Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outages resolved

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all experienced significant outages, with users worldwide reporting issues.
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Update: Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter Lawsuit ‘Amicably Resolved’

Update 01/04/19: Bethesda’s lawsuit has now been settled, with two parties releasing a short statement:

“Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive jointly announced today that the parties have amicably resolved the lawsuit Bethesda brought against Behaviour and others related to the Fallout Shelter and Westworld mobile games”. 

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has responded to the Bethesda lawsuit in a statement provided to IGN.

“As one of the world’s leading creators of intellectual property, including the ground-breaking television series Westworld, Warner Bros. has a deep respect for intellectual property rights.  As such, the assertions by Bethesda Softworks that Warner’s Westworld mobile game improperly used source code from Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter are as surprising as they are unsubstantiated.  Warner Bros. has been assured by the game developer, Behaviour Interactive, that Bethesda’s allegations are untrue and that none of Bethesda’s code was used in the Westworld game.  Moreover, contrary to Bethesda’s baseless accusation, Warner Bros. at no time “induced” Behaviour to use the Fallout Shelter code in Westworld.”

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Flu vaccine delays for over-65s ‘resolved by weekend’

Patients and GPs have been frustrated by shortages following the staggered supply of the vaccine.
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