The Real Reason Ford Is Phasing Out Its Sedans

Last month Ford announced it is discontinuing its sedans and focusing on trucks, SUVs and crossovers. But is it responding to consumer demand or just exploiting a loophole in fuel standards? Dan Neil explores whether bigger is actually better. Lifestyle


30 Lucky Tesla Employees Are the New Owners of the First Model 3 Sedans

But Tesla fans will still have to wait for the car to get to market.

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MERCEDES-BENZ, The W108, W109 six-cylinder sedans

MERCEDES-BENZ, The W108, W109 six-cylinder sedans

This second, revised edition, published in December 2013, is about the history of the Mercedes 250, 280 and 300 S-class W108, 109 six-cylinder sedans, produced from 1965 to 1972. It also covers the coachbuilders and takes the reader back to the 1970s in order to enjoy a ride in a second hand 250SE. The book comes with over 60 unique photos, most of them in color. The majority of the color photos are non Daimler-Benz pictures and have never been published in a book before.  . The author has over 20 e-books and books about Mercedes-Benz to his credit. . In this guide one can read about – the development of the W108 series – the Mercedes 250 and 300 series – the Mercedes 280S and SE – the short racing history – the coachbuilders – the sales history of the individual models and – how it was to experience a Mercedes 250SE. . Although the Mercedes 250 W108 series was a direct descendant of the 220 W111 sedan, it looked more like the W111 coupe. Karl Wilfert, head of the design department, was aware that the fintail design had been a mistake; together with the executive board he also knew that the “one body fits all” strategy was not universally appreciated by Mercedes customers. The 250S and SE would change all that. . The book is also available in printed form as part of: MERCEDES-BENZ, The 1960s, Volume 2. The printed version offers in addition charts with detailed engine and performance specs and production history of each model.

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