‘Rage 2’s’ New Trailer: Laughing Buffalo, Smug Cliffs, Explodey Barrels

If it wasn’t clear yet, everything in “Rage 2” is out to get you. In this latest trailer for the game, the folks at Bethesda Softworks, id Software, and Avalanche break the in-game dangers down for you, peppering in just a touch of paranoia to keep things moving. The Everything Vs. Me trailer is a […]



It’s Time For The Smug Celebs-Meet-The-Normies Oscars Skit To Die

If Jimmy Kimmel really wants the Oscars to run on time, he should cut his dumb bits instead of shaming the actual winners for thanking their moms.
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James Cameron Was a Smug Asshole About Wonder Woman, So Director Patty Jenkins Called Him Out

“He is not a woman.”

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