Nonfiction: Jill Abramson’s Book Charts Journalism’s Stormy Seas, With Some Personal Regrets and Score-Settling

“Merchants of Truth,” by the former executive editor of The Times, offers a firsthand account of the news media’s crisis.
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Robbie’s regrets at not rejoining Take That sooner

They may not be back for good, but Robbie Williams has said that rejoining Take That onstage felt like Christmas.
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Seann Walsh ‘deeply regrets’ kissing Strictly partner

Seann Walsh has said he “deeply” regrets kissing his Strictly Come Dancing partner Katya Jones, but insisted he is “not the person I’m being portrayed as”.
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Week 2 review pod: Stud QBs and draft regrets

Our Yahoo experts dissect Week 2, breaking down some of those crazy QB performances as well as the looming concerns about big names off to slow starts.

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Pallett ‘massively regrets’ domestic violence claim

Soap actress Roxanne Pallett has said she “got it wrong” after accusing a fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant of punching her.
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LeBron regrets pressure son faces due to name

LeBron James said he regrets giving his 14-year-old son the name LeBron James Jr. because of the pressure that comes with living up to his superstar dad’s name and reputation. – NBA

‘Nazi pug’ video-maker has no regrets

Mark Meechan was fined £800 after teaching a dog to give a Nazi salute.
BBC News – Technology


Tarantino: Thurman crash ‘one of my biggest regrets’

Quentin Tarantino has called a car crash involving Uma Thurman during the shooting of Kill Bill “one of the biggest regrets of my life”.
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Kate Winslet’s ‘bitter regrets’ over ‘poor decisions’

The British actress says she has “bitter regrets” over working with certain unnamed “men of power”.
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Winslet admits ‘bitter regrets’ over ‘poor’ choices

Kate Winslet has admitted she has “bitter regrets” about some of the men she has worked with following sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood.
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First Person: Sure, I Have Fashion Regrets. All the Best People Do.

Is obliviousness so wrong, especially in a world where so many are stuck on getting it just right? Aren’t we all secretly grateful for a sense of fun?
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Nokia ‘regrets’ Withings health app backlash

Nokia’s replacement for the Withings Health Mate app has not gone down well with customers.
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Jimmy Fallon Regrets Not Speaking Out After That Dreadful Trump Interview

Last September ― when the now president of the United States was still just the Republican nominee no one thought could actually win the election ― Jimmy Fallon welcomed Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show.” 

Instead of grilling him about his campaign or xenophobic stances, Fallon decided to rub Trump’s head and ruffle his hair. It didn’t go over well

The late-night host, who never spoke about the interview in the months following, has finally decided to share his side of the story. In a New York Times profile published Wednesday morning, Fallon admits that he should have addressed the criticism following Trump’s appearance right away, but he just wanted to keep a low profile. 

“I didn’t talk about it, and I should have talked about it,” he told the Times. “I regret that.”

Fallon said the hate online was deafening, and that it affected him much more than people thought.

“I didn’t do it to humanize him,” Fallon said of the Trump moment. “I almost did it to minimize him. I didn’t think that would be a compliment: ‘He did the thing that we all wanted to do.’”

“I’m a people pleaser,” he added, later in the piece. “If there’s one bad thing on Twitter about me, it will make me upset. So, after this happened, I was devastated. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just trying to have fun.”

Fun is Fallon’s game. He’s never been the political type, nor is that where his strengths lie. His goal, says the 42-year-old, is to entertain, and he tries to do that in the best way he knows how: with “SNL”-like bits, sketches and celebrity drinking games.

“Jimmy is not a political comedian, so it would be very phony of him to go out and do long political joke rants just because that’s what some people want,” Tina Fey told the Times of her former colleague. “‘The Tonight Show’ has historically been a friendly, light show.”

I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just trying to have fun.
Jimmy Fallon on that Trump interview

Fallon said he feels like his Trump controversy has “sailed,” and that maybe he missed the boat on making an impact on his viewers’ takes on it. But, ultimately, he will continue to do the show he’s always been producing.

“I tossed and turned for a couple of weeks, but I have to make people laugh,” he said. “People that voted for Trump watch my show as well.”

As of now, Fallon is trailing Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” in viewership. (In the week ending May 12, Colbert had a little over 3 million nightly viewers while Fallon had just under 2.7 million.) But Fallon is still leading in the coveted 18-to-49-year-old demographic, which makes him want to work to maintain at least this stride. 

“We’re winning in something. People in the height requirement between 5-7 and 5-11, we’re No. 1, from 11:50 to 11:55,” he joked before sincerely adding, “I never, ever care. I’ll know when someone fires me.”

