Is Wearing Black Boring? Not if You Consider Its Scandalous Past

Madame X wore it with little underneath. Coco Chanel riskily passed off a ‘waitress color’ as a sign of wealth. Fact is, going dark hasn’t always been safe. Lifestyle


Riddle of a Scandalous French Painting Is Solved, Researcher Says

Until now, the identity of the subject in Gustave Courbet’s “The Origin of the World,” a meticulous close-up of a woman’s genitals, was unknown.
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The Shindigger: Somehow the Least Scandalous Thing in D.C. This Weekend Was the Playboy Party

Here is the meaning of brands.
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The Scandalous Demise of Lily Lake

The Scandalous Demise of Lily Lake

Lily Lake is a smart sexy girl from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ who is suddenly swept into a passionate sexual affair with the wealthy businessman Patrick Thornton-Wynn. After a whirlwind wedding, Lily quits her teaching job and starts writing a gossip column that turns her into a celebrity in her husband’s uppercrust social circle. Her life couldn’t get any better. But when Lily is too busy to pay attention to her husband, Patrick gets pissed, and gives her a painful spanking followed by hard anal sex. While Patrick quickly regrets the incident, it only inspires Lily’s dormant desires for submission. Suddenly, their passionate love life is on the skids. Patrick is away on business more than he’s home, and a lonely Lily turns to the Internet to satisfy her growing need for kinky sex. Before long, she’s performing degrading sex acts for a mysterious Mr. X while he watches her sleazy sex show on his webcam. Although she carefully masks her identity, one unfortunate night, she sends the wrong email to her on-line lover. With her cover blown, Mr. X now insists they meet face to face. She learns that he’s a wealthy young scoundrel with a nasty sadistic streak. He punishes, humiliates and uses the needy Lily in cheap motels. Then he dresses her in a hooded latex catsuit and takes her to raunchy sex parties where rich perverts use her as their sex toy. Despite her desire to stop this reckless madness, Lily can’t help herself, or the teaming needs that rule her. Even when she says she wants out, Mr. X threatens to expose her sleazy secrets. Does she call his bluff? If so, her entire life could be destroyed!A cheating wife, a wronged husband and an unforgiving sadist drive this story of kinky sexual lust to a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

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Nonfiction: Woody Allen Reviews a Graphic Tale of a Scandalous Starlet

“Mary Astor’s Purple Diary,” by Edward Sorel, is a juicy, funny and, in the end, touching look at the actress’s life.
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Scandalous Sword Warrior Womens Costume – Adult Costumes

Scandalous Sword Warrior Womens Costume – Adult Costumes

A beautiful and dangerous weapon master will show up at the next Halloween when you wear the Scandalous Sword Warrior Womens Costume! Includes: Black velvet dress with attached red chiffon sash Headpiece (2) Silver armbandsDoes not include: Sword Shoes

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