Cheniere Deal With China Signals Country’s Key Role in LNG Exports

Cheniere Energy’s expected $ 18 billion deal to supply natural gas to China signals the company’s growing bet on the country, and China’s emergence as a top market for U.S. gas exporters. US Business


NHS signals four-hour A&E target may end

NHS bosses to pilot new ways of measuring performance in England, which could mean key targets being overhauled.
BBC News – Health

Rokh’s Paris Fashion Week Debut Signals Ambitious Future

LONDON — When he founded Rokh in 2016, London-based designer Rok Hwang wanted to experiment with the construction of garments and propose new silhouettes.
While his fashion might be cool and of-the-moment — think oversize shirts with extra-large cuffs, deconstructed trench coats and fluid dresses — Hwang has chosen to take the more traditional, and at times more challenging, route to brand-building. He offers ready-to-wear and handbags, he is committed to a wholesale strategy and to building long-term relationships with luxury European manufacturers.
He favors traditional show formats, too, which is why he’s making his runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, having amassed a growing network of 120 retail partners, including Net-a-porter. (See review this page.)
“It’s been a personal dream to show in Paris. I also wanted to give the option to the brand to have international exposure and to pass on the message that we are now more established,” Hwang said in an interview.
In an interview last week, he was unequivocal about his ambition to build a full-fledged design house. He’s set the bar high, having cut his teeth at the likes of Celine, Louis Vuitton and Chloé. He credits his time at Celine under Phoebe Philo as a particular influence.

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Ben Affleck signals Batman departure

The search is on for a new Dark Knight after the Justice League star appears to hang up his Bat cape.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Alien signals spotted from galaxy 3bn light years away

Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life say they have spotted 72 mysterious signals from an alien galaxy using artificial intelligence (AI).
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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Microsoft Rides Cloud Strength, Signals More to Come

Microsoft extended its streak of wins in the latest quarter as it moves into an era where its Windows franchise plays a supporting role to its burgeoning cloud-computing operations. WSJD


Trump Signals End Of The World By Chiming In On A Kanye Twitter Thread

The rapper tweeted out a slew of thoughts on Wednesday, garnering responses from Kim and the president.
Entertainment – Latest News, Photos And Videos
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Muscle loss in old age linked to fewer nerve signals

Research finds that nerves controlling the legs decrease by around 30% by the age of 75.
BBC News – Health

Microsoft signals end of Paint program

Paint has been part of the Windows operating system since its release in 1985.
BBC News – Technology


Nintendo signals end for Wii U

Nintendo signals the “end of life” for its Wii U games console, which was first released in 2012.
BBC News – Technology


Test Signals

Test Signals

A deformed researcher is drawn into a DNA piracy scheme. Should he donate his genes to benefit mankind, or battle a corporate monster for ownership of them?”Test Signals” was the lead novella in Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, May 2008, the grandaddy of professional SF magazines. Trade Reviews:”Very good.” – SFRevu”My favorite story in the issue… a mystery involving bioengineering and posthuman mutants…. A great story overall.” – SF Gospel”The subject matter, the ethics of genetic exploitation, is a serious one and potentially quite interesting.” – IRoSF”Bartell is a good writer, and the complexity of the idea is helped by the expert way in which he organizes his subject matter. He also shows a real talent for characters and, toward the end of the story, a better than average grasp of human nature.” – The Fix”Interesting… I thought the setup for this story about the ownership of genetic characteristics (even arguable flaws, like the protagonist’s extra arms) very intriguing. ” – Richard R. Horton”Engaging and disturbingly thought-provoking” – AnalogReader reaction:”I really enjoyed it… The story fully engaged me and left me wanting more. So congratulations on a job really well done!”Test Signals” was reprinted as ПРОВЕРОЧНЫЙ СИГНАЛ in the Russian SF magazine ELSI, which means “If”. Russian readers had this to say:”Very good… I liked the finale very much – it resonated with my soul… I respect people capable of a constructive approach to a problem.” (translated)”It is a wonderful mix of computer and genetic affairs.” (translated)”Very good and solid story.” (translated)

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Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Used – cooking with a range / counting sheep / curing drunkenness finding water / signalling with semaphore / identifying plants and trees making and taking tea / natural first aid / using an abacus navigating by nature / preparing antidotes to poisoning predicting the sex of a baby / repairing clothes curing warts / weather forecasting Lost Wisdom is a celebration of the time-honoured wisdom upon which we all once relied. It draws on folklore, tradition and superstition, and is packed with amus

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