To read the full profile, head to The New York Times

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Why Naya Rivera Regrets Dyeing Her Hair a Month After Giving Birth: ‘Don’t Buy Into the Mommy Makeover!’

When former Glee actress Naya Rivera became pregnant with her first son, 18-month-old Josey, she expected “to grow the best mane of hair” from the pregnancy hormones. But for her – and tons of other new moms – just the opposite happened.

“That did not happen at all. After breastfeeding, what I was left with was breakage in certain areas from the drop in hormones,” says Rivera, who just partnered with the haircare brand Nioxin as its celebrity ambassador. “It was definitely thin on the ends and certain places like my widow’s peak would be a little more up in my face.”

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Just a month after giving birth, the actress decided to get bright blonde highlights in her hair to give herself a boost of confidence from the hair thinning — but warns other moms not to do the same.

“I did probably the worst thing you could do in that situation, which is then go dye it,” she told us. “I made the problem worse and paid the price for that. I’d tell new moms, ‘Don’t dye it yet!’ Don’t buy into the whole mommy makeover thing, because you will regret it.”

She attempted to treat her hair breakage and thinning with anything she could think of. “I was trying everything from carrot seed oil on a hairbrush to full-blown coconut oil treatments every single day. I even went back on my prenatals long after I had stopped breastfeeding to try to get back whatever juices were flowing out of my body,” Rivera said.

But it wasn’t until her friend introduced her to Nioxin’s thickening shampoo that she started to see a difference. “I started to see results and experimenting with a bunch of their other products,” the star said, which is why her partnership with the brand seemed like a natural, organic fit.

Now, almost two years after Josey was born, Rivera said she finally feels like she’s getting back into her “hair groove” and embracing her natural color instead of using extensions and dying it so often.

“I just feel like it’s healthy again. I stopped dyeing it and cutting it and experimenting with all these different things,” she said. “I sort of went back to my roots if you will, and I am happier that way.”

Have you ever dealt with hair thinning problems like Naya? Tell us what you do for it in the comments below.

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Expert regrets Bitcoin ‘creator’ blog

A Bitcoin expert expresses regret about the way he blogged support for an Australian’s claim to have invented the crypto-currency.
BBC News – Technology


Judy Blume Says She Regrets Joining Glee Club That Excluded Black Students

NEW YORK (AP) — Judy Blume, whose novels helped millions of young people get through childhood, has some regrets about her own youth.

The 77-year-old writer says she had been in an “advanced” high school glee club in New Jersey that excluded blacks.

Blume was interviewed on stage Sunday by fellow author Jennifer Weiner at BookCon, the fan-based gathering held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York.

Blume says she apologized to classmates at a 40th anniversary reunion and remembers saying, “I felt guilty for all these years” about not speaking out.

Blume says she had mentioned the glee club while writing her new novel, “In The Unlikely Event,” inspired by three plane crashes in her native Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1951-52, but removed the material because it didn’t fit the narrative.

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Lauren Conrad on the Outfit She Really Regrets Wearing on Laguna Beach


Thinking back on your high school style is something most of us are joyfully free from really needing to do. Lauren Conrad? Not so much. Even if we all thought Laguna Beach was the pinnacle of style when the show was on, there’s a good chance any viewings now would ellicit some feelings of shock over what we actually thought was so fashionable. The same holds true for LC, who figured out which outfit she regrets the most from her teenage days.

“It’s me in those jeans that came right about the knee. The capri denim. Everybody else was wearing them, but [pictures are] a reminder they were a bummer,” she told MTV News.


Other fashion tidbits to note? She has two more Disney collabs on the calendar (she’s already done Cinderella and Minnie Mouse), and there’s a trendy summer sandal she can’t quite get behind: Birkenstocks.

“I can’t do it. I don’t feel pretty enough,” she said. “I can’t put something on that doesn’t make me happy. Some people wear them, and they look cool in them. I just look like a fool.”

Presenting Lauren Conrad’s Absolute Best Outfits From All of Last Year
A Must-See Pic of Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift From 2008

Watch Lauren Conrad Share Her Secret Style Tricks to Looking Sweet, Yet Sexy

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This Is The ‘Daily Show’ Interview Jon Stewart Regrets Most

Jon Stewart spent 16 years behind the desk of “The Daily Show,” but there’s only one interview he really regrets.

In a discussion with The Guardian, the host said he wishes he questioned former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld harder about his role in the Bush administration’s post-9/11 conflicts. Rumsfeld visited “The Daily Show” in 2011 to discuss his memoir Known and Unknown.

