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Actress Michelle Williams reveals she has married musician Phil Elverum

The Greatest Showman star reveals that she and indie artist Phil Elverum tied the knot in secret.
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AEG Chairman Phil Anschutz Donates $1 Million to Elton John AIDS Foundation

Phil Anschutz, chairman of the live music giant Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), has taken no small amount of criticism since it was revealed that his private family foundation had donated to organizations with anti-LGBT agendas. But today the Elton John AIDS Foundation announced that Anschutz has donated $ 1 million dollars to support its LGBT Fund. According to […]



Han Solo: Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller leave mid-production

Chris Miller and Phil Lord leave the project mid-production due to “creative differences”.
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Phil Collins postpones shows after hotel fall

Phil Collins has been forced to postpone a number of shows after tripping over in the middle of the night and hitting his head on a chair.
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Phil Collins’ daughter pens forgiving letter

Lily Collins has forgiven her father Phil for “not being the dad I expected” while she was growing up.
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Phil Collins sued by ex-wife over autobiography

Phil Collins’ ex-wife is taking legal action against the singer over “wholly false statements” made in his recent autobiography.
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First Nighter: Matthew-Lee Erlbach’s “Sex of the Baby,” Phil Blechman’s “The Black Book”

Although Matthew-Lee Erlbach appears to have written myriad plays and tele-whatevers, I’ve only seen his one-man Handbook for an American Revolutionary. That was enough for me to be eager to see the next available work from him, which turns out to be Sex of the Baby, at Access, a Dragon-Man with a Suitcase production.

The first scene–in which sculptor Daniel (Devin Norik), one half of a mixed-race gay couple, interviews surrogate-mother candidate Bekah (Clea Alsip)–was so amusing as well as intriguing in terms of the issues potentially at play that I felt assured Erlbach had the goods.

Further assurance came with the second of the play’s 90-minute intermissionless scenes, all of which take place in the Access loft space, the playing area of which Joseph S. Blaha has turned into an enticing lower Manhattan loft apartment.

In this one Daniel and movie-mogul partner Michael (Korey Jackson), who’s skedded to be the sperm donor–“Who’s milk is going to be in the shake?” Bekah has already asked–are hosting best pals and another mixed-race couple, Erick (Erlbach) and T’Kia (Marinda Anderson), who are already expecting. Erlbach has impressively caught the tenor of young Manhattanites gabbing about their lives, and Erlbach as actor and the other three play the sequence with such natural polish that I was even more certain I was in sure hands.

Then came scenes three, four and five (the scenes are titled “Fertilization,” “Implantation,” “Gestation,” “Hormonal Changes” and “Birth Defects”), and along with them came Erlbach’s big letdown. Erlbach decides it’s high time to be dramatic–or, more to the point, melodramatic–and starts filling his work with twists that strain credulity mightily.

Suddenly, Daniel, who from the get-go seemed gay as a pink hat, falls for Bekah, and though he announced to her earlier that his low motility precluded him from pouring milk into the Bekah shake, he impregnates her. In subsequent revelations erupting during the three final scenes, Erlbach has it that Daniel must do some fancy manipulation to keep Michael from learning what’s transpired between him and Bekah and that the seemingly happy Erick and T’Kia are barely hanging on to their union and that Erick’s real crush is–.

But why go on about something with such a vague purpose–unless it’s meant to be a screed on contemporary selfishness among millennial privileged millennials? Adroit as the actors are, Erlbach certainly among them–and Michelle Bossy’s direction is adroit, for the most part–playwright Erlbach’s introducing bits of sitcom and then high histrionics and then a wild-eyed neighbor (Ali Sohaili) in what becomes an annoying mishmash is irreversibly off-putting. It’s the kind of off-putting that has a reviewer thinking twice when the next Erlbach work comes along.
The Black Book, at ATA after a 2012 Araca Group run, takes place on a large chessboard realized by Ann Beyersdorfer. Seen from the moment audience members enter the small auditorium, it immediately suggests that dramatist Phil Blechman, who also directs, is about to make a point of life’s being a game of chess.

Yes, the old, dreary saw. And if that’s not enough to sink a theater lover’s heart even before the action kicks in, out comes a character listed in the program as C. C. (billed in one place as Anto Pereira, as Antonieta Pereira in another). She’s garbed in a straitjacket, the long sleeves of which hang loose. It instantly becomes clear she has the use of her arms in order to carry about, and often lovingly embrace, the available outsized pawns. She does so intermittently throughout the play.

In a program note, we’re informed that Blechman began The Black Book when a Syracuse undergraduate in response to a classmate’s suicide, which goes a long way to explaining why his play takes place on a fictional campus and exclusively involves students and teachers, with the exception of the institutionalized C. C.

