NFL’s best pass-rusher? Trash-talker? Nastiest? O-linemen weigh in

With 40-plus offensive linemen gathered for a summit, we decided to get answers to some burning questions. Here are the results of a 10-player poll. – NFL

Picking the NFL’s best offenses at every personnel grouping

The Browns dominate in 13 personnel. The Chiefs and Rams love 11. The Patriots? They ran 21 with Gronk, but they will look different this season. – NFL

Veterans who could be cut by each of the NFL’s 32 teams

Could a former first-round selection be done with the Pittsburgh Steelers? NFL Nation picks a player on each team who might not make the opening day roster. – NFL

The NFL’s ‘off’ season: Ranking the seven biggest whiffs this spring

A better return for Josh Rosen? Adam Humphries in the slot for the Pats? Here are the biggest missed opportunities of the offseason. – NFL

The NFL’s unfinished offseason business: Top free agents, biggest questions, more

Can the Browns really make the leap? Where will Gerald McCoy land? With 100 days until the regular season kicks off, here’s what’s left to settle. – NFL

The NFL’s pass-interference problem: What makes replay review so tricky

Allowing replay review on pass interference might eliminate obvious missed calls, but the NFL still faces many hurdles in installing the new rule. – NFL

Why Russell Wilson is now the NFL’s most important quarterback

The Seahawks quarterback wants a new contract. The entire league is watching closely to see what happens next. – NFL

How Rams DT Aaron Donald became the NFL’s most unstoppable force

Four-time All-Pro. Record-breaker. Donald could decide the 2018 playoffs, and his amazing journey began in a basement gym called “The Dungeon.” – TOP

Barnwell’s trade grades: The NFL’s 30 most impactful of last year

A lot can change in 365 days. Just ask the Chiefs and Raiders, who dealt Alex Smith and Khalil Mack. These are the trades that shaped 2018. – NFL

Meet the NFL’s class of 2018: Players who graduated to stardom

From the next great Steelers wideout to a trio of former No. 1 overall picks to the league’s tackles leader, these are the NFL’s latest batch of stars. – NFL

Sean McVay sprang from the NFL’s most underrated coaching tree

Mike Shanahan was 24-40 in Washington, but his legacy could be redefined by the success of McVay and his other former assistants-turned-head coaches. – NFL

100 forces shaping the NFL’s future

As the NFL turns 100, we look ahead at the stars, coaches, decision-makers and issues that will drive the league forward. – NFL

Barnwell: Picking bright spots for the NFL’s 16 worst teams

Saquon Barkley has been fantastic. The Browns are building a great defense. These are the promising takeaways from poor seasons. – TOP

Inside the NFL’s scoring explosion: Flex backs, first downs and flags

Scoring is out of control in the NFL this season, with record highs in points, yards and passing touchdowns. We set out to answer why. – NFL

This is the NFL’s top QB prospect, but…

Justin Herbert could be the first quarterback picked in the 2019 draft. However, he may stay at Oregon. What other QBs are high on draft boards as the Senior Bowl nears?

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Skins’ signing exposes NFL’s true colors

While Washington's decision to sign Reuben Foster after his second domestic violence arrest is being met with outrage, it's not at all surprising.

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Barnwell: Ranking NFL’s potential coaching openings from worst to first

If the Seattle and Green Bay jobs come open, how attractive would they be? Bill Barnwell sorts the 10 possible openings. – NFL

The NFL’s best cores: Projecting 2020 roster locks for all 32

NFL rosters turn over quickly, and your favorite player could be gone soon. We predicted who will still be on their current teams in two years. – NFL

Barnwell: Who can gain or lose (a lot) in the NFL’s second half

Jameis Winston is fighting to not be a bust. Le’Veon Bell is fighting for a huge 2019 contract. Here’s who has their futures on the line. – NFL

Is Adam Thielen the NFL’s best receiver? Let’s debate

The Vikings’ top pass-catcher has been phenomenal, but how does he compare to Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and other wideouts? – NFL

Barnwell: Predicting the NFL’s next record-breakers

Sorry, Drew Brees, we’re interested in who will snag your passing yardage record. Let’s evaluate chances for passing TDs, rushing yards and more. – NFL

The Unpredictables: The NFL’s weirdest Week 6 realities

Brock Osweiler went off, Adam Thielen looks unstoppable, and the Chiefs just might feel OK about a heartbreaking loss. What just happened? – NFL

Barnwell: Ranking NFL’s biggest playoff risers and fallers

The defending champs are struggling, while two 5-0 teams have made a big jump. These 10 teams’ playoff chances have improved and declined the most. – NFL

Barnwell: Ranking NFL’s 0-2 teams from eliminated to (barely) alive

These seven winless teams are playoff long shots, but it can be done. Let’s sort in order of their chances of returning to respectability. – NFL

Barnwell: How the Cowboys are wasting the NFL’s most valuable contract

Dallas has failed to build a competent team around Dak Prescott, and it’s paying for it. Here’s how the Cowboys got here, and what’s next. – NFL

QBs who could become NFL’s first $200M man

After Aaron Rodgers's record payday with the Packers, the league isn't far away from having its first $ 200 million player.

