved to escape the bustle of the big city, and for his father, Rick Pledger, to begin a new law practice. For Douglas, confused and frustrated over having to leave his former home and friends, what should be a new beginning for this now-lonely ninth grader is just the beginning of strange and mysterious events that, initially, only he experiences. Douglas’ sister Marcy, his father Rick and his mother Rachel become gravely concerned with his sudden change in behavior. It isn’t until Douglas enlists the help of former firefighter, Dave Holt, Dave’s dog Gretchen and Dr. Celeste Creeley from Villanova University that the truth surrounding Douglas’ ghostly encounters becomes clear, after which the only question is, “What now?” Marcy, Rick and Rachel also become deeply involved as answers become known. For Dave Holt, a former fire fighter’s haunted past is awakened as he and Douglas become close friends. For Dave’s faithful dog, Gretchen, her uncanny instincts will help move the action in the most chilling ways as she helps guide the others to important clues. Celeste Creeley will be met with a realization she would never have anticipated before leaving her home in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, to travel to Elkton at Dave Holt’s invitation as the dynamic background story requires her presence there. Douglas’ sister Marcy, father, Rick, and mother, Rachel, will make a shocking transition from disbelievers to unwilling participants in a bizarre series of events as the action unfolds. Elkton CID detective Ed Neevers is initially on the outside looking in as the actions of the other characters present an entirely different picture, where his law enforcement responsibilities require that he begin to investigate the st

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