It doesn’t explain why what occurs is so utterly pretentious, with C. C. shuffling around po-faced and a suicidal poet and C. C.’s brother Colin Archer (David Siciliano) not only menacing teachers and other students–including blonde Nicole (Haley Dean) for whom he has eyes–but also haranguing the audience, the members perhaps intended to be sitting in for other campus denizens.

At one point, stentorian Archer, who’s been bounding up and down the raked auditorium steps and causing a whole lotta shakin’, steps to the edge of the stage and declares, “I could say anything right now, and you’d listen to it.” Yes, we would but not without thinking, “I’m only listening because I can’t see any graceful way to leave.” He does this in addition to reading aloud a (not good) poem he’s written that’s been inserted in the programs for ticket buyers to have as their own.

As sound designer Christopher Marc repeats ominous stings throughout, it’s difficult for onlookers to determine what’s going on with English teacher Arthur Chase (Gabe Templin), his pal (and possible criminal) Axel Cooper (Sean Borderes), psychology teacher Riley Andrews (Catie Humphreys), Nicole’s boyfriend (Joe Reece) and school psychologist Julie Edwards (Margy Love).

As The Book Black–haranguer Colin keeps a black book before he gives it, I think, to Nicole–heads towards an end and an actual chess game is played, a puzzled patron begins getting the idea that a metaphorical chess game has been carried out by the figures, a game in which one of them is caught at having done something dire in the past that affected sweet little Nicole. But who can say for sure? I can’t. Nor have I any interest in trying.

From time to time sound supplier Marc also pipes in a male voice sing-songing the phrase “I am slowly going crazy.” Watching The Black Book, I, too, was going crazy–and not so slowly.

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Man Behind ‘Oprah,’ ‘Dr. Phil’ Remembered At Star-Studded Memorial Service

A who’s who of Hollywood, music and politics gathered last night at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles to celebrate the life of Michael King, the much-beloved syndication king behind wildly successful shows like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Roseanne and Dr. Phil. King passed away suddenly March 27 at age 67 from complications of pneumonia.

Former President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Norman Lear, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg and Sugar Ray Leonard, among others, remembered King as an “intellectual” but “street-smart” businessman, an outsized personality, a generous philanthropist and exceptionally kind and devoted friend, brother, husband, father and uncle. Kenny G, Michael Bolton and David Foster performed at the invitation-only event, held by King’s wife, Jena and children Ali, Audrey, Teddy and Jesse.

As Clinton remarked later in the program, referencing a poem by William Wordsworth, King’s “last best hope of his great good life were the unforgettable acts of kindness, love and laughter. We are all here because we basked in his embrace.”

White floral arrangements and candles in tall glass votives set an elegant and peaceful scene as bagpipes welcomed 400-plus guests, including Bobby Kennedy Jr., Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, Don Henley and Joe Walsh from The Eagles, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, producer Lawrence Bender and actors Tommy Chong, Paul Reiser and Lorraine Bracco.

A bagpipe rendition of “Amazing Grace” marked the start of the service, after which Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson from St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica, California, led those gathered in prayer.

King’s children then came on stage, the oldest three giving emotional, at times tearful, speeches about their love for their dad — and his love for them. Eldest daughter and singer Ali said King was “the funniest person I know.” Son Teddy, a student at the University of Southern California, called his father his “best friend.” Teenage daughter Audrey welcomed guests and spoke on behalf of her mother, who was seated in the audience, then read two searing poems she wrote herself, leaving many attendees in tears.

In one, titled “Poem For My Mom,” she wrote:

A love so intangible, is that much
More alluring-
That much more passionate.
When you feel the cold wind
Just know it is him kissing your neck,
Teasing your senses,
Reminding you
He loves you.

Teddy introduced the former president with an anecdote of a trip he took with his dad and Clinton to South Africa, where the trio had gone to do charity work and visit Nelson Mandela. A known jokester, King impersonated Clinton, who had fallen asleep in the jeep. The account elicited laughs from the audience.

“Teddy, thanks for that wonderful story, I would far rather be impersonated by your father than anyone I can think of,” Clinton began, to laughter. “I will say this: We have this vast King clan here, and we had the bagpipers playing, and I thought, ‘It is so Michael King, ending with a flourish, an invasion of the Skirball Center by the Irish Catholics.'”

Clinton continued on a serious note in light of the Charleston shooting on June 18.

“Everywhere in the world is bedeviled by people who are the opposite of Michael King. People who think all that matters is our differences,” Clinton said. “We have more refugees than any time since World War II. It was a terrible, terrible thing that happened in South Carolina yesterday. Michael King is the polar opposite of all that.”

