Bestseller Opens Permanent U.S. Showroom in SoHo

Bestseller, the Danish apparel conglomerate behind the Selected Homme, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda and Only brands, has opened its first permanent showroom in the U.S. in SoHo. The company had previously operated a temporary space in Midtown.
The 7,500-square-foot space at 96 Spring Street was designed by architecture firm Loda Design, and features a floor-through, loft-like design that blends the original architecture of the building with a design inspired from the company’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Each brand is given its own distinct space within the showroom.
Bestseller is a family-owned apparel and accessories company founded by Troels Holch Povlsen in 1975. It produces 20 brands that are sold in some 15,000 retailers in 70 markets and operates 3,000 branded stores across the globe.
The opening of the New York showroom is part of a larger strategy to expand the company’s reach in North America.
According to Brian Edgar, president of Bestseller North America, the new showroom “showcases our brands’ DNA more accurately, which helps elevate our presence in the marketplace. The space is much larger than our previous one allowing us to really show what each Bestseller brand can offer.”

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Rhone to Open First Permanent Store in Hudson Yards

Rhone is taking the plunge into retail.
After testing the waters with a series of pop-ups the past several years, the buzzy men’s activewear brand will open its first permanent location at Hudson Yards next month.
Nate Checketts, Rhone’s cofounder and chief executive officer, said the 943-square-foot location on the second floor of Hudson Yards’ retail complex, will be located near M.Gemi and Mack Weldon and will “showcase a modern, sleek and streamlined design.”
Checketts said the company chose Hudson Yards for its first permanent location because he believes the location “is an incredibly unique opportunity for retailers. It is shifting the way Manhattan moves and works in a real way that hasn’t happened for some time in New York. With more than 1 million square feet of retail and mixed-use space, and more than 100 luxury and specialty retailers, Hudson Yard’s urban development allows us to showcase the Rhone brand on an unparalleled platform.”
But to whet its retail appetite until Hudson Yards opens, Rhone this week opened its latest temporary location, a pop-up at 1585 Broadway that it is calling the Midtown Manhattan Retail Experience.
The location in Times Square is intended to service the Rhone customers who “work in and around the

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend & More on Permanent Honeymoon

John and Chrissy have never left the honeymoon phase of their relationship and neither have these other celebrity couples!
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‘Permanent damage’ to Sir Cliff’s self esteem

Sir Cliff Richard may have suffered “possibly permanent damage” to his self-esteem after a search of his home was broadcast by the BBC in 2014, the singer’s barrister has said.
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At Burning Man, Art Is Now More Permanent Than Perishable

The robots, monsters and other harum-scarum works of art at Burning Man aren’t all destined for a pyre at the annual conclave in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Some are heading to public parks, music festivals and museum exhibitions. Lifestyle


The Chase for a Permanent Flu Vaccine

Doctors find promising leads on a replacement for the current annual influenza shots, which vary in their success depending on the strain of virus. Lifestyle


The Tie Bar to Make Madison Avenue Store Permanent

The Tie Bar is putting down permanent stakes in New York.
The Chicago-based men’s accessories brand opened a pop-up shop at 400 Madison Avenue in May that was originally expected to be open for only six months. But the success of the location, which is between 47th and 48th Streets, prompted the brand to make it the company’s first permanent store in the city.
“New York continues to be a rapidly growing market for us, so to maintain a permanent store presence here was a must,” said Allyson Lewis, chief executive officer of The Tie Bar. “Our now family of stores has proven extremely effective for the brand, exposing us to a new regional clientele.”
The brand, which offers neckwear, dress shirts, socks, pocket square, ties bars and other accessories, also has a store in Chicago and recently opened a unit in Boston. Both of those locations also got their start as pop-ups.
According to the company, the brand expects to expand to several other “key markets” in 2018. Specific cities were not disclosed, but a spokesman said The Tie Bar is looking at the East and West Coasts as well as in parts of the South.
The Madison Avenue location was the company’s third

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Chanel Backs Permanent Exhibition Space at Palais Galliera

GOING FULL-TIME: Chanel is backing the creation of a space for permanent exhibitions at the Palais Galliera – a first for the Paris City Hall-backed fashion museum.
The brand will be the exclusive sponsor of the new space, set to open in 2019, contributing to finance renovation works estimated at a total of 5.7 million euros, or $ 6 million at current exchange.
The project is part of Paris City Hall’s drive to enhance the City of Light’s reputation as the “capital of fashion,” and will showcase the city’s fashion heritage.
“Thanks to this prestigious backing, our capital will soon be home to France’s first permanent fashion museum,” said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.
“This initiative represents a lasting commitment to creation and to the strength of Paris, which are at the heart of Chanel’s business,” stated Chanel fashion president Bruno Pavlovsky.
While the Galliera owns an extensive collection of more than 200,000 articles from fashion history, it has never put them on permanent display.
The new exhibition halls, to be created in the museum’s basement, will be open to the public all year round and showcase the history of fashion from the 18th century to the present. The 7,200 square-foot-space will carry the name “Gabrielle Chanel Rooms” in recognition

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Overwatch’s Capture the Flag Is Made A Permanent Mode

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has announced that Capture the Flag will remain a playable part of Overwatch, with nine more maps being added to the roster – but there’s a caveat.

