Asos Streamlines, Updates the Future

The Asos men’s wear presentation Monday night at Hotel Hugo was a legit scene. A surly lobby attendant seemed to derive more pleasure from confiscating guests’ drinks than a TSA agent. “Finish it or get rid of it,” he barked at an editor waiting on line for the cramped elevator. Anyone who failed for whatever reason to get their hand stamped was assumed to be sneaking into the venue by this deputy-in-training. “Nobody gets in without a stamp,” he said. “You gotta go back.”
When the elevator opened onto Bar Hugo, a copper-accented room with a view on the lower level of a bi-floor roof concept, the crowd was pulsing, aided by the freely flowing libations. A narrow staircase led to Azul on the actual rooftop, where tribes of enthusiasts of the brand were engaged in a more raucous dance.
Ten men wearing designs representing Asos’ spring 2019 collection, called “The Future Is Now,” stood or sat on a makeshift platform, the new-age fabrics of their garments shimmering in the sun against the silver towers of the New York skyline, which created a beautiful and serene backdrop for the rooftop event and a counterpoint to the frenetic scene at the bar.

Azul on

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