Brooklyn Nine-Nine Can Swear and Get Naked Now That It’s On NBC (and It’s the Best)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Brooklyn 99S–t’s getting real on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season.
Not too much has changed in the show’s move from Fox to NBC, except for one pretty fun and filthy thing….

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13 Drugstore Beauty Products Makeup Artists Swear By

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People Who Fucking Swear Are More Fucking Honest

We don’t sugarcoat shit.

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The Beauty Routines These Models of Color Swear By

When you’re a model, you’re bound to pick up some tricks of the trade—and, apparently, a deep love of coconut oil. We asked six models of color (who hail from all over the world) to let us in on their beauty routines.
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Spring might as well be deemed the season of jeans and a white tee. But when your go-to uniform starts to feel tired, take a note from Olivia Palermo’s playbook and put a scarf on it. And no, we don’t just mean the stale infinity iterations of seasons past. This spring, opt for a long, skinny version that takes the place of a necklace, or try a silky neckerchief that’ll become part of your outfit rather than a layer you strip off once you’re inside. Ahead, six ways to get in on the trend right now.
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The New Year’s Eve Beauty Essentials Allure Editors Swear By

If you’re going to close out the year with a bang, you might as well do it dazzled up with champagne in hand. Ahead, the shimmery shadows and go-to false lashes we’re counting on to help us ring in 2016—plus the makeup wipes we rely on to get it all off.
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Now that the zeitgeist is served up in a live feed, new movements emerge by the day. In 2015, these were the beauty moments with the most traction.
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12 Amazing Korean Beauty Products That Glow Recipe’s Founders Swear By

Thanks to the well-stamped passports of Sarah Lee and Christine Chang–the founders of Glow Recipe, an online shop specializing in Korean beauty products–we have access to the latest Korean skin-care products.
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It’s practically a moral sin to ask a woman how old she is, but why should aging be a bad thing? Ahead, 13 megafamous women who aren’t stressing about getting older. We’re definitely taking notes.
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The Story Behind The Workout Celebrities Swear By

Inside ModelFIT’s sunlit Bowery studio, a group of 10 people are lifting and shaking their arms and legs in playful, dance-like moves while a Jason Derulo song blasts in the background. It’s a quiet Thursday morning in New York City, and everyone is half-laughing as the instructor helps individuals with their form between encouraging water breaks.

With celebrity clientele like Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigan, it’s hard to believe that ModelFIT opened its flagship studio, complete with delicate flower vases and Diptyque candles, less than a year and a half ago.

It all began a few years ago when Vanessa Packer, who founded the healthy lifestyle website bonberi, started working with personal trainer Justin Gelband. Gelband, who’s known for his work with models Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Erin Heatherton and more, had the fitness thing down. But Packer, who is all about maintaining a healthy diet, meditating and getting enough sleep, was trying to help him get his health on track in other ways.

While she was teaching him to limit energy drinks and incorporate green juices into his diet, he asked her to work with some his clients. Soon enough, the duo started talking about combining forces in a larger way.

“Once we became friends, we started talking about the possibility of working together — doing what I was doing with the nutrition stuff, and what he was doing with the fitness stuff,” Packer told The Huffington Post. “We wanted people to get a personal training feeling in an intimate class setting. From the inception of that thought and that plan, we opened two years later.”

vanessa and justin

Vanessa Packer and Justin Gelband opened ModelFIT’s flagship studio on Bowery in New York City on February 25, 2014.

So, what makes people go crazy over ModelFIT? At $ 40 a class, ModelFIT isn’t cheap, especially for us non-model folks. But after giving it a try, we have to admit that it was a solid workout. Although there were jumping jacks, ankle weights, arm, ab and leg exercises involved, perhaps the best part was how little huffing, puffing and sweating the hour entailed.

According to Packer, this lack of huffing and puffing is because ModelFIT’s whole mission is about living a balanced life. If you’re a regular at ModelFIT, you’re probably eating well and getting enough sleep. Because of that, ModelFit encourages you to slow down and take your workout one step at a time, resulting in a lean, toned body that doesn’t push you to your physical limit.

Indeed, research shows that sweating buckets is hardly the be-all and end-all of fitness. While cardio is certainly important and we’re all about a good sweat sesh, there’s a lot more to it. “Being in shape means improving health, endurance, and building core muscles, all of which you can do without sweating,” certified trainer Craig Ballantyne told Women’s Health.

As for what makes the actual workout unique, it’s all about the small muscles. “We really take the time to focus on all those little muscles that in everyday life you don’t really use or even know about,” Packer explained. “Another thing we focus on is not killing yourself to get results. Our prescription for being fit and being well is not to work out for two hours a day and eat whatever you want. Our workout is a mindful workout. You have to think about the muscle you want to feel and the movement you’re doing.”

Lookin Good @chrissyteigen #modelfitbabe

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Will ModelFIT expand all over the globe? With the success it’s seen over the past year, it certainly seems like a possibility. But for now, Packer is focused on making New York’s flagship studio the best it can be while working with Gelband to spread the word about ModelFIT’s unique, small muscle-focused workout. Want to give it a test run? Try ModelFIT at home with this 20-minute total body workout instructed by Packer herself.

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Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Balance

Yoga does as much good for the soul as it does to your body, with its innumerable benefits. Even celebrities are in on the healthy fad, taking classes, sharing photogenic poses on social media and inspiring us all to breathe. Take a look at the wide variety of Hollywood stars who swear by the practice:

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