Walmart Seeking $15 Billion Stake in Indian E-Commerce Giant Flipkart

Walmart is near a deal to invest around $ 15 billion for a roughly 75% stake in Flipkart Group, India’s largest e-commerce company, taking its battle with Amazon to India. US Business


Spacey ‘seeking treatment’ after harassment claim

Kevin Spacey is seeking “treatment” following claims he sexually harassed a teen thirty years ago, his publicist said.
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Bench/Body Seeking a Foothold in U.S.

Bench/Body is hoping to aggressively extend its reach in the American market.
The leader in the underwear category in the Philippines, the brand started its assault on the U.S. with a show and cocktail party during New York Fashion Week: Men’s Thursday afternoon.
Ben Chan, the brand’s founder and a Filipino entrepreneur, said after 30 years establishing the Bench brand in Asia and the Middle East, he’s ready to make a mark in America.
“We’re in Guam and San Francisco,” he said, “but we’re not very prominent.”
Chan said he’d been contemplating for a while how to move into the U.S., and decided “rather than put up a lot of brick-and-mortar stores, which would be harder, we’re targeting online.”
Bench/Body is the underwear and intimate apparel offering under the Bench brand. In its home country, Bench is a successful retailer that sells men’s and women’s apparel, fragrances, housewares, snacks and other lifestyle products.
During its show, Bench/Body showed a variety of underwear in basic solids and prints in briefs, boxers and boxer-briefs for men and bikinis and bras for women. Swimwear was also presented for both genders that included shorts and retro square cuts for guys and one- and two-piece solids and prints for women.

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Lyft Seeking At Least $500 Million in New Funding

Lyft has been quietly pitching investors on a new funding round that it hopes will net at least $ 500 million and a valuation of between $ 6 billion and $ 7 billion. WSJD


North Carolina seeking ACC title, No. 1 seed as first steps to help erase bad memory

North Carolina seeking ACC title, No. 1 seed as first steps to help erase bad memory – TOP

A Transgender Teen Is Being Sued by Her Mother for Seeking Gender Reassignment

Her mother is claiming a “violation” of parental rights.

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Hoka Seeking Foothold in Lifestyle Market

The brand name and the styling are unusual, but that hasn’t stopped Hoka One One from making major inroads into the running shoe market.
The shoe with the oversize sole that built its reputation on providing maximum cushioning, is now the seventh most popular brand within the run specialty space, according to SSI Data by SportsOneSource. Brooks is number one while Asics, Adidas, New Balance, Nike and Saucony round out the top six.
On Dec. 6, Hoka will introduce a new model, the Hupana, that is designed to appeal to the more commercial market.
Hoka One One was founded in 2009 by Nicolas “Nico” Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two French ultrarunners who were unhappy with the options available at that time in the running shoe market and searching for an alternative that would help them run downhill comfortably after racing up mountains.
Hoka was acquired in 2013 by Deckers Brands, which has worked for three years to expand beyond strictly a niche brand.
Ironically, Hoka One One — a Maori phrase that means “fly over the earth,” was introduced smack in the middle of the minimalistic shoe phase that was so popular several years ago.
Wendy Yang, president of Deckers’ performance lifestyle brands, said because the shoes were

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Desperately Seeking Larry

When last we saw Larry David on his classic television show Curb Your Enthusiasm a number of years ago, he was wandering the streets of Paris with good friend Leon. Even in another language, Larry’s famous social maladroitness was operating at full throttle, manifesting itself in a manner that was as always, tres magnifique! And then the scene faded out and Larry David faded away.

And since then, I’ve been desperately seeking Larry!

Larry David as depicted in Curb Your Enthusiasm is a Jewish/Boomer gift to the world. He’s a super wealthy guy who can’t figure out how much tip to leave on a deli sandwich. He rubs shoulders with Mel Brooks and Michael J. Fox but can’t hold a two minute conversation with the pool boy without near international incident. He once had a beautiful loving wife but so bombed the relationship the only thing missing was nuclear fallout.

Larry is a rich, successful guy who screws up worse than we do. And watching him make a bigger idiot out of himself than we ever could makes us feel lots better about ourselves.

True, Larry did a television movie and has been on Broadway lately, but that doesn’t make him regularly accessible to most of us. Comes Sunday night and I flick on HBO and Larry is missing in action. Sure Game of Thrones is great, but where are all the neurotic Jewish people?

What about watching some other comedies, you ask? That would be fine were there Two and a Half Larrys, Saturday Night Larry, or America’s Got Larry. But no such shows exist, leaving me — you guessed it — desperately seeking Larry.

So how about you, friend? Are you too desperately seeking Larry?

Top Ten Signs You Are Desperately Seeking Larry

1) Whenever anyone asks how you’re doing, you invariably say “Pret-tay, Pret-tay Good!” even if you are in fact doing “Pret-tay, Pret-tay Lousy!”

2) Seriously considering naming your next child “Marty Funkhouser” or at the very least “The Funk.”

3) Just launched a drive to have Larry replace Ben Affleck as the next Batman.

4) If only you didn’t have such a thick bushy head of hair!

5) Constantly hum the theme to Curb at inappropriate times and places such as when proposing marriage, during parent-teacher conferences, or at your inauguration as President of the United States.

6) Purposefully own a black cat so you can pretend it’s Richard Lewis.

7) Whenever you suspect someone of lying, you stare at the person while tilting your head back and forth and somehow that insinuating quizzical Curb music actually plays!

8) You’ve retained Jeff Green as your agent even though you’re a certified public accountant.

9) You refuse to return actress Cheryl Hines’ adoring phone calls because how dare she dump Larry?!

10) So what did you folks think of this top ten list? What? Even the Seinfeld finale was better?!!

And so, Larry David, here we all are, each of us awaiting your return. Please hurry back so we need desperately seek you no longer. You see, you’re our social safety net.

Without you around, whenever we mess up, we mess up alone.

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