I should have pushed, but he’s very adept at deflecting,” Stewart told The Guardian. “That interview with Rumsfeld went shitty, but it’s still just an interview. He’s the one who has to live with the repercussions of what he really did, so there’s nothing that could happen on my show that carries that same level of regret.”

The host went on to say the reason behind his choice to leave “The Daily Show,” noting that it had nothing to do with the show not working any longer. “It was more, ‘Yup, it’s working. But I’m not getting the same satisfaction.'”

“Daily Show” correspondent Trevor Noah will take over hosting the show later this year when Stewart steps down. Back in March, Stewart joked that he was so thrilled for Noah that he might even consider returning as a correspondent.

For the full interview, head over to The Guardian.

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Barb Jungr On Kicking Off 2015 With Her ‘Mad About The Boy And No Regrets’ Cabaret Show In New York

Barb Jungr likens her show, “Mad About The Boy And No Regrets,” to the act of renewal and, more specifically, “shedding one’s skin,” so it’s only appropriate that her New York engagement kick off at the start of 2015.

When she hits the stage of venerable Manhattan nightspot 54 Below on Jan. 2, the British singer-songwriter, 60, will tackle songs by Bruce Springsteen, Noel Coward, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, among others. Still, she says anyone seeking inspiration as far as resolutions or explicit messages are concerned would be better served elsewhere.

“I don’t ever want to feel that I’ve become a message bearer, other than…I would like there to be joy in the world through the medium of what I do as a musician and an artist,” Jungr told The Huffington Post in an interview. “By excavating what we excavate, we allow the possibility that we can see the whole landscape. “

Jungr, who is of both Czech and German descent, has been labeled a chansonnière in Europe, but her musical interpretations often defy classification stateside. While she was hailed as the “high priestess of cabaret” by Time Out New York, Jungr makes it clear that her aspirations extend into other genres, too.

“I think I’m a cabaret artist and a jazz singer,” she said. “Because I improvise, re-harmonize [and] I deal with music in a certain way, my feet are in jazz. But my sensibility is in cabaret.”

In November 2014, Jungr brought another show, “Hard Rain,” to New York’s 59E59 Theater. Jungr says she sees that show, hailed by The New York Times for its “astounding emotional range,” and her album of the same name as the politically-edged counterparts to “Mad About The Boy,” which was conceived prior to “Hard Rain” and features a fearlessly romantic, though unsentimental, tone.

As both shows evidence, Jungr is perhaps best known for her interpretations of Dylan’s songs. Regarding her tendency to emphasize material written by male singer-songwriters, she noted, “I get to understand things that I don’t necessarily understand. It’s the word made fresh. It’s a revelation to me.“

Above all, Jungr, who says she’s a fan of Eliza Carthy, Gillian Welch and Meghan Trainor among other contemporary female performers, favors material with an edge, even if she doesn’t like to “intellectualize” her set lists too much beforehand.

“I like songs that strip away the stuff, so that when you’re singing them, you access something that goes beyond words and people can also access within themselves — who knows what it is? It’s best we don’t ever try and nail that down,” she said. “But I like a bit of bite to the work. I want a little bit of kicking, a little bit of irreverence. I want a little bit of knickers off and here’s my backside.”

Barb Jungr’s “Mad About The Boy And No Regrets” plays New York’s 54 Below on Jan. 2-4. Head here for more information.

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Linda Regrets Her Night with Philip – Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor – OWN

Tune in for an all-new episode of Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor on Wednesday at 9/8c.
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After an impulsive night of passion with Philip, Linda hopes to make it home without being noticed—especially by Hattie. Before she leaves, though, she has a few last things she needs to say to Philip.

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TIME Regrets Naming Pope Francis ‘Person Of The Year’ After Beyoncé Drops Surprise Album

Staff at TIME have been left fuming after Beyoncé released a surprise album just days after the magazine chose the Pope as their Person Of The Year.

“I told them we should wait at least a few weeks for any late entries,” one unnamed staffer told HuffPost UK Comedy. “But they wouldn’t listen. Now look what’s happened.”

“Beyoncé unexpectedly dropping a new album is a complete game-changer,” said another. “There’s nothing Pope Francis could have done to beat this… except for releasing an album. And even then, he’d have to better 14 new songs and 17 videos.”

Beyoncé is now expected to be a last-minute entry on at least 500 end-of-year lists, including 2013’s Best Albums and 2013’s Most Overrated Albums.

pope francis

Pope Francis: chosen too quickly?


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