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Barnwell: The NFL’s 50 most intriguing people, and why each matters

J.J. Watt and Andrew Luck are back. Jalen Ramsey is just getting started. These are the most intriguing players, coaches and front-office men of the season. – NFL

Grading NFL’s offseason priorities checklist: Where it gets an F

The league has bungled its anthem policy but made improvements in dealing with concussions. Here’s how it fared elsewhere. – NFL

The NFL’s most outsized contracts: 20 players with bloated deals

These are the league’s biggest deals — adjusted for position — that most exceed market value. Welcome to the list, Jimmy Garoppolo. – NFL

What can NFL’s best sophomore class do for an encore?

The Saints made a huge leap in the Future Power Rankings, but what does history tell us about how breakout rookie classes fare the next season? – NFL

Barnwell: The NFL’s best and worst arsenals from 32-1

Which team has the top offensive firepower? We ranked all 32. Just running backs and pass-catchers — no quarterbacks, linemen or coordinators allowed. – NFL

The NFL’s most important players: These 160 will decide season

Which five players will have the biggest impact on each team’s playoff hopes? NFL Nation weighs in. – NFL

NFL’s best defenses: Who got better, worse, and who’s next up

The NFL’s reigning No. 1 defense in Minnesota is even more formidable, the Eagles have questions and the Rams appear poised to make a big leap. – NFL

Are the NFL’s looming kickoff changes enough to save it?

The league is aiming to make the play safer. But will it work? Here’s an inside look at the proposal and whether it’s really a long-term solution. – NFL

Why the NFL’s helmet rule won’t be game-altering as feared

The rule that sent shock waves through the football world shouldn’t be as far-reaching as initially thought … if the league sticks to its vision. – NFL

NFL’s highest-paid players at every position — and who’s up next

Kirk Cousins set a benchmark for quarterbacks, but Aaron Rodgers is primed to raise the bar even higher. Bill Barnwell breaks down the biggest contract numbers by position and forecasts who is in line for bigger paydays. – TOP

Barnwell: Three options to fix the NFL’s catch rule

OK, fine, the catch rule was interpreted correctly in the final minute of the Patriots’ win over the Steelers. But the rule is still bad. Here’s how the league can make it better. – TOP

Barnwell: Ranking the NFL’s best and worst potential coach openings

A super-talented 22-year-old quarterback and a few defensive stars? The Texans’ job is intriguing if Bill O’Brien doesn’t return. Bill Barnwell sorts the coaching jobs that could come open in 2018. – NFL

Contender kryptonite: Biggest weaknesses on NFL’s top 14 teams

The pass rush in Kansas City. A weak link along the offensive line in Philadelphia. Run defense for New England and Atlanta. The NFL’s best teams all have at least one hole heading into the postseason. – NFL

Ranking NFL’s most likely playoff crashers from 11-1

It’s not rare to see a team sneak into the playoffs after a monster late-season run, and the Chargers already are making a move. Here are the 2017 candidates. – NFL

Overexposure, Not Anthem Protests, Blamed for NFL’s Ratings Woes

Media executives are rallying around an explanation for the NFL’s declining TV ratings: too much football available in too many places. Meanwhile, there is no evidence of a red-state boycott over national anthem protests. US Business


Barnwell: Time to worry about NFL’s five preseason favorites?

Barnwell: Time to worry about NFL’s five preseason favorites? – NFL

NFL’s New Marketing Campaign Channels Hollywood Blockbusters

The NFL is taking a page from Hollywood in unveiling its new multi-platform brand campaign to welcome in football season. Complete with commercials, movie-style posters and the tagline “Let the Show Begin,” the NFL is honing in its consistently above-average television ratings and modeling its campaign to match the fanfare of suspenseful blockbuster trailers. “When… Read more »



Anatomy of a collapse: How the Jets turned into the NFL’s worst team

Anatomy of a collapse: How the Jets turned into the NFL’s worst team – NFL

Division power rankings: From top to bottom, AFC West is NFL’s best

Division power rankings: From top to bottom, AFC West is NFL’s best – NFL

From $35.28 to $371K: NFL’s smallest, biggest performance bonuses

From $ 35.28 to $ 371K: NFL’s smallest, biggest performance bonuses – NFL