Robert, King’s brother and partner in King World Productions, followed the former president’s remarks, saying his younger brother “would not want us to mourn his death; he’d want us to celebrate.” Older brother Richie offered a few, heartbroken words about the loss of a national treasure, his business partner and his best friend of 67 years. “That’s all I can say,” he said, choking back tears.

Kenny G performed, dedicating his song, “Innocence,” to the family. And tributes, tears and laughter continued.

Collaborator and producer Jeff Wald joked, “I was worried about going on after President Clinton — then I realized I couldn’t do worse than George Bush.”

Producer Norman Lear panned, “There are people all over this town who would die to put a crowd like this together.” Confessing that he had thought King was Jewish throughout their 30-year friendship until just before the memorial service, Lear said, “Jewish. Irish. It doesn’t matter. Michael was the definition of the word ‘mensch.'”

The speeches were interspersed by video tributes from those unable to attend, including Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg and Sugar Ray Leonard. In hers, Oprah Winfrey offered her condolences and shared photos and memories of King. “Here was a man who really knew how to live. He didn’t just live big — he lived huge,” she said.

Major philanthropists to many causes, King and his wife donated to friend, lawyer and speaker Robert Shapiro’s foundation to combat drug addiction, and to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen’s Oceana foundation, the largest ocean-conservation charity in the world.

“I really felt Michael got to experience the joy of what it means to be human,” Danson said. “He got to love and be loved.”

The event concluded with musical performances by Michael Bolton and producer David Foster, who sent the crowd off on a buoyant note: “Let’s do this right. Everybody get up, scream, shout, and stomp your feet so wherever he is, he can hear us right now.”

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Phil Mickelson Signed Bridgestone World Golf Championships Pin Flag JSA/LOA #1

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Podcast Review: The New Phil Hendrie Show

2014-07-11-phil_hendrie.jpgWhat’s so new about The New Phil Hendrie Show, especially if it’s already up to Episode 157 as of Monday this past week? The fact is that Hendrie is now a podcaster as opposed to being a broadcaster, which he was since 1973 when he got his first terrestrial radio gig outside Orlando, Florida.

For the past couple of years, he’s been slicing and dicing the archives of his famed broadcast into podcast-sized pieces but, as of March, he’s washed his hands of the flagging radio biz.

Now he does a morning podcast Monday through Friday, joined by the cast of crazy characters that used to interact with live callers on the air. Folks like Margaret Gray, General Shaw, David G. Hall, and Jay Santos now spend most of their time getting in Phil’s way, it seems, as he tries his best to get through news stories of the day.

In this edition, Hendrie sounded off about last week’s firing of Anthony Santos from the Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius XM, offering some suggestions how Opie could survive by going it alone.

Santos, of the Citizen’s Auxiliary Police, called in to comment on a recent TSA ruling about confiscating cell phones and laptops with dead batteries — but an odd speech impediment kept him from delving too deeply into the subject.

And Don Burman from Channel 19 News called in from Disneyland but was being hassled by people in the park for being a 40-year-old man standing alone and wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

While I miss the fun of Phil bamboozling unsuspecting callers with his amazing ability to be many people at once, the formula works well in this new format, too.

This review originally posted as part of This Week In Comedy Podcasts on Marc Hershon is host and executive producer of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.
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Autographed Phil Mickelson Photo – Swinging the Club 8×10 Online Authentics)

Autographed Phil Mickelson Photo – Swinging the Club 8×10 Online Authentics)

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Phil Everly Dead: ‘Everly Brothers’ Member Dies At 74

LOS ANGELES, Jan 3 (Reuters) – Phil Everly, whose high, close-harmony singing with his older brother, Don, made the Everly Brothers one of the biggest rock and country acts of the 1950s and early 1960s, died on Friday at the age of 74, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Everly died in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, his wife Patti told the Times for a story on the paper’s website.

Representatives for Phil Everly could not immediately be reached by Reuters for comment on Friday evening.

The Everly Brothers profoundly influenced 1960s-era groups and singer-songwriters ranging from Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who early in their careers called themselves the Foreverly Brothers, to Simon and Garfunkel, the Byrds, the Hollies and the Beach Boys.

“Perhaps even more powerfully than Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers melded country with the emerging sound of Fifties rock & roll,” Rolling Stone magazine said in placing the brothers at No. 33 on its list of the “100 Greatest Artists.”

Phil and Don had an onstage breakup in 1973 that led to a decade-long estrangement, but Phil told Time magazine their relationship had endured.

“Don and I are infamous for our split,” Phil said, “but we’re closer than most brothers. Harmony singing requires that you enlarge yourself, not use any kind of suppression. Harmony is the ultimate love.” (Reporting by Xavier Briand and Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Bernard Orr and Ken Wills)

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