9 internet scams we're still falling for in 2018

9 internet scams we're still falling for in 2018It just never ends. No matter how much publicity these scams get, no matter how many years old the internet is, people still hand over their money to scammers.

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5 Scams to Warn Your Guy About If He’s Shopping for an Engagement Ring

If your guy mentions that he might be in the market for an engagement ring, even if you don’t want to weigh in on the design, you may want to point out that there are…

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Las Vegas Sins and Scams, book 1: Childhood and Corporate Formation

Las Vegas Sins and Scams, book 1: Childhood and Corporate Formation

What people are saying to me about the books….1. You are going to rot in hell!2. You are a sick puppy. (I deleted some of the more gross stories in the first two books.)3. Two people called the cops to tell them I am some kind of pervert that belongs in the loony bin. (The cops disagreed.)4. Four girls/women came to my house and immediately started to remove their clothes.5. One older man took a quick look and handed me back the book, “…I’ll be praying for you.”6. Many people have said I will be killed by one of the Las Vegas mobsters it I publish the book.7. Two guys mentioned that I should have more stories about Twila, Carla, and Crystal; three 18 year old super sexy girls.8. Three schoolteachers said I can’t publish a book with so many grammar errors, but it is written they way real people talk.9. My brother won’t even open one of the books because it might send him to hell.10. My sister thinks there is too much cussing. (Book 5 an on are much mellower.)11. One of my cousin’s wives un-invited me to the Winquist reunion in South Dakota. (A Catholic)12. Two construction workers said, roughly, “…I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar errors; it’s perfect…”13. One woman said, “…I had the hardest climax I ever had, masturbating after reading part of your book…”14. Samuel Clements’ (Mark Twain’s) grandson liked the books, (A legal marijuana grower in Oregon).15. A serial killer in Las Vegas gave me many ideas, and he loved the books. (He died, only reading the first four.)16. The Las Vegas mobsters never did human sacrifices. (Not that you noticed anyway. Some were super perverted.)17. Kind of weird.I have known various gangsters, hit-men, stock market scammers, drug smugglers, unscrupulous lawyers, and other assorted scum of the earth, so that is what I have written about. Hundreds of pictures of the scenery where the characters are: Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, and Oregon in this first book. (Best for COLOR READERS)Lots of perverted, normal, fun, and exciting sex

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