Capture the Flag was introduced during the Year of the Rooster event, which celebrates Chinese New Year. Previous modes introduced for timed festivities have included Lucioball and Mei’s Snowball offensive, both of which were made unavailable once their associated events ended.

However, Kaplan confirmed in a developer update that the decision to make Capture the Flag a permanent fixture of Overwatch will spark a few changes. The mode will only be available as a custom game (not Quick Play or Ranked), so in conjunction with this news Blizzard is introducing the server browser.

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GameStop, Inc.

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Versatile and fast wicking, the layerable Patagonia Kid’s Capilene 3 Midweight Zip-Neck can be worn to harvest the last of the pumpkins or collect powder from the first snow. Made of quick-drying and breathable double-knit fabric, with Polygiene permanent

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Your Scientific Diet for Women: Scientifically Guaranteed Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest, and Permanent Weight Loss

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The Power of Persistence: Failure Is Not a Permanent State

Ever been motivated by a thought that changed your life? Publishing executive Eric Zimmerman was, and he launched a life of innovation as a result.

A few years ago, Zimmerman was listening to an architect’s passionate speech about the importance of green construction and why he followed this path: one day, the speaker said, he would have to explain to his children when they asked why his generation knew about the environmental perils of extravagant resource consumption and had not done enough to reverse that. The thought hit a deep chord with Zimmerman that altered the course of his life.

Before long, he was guiding the Massachusetts book publishing company where he was a VP to an environmentally responsible manufacturing strategy. There, he launched the Green Edition labeling program–the industry’s most rigorous standard for sustainable publishing. The program moved the company’s book manufacturing back home from China and brought large-scale use of postconsumer recycled papers to the book business. It was another win for sustainability–keeping paper out of landfills reduces levels of methane, a greenhouse gas that’s a 20 times more potent contributor to climate change than carbon dioxide.

As he started learning more about the environment, he realized the lion’s share of his carbon footprint came from travel. He discovered that global air travel produces 4 percent of all climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions. He started thinking more about carbon offsets as an effective way to address climate change at the consumer level. Then in February 2014, he launched TripZero, a travel site that offsets the carbon footprint of an entire trip at no cost to the traveler.

Here, Eric Zimmerman details to Lisa Arie, creator of the Vista Caballo elite executive leadership learning center, his life’s journey from idea to potentially world-changing business.

Arie: I’m all about the realization of what’s possible. Tell me a bit more about how you realized what more was possible.

Zimmerman: As I got to understand how these carbon projects worked, I fell in love with them. When customers start to use the system, they love the story, for example, of the forestry projects in Kenya where they’re protecting huge forests by teaching people to farm the forest and see it as a resource. Customers love that they can be part of that story.

Arie: Was there any fear, any doubt when you launched TripZero?

Zimmerman: There are always those things. You’ve started a couple of companies, so you know. Things sometimes work and sometimes don’t work. In my experience, you need to set that stuff aside and get out there and do it. Is it scary to start a business? Yes. There’s risk involved, but it’s best not to lose sleep over it.

Arie: How do you not lose sleep?

Zimmerman: One of the things is making mistakes while you build a business and seeing what that’s like. The reality of failing and your perception of it can be two radically different things. My perception of what failure would be like was really terrible and frightening and awful, and what failure was actually like was really not that bad at all.

In fact, arguably one of the best learning experiences in my life was failure along the way and seeing what’s on the other side of it. You may realize it was still absolutely worth doing and actually a joyous time. The things I learned in the process of something not working became incredibly useful tools to me in what I did next, and there’s always a next.

Failure is not a permanent state. It’s a thing that has been part of your life, but it doesn’t define you. It’s just something that happened. You persist. The fear of failure is way worse than failure itself, by a million miles.

Go try something. Don’t seek all the approvals in the world. If you want some advice, there are plenty of folks who can give you some. But at the end of the day, go do it because we need to try more things so we can figure out what will work. It’s valuable to enter the world with that thought process in mind.

Try something quickly. Fail a little bit, learn from it, adjust, try again.

Arie: What if I fail and I can’t recover. What if I can’t pick myself up? What if I use all of my resources, and there are no more. It may always seem worse than it actually is, but how do I answer that question so I can get started and not be afraid of making mistakes?

Zimmerman: Start small, and begin the critical work that you need to do while you’re still in whatever place makes you feel secure. It may be you’re still working somewhere else, but on the weekends, you’re working on the business model that you’re passionate about. Rather than betting the whole ranch, rather than betting your 401(k) and your house, find a way to start smaller so that initial failures aren’t catastrophic. They can be great learning experiences.

Arie: We are very proud that B Corps recognized Vista Caballo as a 2015 Best for the Environment honoree. So I want to say thank you for creating companies that value the planet. Is there something that can help us spread awareness that our personal choices and impacts really do make an immediate difference?

Zimmerman: Book the next family vacation where you need a hotel through TripZero. Share what you’re doing with your teenage kids, and see what their reaction is.

Lisa Arie is the founder of Vista Caballo, an elite executive learning center in southwestern Colorado for a new breed of leaders. Her StillPoint online self-discovery tool helps identify and develop character traits like persistence. It’s an empowering path to unleashing the smartest ideas and solving the greatest challenges.
Go to for more information.
Contact Lisa personally at

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