NFL, NFLPA: Reid not targeted for drug tests

The NFL and NFL Players Association issued a statement saying that there is no evidence that Panthers safety Eric Reid was targeted for drug testing, as he alleges. – TOP

NFLPA director: NBA could model ratings fix

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith is looking ahead to the next round of collective bargaining negotiations and wants the players to have a greater voice, including in the way the NFL presents itself to the public. – NFL

NFLPA: Players shouldn’t talk ‘Deflategate’

New England Patriots players union representative Matthew Slater said Saturday that the NFLPA has advised players not to speak on the NFL’s ongoing investigation regarding underinflated footballs.

NFLPA files grievance vs. NFL conduct policy

The NFL Players Association filed a non-injury expedited grievance against the NFL on Thursday to challenge the league’s adoption of a new personal conduct policy.