Mosquitoes ‘put off biting’ by human diet drugs

US scientists say they may have found a way to reduce the appetite of blood-hungry mosquitoes.
BBC News – Health

China ‘put tiny chips in US PCs to steal tech secrets’

Tiny chips inserted in US computer equipment manufactured in China were used as part of a vast effort by Beijing to steal US technology secrets, according to Bloomberg.
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Health records ‘put at risk by security bugs’

Almost 100 million patients were affected worldwide, according to security researchers.
BBC News – Technology


Govt to ‘put pressure’ on tech giants over terror

Technology companies must bear “some of the responsibility” for terrorist attacks, a security minister told Sky News following the bombing at Parsons Green station.
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Social media would have ‘put a stop’ to Sex Pistols

It is four decades since the Sex Pistols brought out their anti-establishment anthem God Save The Queen – the ultimate publicity stunt and an unforgettable moment in music history.
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DJ Duo Claim They Were Handcuffed and ‘Dragged Off Stage’ for Telling Frat Party ‘Put Yo Hands Up’

A DJ duo claim that they were handcuffed and dragged off stage at a University of Alabama frat party after telling revelers to “put yo’ hands up” during their performance.

Vicetone, real names Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool, tweeted, “So I just got handcuffed and dragged off stage at this college party for ‘inciting a riot’ by yelling something like ‘put yo hands up.’ ”

The Dutch duo followed up the tweet at 1:15 a.m. Saturday by saying, “Obviously got released cause I did nothing wrong – also huge shoutout to University of Alabama for throwing down tonight.”

A video of the Tuscaloosa party posted on Twitter shows one of the duo on stage in a hospital gown drinking 4 Loko, which is a combination of malt liquor and caffeine.

A University of Alabama police officer told PEOPLE that neither Den Boer nor Pool were arrested, but said officers were called to the party for “crowd control.” She referred further questions to the university’s media relations department, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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One student tweeted an apology that police intervened at the show, “Sorry you guys had to go through that crap here. You guys were lit.”

It’s not clear whether anyone was arrested at the party.

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